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Parasite Cleanse

Studies show that up to 80% of the population has parasites

And is very likely the biggest ROOT CAUSE for your symptoms, sickness and suffering! Virtually every disease, diagnosis and disorder is in some way connected to parasite infections, their waste and their appetite (they consume your nutrients, amino acids, minerals and life force)
YES… even cancer! 😱
If you’ve tried cleanses, diets, detoxes, maybe even extreme weight loss therapies with no results… Been in and out of doctors appointments, running countless labs (mostly with ‘normal’ results), diagnosed with yet another condition, pills and procedures being the only solution, with no end in sight…
If you’ve tried cleanses, diets, detoxes, maybe even extreme weight loss therapies with no results….

That's because what's holding you back could be far more hidden and sinister than your doctor could ever even TEST for…

And I’m here to help you innerstand exactly what that is…

Why no one has told you about it (yet)…

And what you can do to…

Take back control of your body!

If you’ve been around the functional medicine space long, people practically make fun of us for blaming everything on parasites…

But the truth is that the vast majority of people DO have parasites!

A study on schoolchildren found that over 50% of them had parasites…

While other studies suggest that the people with parasitic infections could be as high as 80%!!

Just look at the list of 100+ symptoms that parasites can cause…

But I haven’t traveled the world so…

The truth is…we’re exposed to parasites every time we touch a shopping cart, shake hands, handle pet, kiss our loved ones. 

Here are the most common places we’re exposed to them:

Toxins / Pleormorphism (your toxins turn good bugs into bad ones)

In Utero (your mama passes down more than just her genes)

Contaminated drinking water (not just in Mexico)

Contaminated meats (virtually all restaurants and food joints)

Undercooked fish / sushi

Raw/Uncleaned produce (even organic)


Pets (esp letting them lick you or handling their feces)

Lakes, creeks, swimming in water holes

Kissing, sex, drinking from others infected

Insect Bites (fleas, ticks, ants, etc…hello Monsanto mosquitos)

Blood Transfusions and/or Organ Transplants


Contact with things infected Human Hosts have touched

At this point, post ‘Covid’ since parasites were discovered in the ‘jab’, at this point, it’s safe to bet everyone is infected with at least one.  

The test we use is called a ‘pulse test’ and it goes like this…

What is the answer to this question…DO YOU HAVE A PULSE?

Yes or No?
If the answer is ‘Yes’, you have parasites.

But that’s not the worst part…

There’s three things that make parasite infections absolutely insidious and VITAL to treat. Three things that other practitioners RARELY talk about

They Are in the Jabs & Spread to NonJabbed

I've also spent my life researching behind the scenes as to the deepest root causes that plague humans.

It’s not what we’ve been told, nor what’s on the news.

It’s the microscopic toxins and infections contained in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the things we apply to our skin, in our environment in the name of ‘convenience’ and in this case…the things we’re told will ‘protect us and make us (and our grandma) safe’.

Many have been forced to take this thing, and many with regret, now suffering symptoms they didn’t have before, wondering just WTF is going on.

This ‘technology’ isn’t going away anytime soon.

Since over 70% of the population got the jab and 49% have stated they will get their flu shots, which have the same if not stronger ingredients than the Covid shots

People who didn’t get the shot, are being affected by those that did, unknowingly.

Especially those they are around in close contact with the most.

In our telemedicine practice, we’ve seen the shadow side of this, 10 fold in the past year. Symptoms of ‘parasite infections’ and in the dark as to why they feel awful.  Doctor after doctor, less than 1% of health professionals really GET what’s going on.

This makes it tough to treat

And impossible to diagnose

The best remedy is to trust what IS working…and follow the solution (which I’ll give you in a moment)

They Can’t Be Eradicated Easily…

Contrary to popular belief, parasites aren’t eradicated with “One and done” protocols.

A round of Ivermectin won’t do it.

Eating an alkaline diet won’t do it.

Antibiotics won’t kill them.

A liver cleanse and colonics and coffee enemas won’t do it

And most parasite cleanses are a waste of money!

That’s all because parasites hide deep in your body behind protective shields they create called “biofilm”.

Biofilms can resist treatments 1,000x stronger than what will kill the parasite itself!

So, unless you go after this biofilm, the parasites ain't going nowhere … and virtually EVERY parasite protocol I’ve seen that most are taking, don’t include this 🤦🏼‍♀️

On top of that…Once you do start killing them, they migrate all over your body!

They’re Virtually Undetectable

No matter what your doctor has told you…

There is NO test to accurately detect parasites.

That’s because they, just like every other living thing on this planet, have a life cycle.

Having a life cycle means that they are born, live, and die, all inside your body.

Specifically, they lay eggs – THOUSANDS to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of eggs per day – which can resist treatments, only to hatch later when the coast is clear…

They lay them in the exit doors where your body tries to detox and eliminate waste, which means toxins back up, putrefying undigested food, feeding more bugs.

Causing digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation (I call it bipolar bowels) and diagnosed illnesses like Crohn's, IBS, leaky gut Which…bloating is often misdiagnosed as simply SIBO, whilst the parasite connection is overlooked.

Speaking of which, up to 70% of parasites can’t even be seen with the naked eye!

That means you’ve got a SMALL chance of ever “seeing” anything…

But there’s more to it than just parasites. You also have to eradicate the eggs!

And those little guys will basically always be completely invisible to tests…

While you CAN test for them, it’s usually not worth it.

So instead of looking for parasites directly, and assuming that since they ‘didn’t show up on tests’, you don’t have them and don’t have to treat them (which is what virtually all practitioners and doctors will tell you) …

You’ve got to do something different.

Here’s why Prioritizing Parasite Cleansing should be @ the
Top of your List!

Over 70% of the world's population took the jab, which has been found to contain the TCruzi parasite, that can live in the body for 10+ years, surfacing as symptoms much later if not cleansed properly

Those who get the jab shed the parasites + their life cycles, infecting those who didn’t

Close to 50% of the population claims they will get the ‘flu shot’ which also contains engineered parasites

Their presence in your body is the #1 reason your immune health suffers 

Their waste is a major contributor to your mental health imbalances

They cause anxiety, insomnia, sleep issues and lack of rest

The most common intestinal parasite which infects humans, Blastocystis Hominis disrupts the thyroid gland, hormones and causes thyroid nodules

Other species are known to be the root cause for many women’s reproductive issues like Endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, UTI’s, fibroids & more!

They eat your nutrients, causing deficiencies, such as iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, A, D, B12 and more…which are vital to support your beauty (iron deficiency = hair loss), energy (zinc deficiency = mitochondrial imbalance), immunity (copper deficiency = poor immunity)  and clarity (B12 is vital for cognitive health)

The presence of parasites causes your body to ‘sequester’ (store) important nutrients in the body. This means your body can’t use them, and will show up as ‘high’ on blood tests, leaving doctors clueless as to why, with no other solutions than to ‘give blood’ 

They are the leading cause for cancer, chronic conditions, autoimmune disease, weight issues, hormone imbalances, digestive issues and more

Some studies did autopsies of those who had Multiple Sclerosis which revealed 100% had Strongeloides (a nematode parasite) in their brain!

These literal ‘suckers’ can stay in your body for a LONG time with no symptoms which is part of what makes it so tricky.

Especially considering parasites can live in your body for decades, some @ 30 feet long! 😱

And there’s one time every month that they grow particularly larger, and feed off your nutrients

Parasites thrive inside your body during a Full Moon!

During the few days before and after a full moon, parasites are more active than the other 3 weeks of the month.  PARASITE PARTY TIME!

They lay eggs, and others hatch (I know…gross right?), which grow rapidly from there, and cause a surge in unexplained “lunatic” symptoms (Lunar-tick) or you may notice nagging symptoms surface or get worse during this week.

Our bodies' circadian rhythm is connected to the cycles of the moon–and so are parasites.


Melatonin = neurotransmitter that promotes deep sleep, regulates the immune function and keeps your inflammation (weight gain) in check. Low melatonin levels also leave us defenseless to fight parasites. So YES!  Parasites are messing with your sleep, BIG time!


Serotonin = our “feel good” neurotransmitter, also makes parasites feel good … it helps them communicate, replicate and migrate all throughout the body. It also helps them build biofilms to protect themselves

Biofilms are slimy, sticky substances composed of bacteria, mucus, toxins and other inflammatory elements. Think of it as their nest! Biofilms make ridding parasites extremely difficult (not in this Challenge! I’ll teach you how to cleanse this slime too).

Although you can cleanse parasites anytime, doing so during a full moon is the most advantageous time to target a large majority of them and experience the positive health benefits that result from their elimination. 

It may take many moons to eradicate parasites, though, so get excited, be patient and get planning with what I’ll teach you in this course!

Want to do it Right this time? LET’S DO IT!

So… How can you get rid of parasites?

I’ll show you.

Who Am I and Why Should You Trust Me?

If you’re seeing this, you’re probably already on my email list and you know who I am…

But if you don’t…
I am an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Certified Detox Expert, Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer and Functional Medicine Practitioner with a background in bodybuilding, fitness nutrition, yoga, personal training and financial planning.

And, let me tell you…I have struggled SO MUCH with hormonal, skin, energy, addiction, mood and gut issues. Because of it, I have endless compassion and empathy for others suffering the same.

While it was no walk in the park, these health struggles later became my passion.

Cystic acne, horrible PMS, Candidiasis, urinary tract infections (UTIs), parasites, viruses, thyroid autoimmune disease, Breast Implant Illness, leaky gut, depression, perfectionism, hormone imbalances, ‘adrenal fatigue'…and more.

I’ve been through it all and I am SO grateful. It motivated me to become a root-cause researcher, acquire over 10 certifications in wellness and learn everything I could possibly learn from the very best experts and doctors in the world.

With that dedication and belief, I self treated and reversed all of them, naturally.

In my pursuit of knowledge to heal, I traveled, mainly solo, to over 25 countries, and immersed myself into yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, food, culture and…LOVE.

I worked alongside doctors in India, using Ayurveda, and others in Thailand, using Chinese Medicine. It was then I began to heal and I became HOOKED.

Passionately curious and eager, I returned to America promising God to follow my path to restore the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.

Today I support aspiring wellness warriors around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems, but to radically transform their entire life. And teach them to become health coaches, full time or casually, sharing this wisdom with others.

My approach is a breath of fresh air and unique work of art, with play, self love, nourishing food and a low-toxin beauty and personal care routine.

We teach people to learn and lovingly listen to the wisdom of their bodies so they can be their own greatest healer.  Because after all, the Cure is YOU.

Look how Smart I am 😉

(I mean my Qualifications)

CURRENT: Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Certified Holistic Health & Emotional Freedom Coach

Certified Detox & Toxins Expert

EMF ElectroSmog Coach

NASM Personal Trainer

CYT Certified Yoga Teacher

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Gut & Infectious Disease Certified Practitioner

Estrogen Metabolism, Blood Chemistry Analysis and EpiGENEtics Specialist

So… When I tell you that I have been through a LOT, I really mean it.

By now, I’ve helped thousands of people all around the world kick parasites out of their bodies through my guided group cleanses & online course – The Warrior Cleanse Pro.


And that’s why I’m confident that I can help you.

Here’s How to Get Rid of Parasites & the myriad of symptoms they cause FOR GOOD!

To truly get rid of the parasites wreaking havoc in your body, you MUST work with a comprehensive set of supplements that not only gets rid of ‘some’ parasites, but ALL of them.

 There are over 100 that can inhabit and infect the human body.

It’s also important to go after ALL of their life cycles, meaning one round aka ‘a parasite cleanse week’ won’t cut it. In fact, it could make things worse.

Additionally, it’s VITAL to prepare your body for a parasite cleanse and do so in the right order.

I will teach you how to properly and comprehensively banish these suckers for good, as well as help you understand where they come from, and how to both heal from the damage they’ve caused in your body (hormonally, digestively, physically, nutritionally, mentally)
…AND clean up the mess they make when they die.

Before you can appreciate the systematic way in which I’ll lead you through this, it’s important to note what DOESN’T work, to help you save your time, money and energy.

Top 5 Parasite Cleanse Fails this Program will Help you Avoid

CellCore features ground-breaking absorption and bioavailability using Carbon Technology that goes far beyond typical nutritional supplements, that don’t “compete” with other products but rather help improve the absorption and bioavailability of other formulas. Ammonia can then travel throughout your body causing pain, inflammation, and dysfunction. That means the first step in our parasite cleansing is DRAINAGE. Are you pooping robust brown bananas 2-3 times a day without effort? If not, we need to make sure that’s working first. This is the BIGGEST mistake I see people make and the main reason they feel discomfort in any way during a cleanse.  It’s extremely common too. 75% of the population is overweight or obese, which is a classic sign of impaired drainage and sluggish organs (liver, bowels, gall bladder, bladder, lymph, etc).

Detox takes work…did you know It takes AT LEAST 70% of your daily energy output?

So this doesn’t knock you out, it’s vital to ensure you are maximizing energy made by your cells to ensure you have enough stamina to detox. This is called ‘ATP/mitochondria’ where you get 90% of your daily energy. If you’re tired, brain fogged or stressed in any way, you need this FIRST

When parasites eat and diet, they release all kinds of waste, especially mold, heavy metals, environmental toxins, radioactive elements, viruses, bacteria, Candida and more.  

Every parasite cleanse I’ve heard people tell me they’ve done, COMPLETELY omits this vital step.  

Without toxin binders to ‘bind’ to this waste, the body will have a hard time releasing them and they’ll get reabsorbed and cause MORE damage resulting in …

More Energy drain, Weight gain, Body pain ..

….And Especially Broken brain which is what they impact the most … anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog, dementia, irritability, rage….just to name a few

In fact SO much so, that I feel it should be a concurrent treatment therapists and psychologists prescribe to their clients … because parasites impact your mood THAT much.

As you’ve already learned, humans play host to hundreds of different types of parasites that live all over your body, some up to 25 feet long, for up to 30 years, and can lay 100,000+ eggs inside of you daily. Most people will THINK they ‘did a parasite cleanse’ and check if off their list, but what they don’t is if you just do one week or one round, you’ve barely scratched the surface. A common fail is to take ONE supplement comprising only a few herbs which sure, will kill some parasites but leaves many other species and their (lifecycles) to thrive Or they’ll take Ivermectin and call it ‘good’, which goes after ‘some’ parasites but NOT the eggs.
As you read earlier, the full moon is their favorite time to go Full Lunatic on you and inside of you! While you CAN cleanse parasites anytime, the very best way to get the best results and to kill them for good is to do so on a Full Moon week! You can only do better when you KNOW better! Don’t feel bad if you’ve tried things in the past and it didn’t work. These Top Fails I’ve both done myself as well as with clients and witness most people do, which renders them disappointed:
  • “I did a parasite cleanse, and nothing came out”
  • “I took parasite herbs, but didn’t feel much different”
  • “I bought some supplements at the store, but am not sure if I did it right”
And here's the thing…when you do it RIGHT…you’ll know! Because gobs of beauty, energy and immunity robbing waste will leave your body and you’ll wonder how that (poop emoji image) even got there in the first place. Then soon after, symptoms will resolve, and you’ll feel like an entirely new person. Like a worm exorcism!

Here’s Why All of that is SO Important…

The reason you want to do it in this specific order is so that you can MINIMIZE symptoms.
All too often, new clients come to me telling me they’ve tried all kinds of cleanses and detoxes only to feel WORSE.

It’s all because every kind of cleanse inevitably stirs up metabolic poisons, heavy metals, and other junk in your body.

Once it’s RECIRCULATING in your blood… You feel miserable all over again.

Even worse, if you aren’t using the right kinds of “binders”, those toxins can play in your body on repeat instead of being excreted.

It’s a vicious cycle that few health practitioners even know how to help their clients to end it…

… Or why it’s even happening in the first place.

Here’s what can happen when you follow these steps in the Right order.

Leah Wheeler


After cleansing through my first set of parasites, even my anger and irritability is all but gone. I had no idea they affected my mood and spirit so much.

If I had known all that I know now, my kids would be much healthier, and I would not be fighting getting the right nutrients into their bodies now as teens. If I had known, I would not have slept half of my life away from exhaustion that should not have been there, BUT it's never too late!

Thank you Diane and team!

Lisa Mills

$35,000, 12 years, many doctors later...I finally feel better & symptoms = GONE!

About 12 years ago I went through a divorce and a year later my health fell apart. I was experiencing extreme fatigue to the point I was sleeping 16 to 18 hours a day. I had digestive problems, weight gain, brain fog, female problems, arthritic pain in my hands, and many other issues that multiple doctors could not help me with.

After spending $35,000 out of pocket I finally realized that while they were well-meaning people, the doctors did not have the knowledge to help me. So I set out on a journey to try natural remedies. I found Diane Kazer's CHI Holistic Health Institute and started her parasite cleanse.

I have evicted many parasites over the last few months. Each time I have flushed out a large parasite, I have experienced a huge wave of anxiety, as if my fight or flight instinct was kicked into high gear. Then an hour later, there's a parasite leaving and I am calm again. Those creepy crawlies release toxins that can create serious upheaval with your emotions. Not to mention they steal your nutrients. I feel better every time I see a big one leave.

I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with their health. I truly believe every single person on the planet can benefit in some way from a deep detox and parasite cleanse.

I'm really thankful for Diane Kazer and her program. It's been life-changing for our family.

Brock Mills


I’ve struggled with radical insomnia for over 15 years with no regular pattern to my sleep. It was so bad that I was unable to have any kind of regular life, nor could I work. In addition I struggled with anxiety and depression that I couldn't shake. In going through this parasite cleanse, I passed massive amounts of parasites almost daily for two months. 

As they left, my emotions balanced and the anxiety and depression left. Now, I sleep every night on a regular schedule. To my family, this is a miracle that we have prayed for, for many years. And I have to wonder, how many other people are out there experiencing these same struggles who might find relief and wellness through a deep parasite and system cleanse? 

I’m now working full time, which was something I couldn’t do, had I not done this cleanse!


Now that you know the correct way to do a parasite cleanse

You’ve got to make a choice. Right here. Right now.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done & you’ll always get what you’ve always got

You can keep piecemealing…

Buying one supplement here or there…

Trying the next trendy cleanse…

Restricting yourself with yet another
crazy diet…

You can keep doing what you’ve
always done… And you’ll always
get what you’ve always got.

Running from doctor to doctor…

Running more labs…

Running out of time, money and patience

And you’ll get the same, partial, short-lived results.

After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, right?

Or you can go all in. Knock these things out. Reduce the likelihood they’ll come back. 
And get on with life.

With all of the focus, clarity, energy, and vitality you want and Deserve!

That’s why I’m so proud to introduce…

Parasite Cleanse

The Full Moon Challenge is a 2 week cleanse that teaches you to:

Empower your entire body with the energy it needs to (not only feel more alive but also to)

Ensure your drainage and elimination organs and pathways are optimized so they can detox the mess parasites make in the cleansing process

Eliminate the HUNDREDS of types of parasites that live in your body as well as all of their life cycles

Ellevate your beauty, energy, immunity and vitality!

It even includes, how to do the first 3 months of parasite cleansing on your own

AND how to continue them quarterly

With all the advice you need on how to optimize energy and elimination pathways even MORE.

At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to learn to rid your body of these suckers, know where they come from so you can reduce and/or eliminate your exposure, how to treat your entire family, ultimately boosting your immunity and hence life force energy…

Which is called …. CHI … in Chinese Medicine! 


Here’s What’s Inside:

MODULE 1 - PARASITES Suck … Literally (Why Cleanse? Why the Full Moon?)

MODULE 2 - Step #1 - DRAINAGE (the Prep)

Why Drainage is Crucial Step #1 before Killing Parasites

MODULE 3 - Step #2 - Drainage & Parasite Supplements (the Protocol)

MODULE 4 - Step #3 - Support during the Cleanse (the Lifestyle)

MODULE 5 - ABC = Always be Cleansing - Continuing your Protocol (the Maintenance)

MODULE 6 - Going Deeper (S.H.I.T. & Custom Support)

You'll Also Get...

BONUS #1 - An exact meal plan and recipes for what to eat (and NOT to eat) during the Challenge

BONUS #2 - Protocols for how to continue your journey beyond the first 2 week Parasite cleanse 

BONUS #3 - Special discounts on Parasite herbs and Detox supplements

BONUS #4 - Access to CHI Holistic Health Coach Private Calls at a Special Rate, Exclusive for Full Moon Challengers ONLY

Time to Warrior Up your Energy, Immunity & Vitality ALL at the same time by addressing the $h*t in your body, causing you to feel like $h*t.

You ready to let that $h*t GO?

And I do mean LOTS of it!

The main reason people hold on to weight


Deborah Willett


Before I started this journey of the Full Moon Challenge, I had multiple issues, ranging from digestive problems, headaches, unable to lose weight, joint pain, lack of energy, to brain fog and depression. 

Initially I was hesitant, I had already tried so many other ways, doctors, pills and fasting without much success, but I needed to do this. 

After watching Diane's video I felt so inspired by her enthusiasm and positive energy, I said yes to the challenge. My results, I had no idea how much better I could feel.  My symptoms have reduced plus I'm 13 pounds lighter.  

Also my mind, body and spirit were uplifted and renewed through this process!  I am so grateful to Diane and her team for their support and resources, they are truly committed to our success.  

I encourage anyone who's sitting on that fence to go for it, you could be amazed at your results.

Rachel Rosenberry


I NEVER thought I would have parasites but was so happy to get multiple ones out of my body. In the process my brain fog is gone, I have energy without the need for caffeine, and I've lost 12 POUNDS

What I've learned has changed my life! I didn't realize what a huge role toxins and trauma play in our health. Diane doesn't mess around.

It's so much more than that-Diane sets you up for success long term. I feel like I have my health back in my hands and that I have the knowledge and power to take care of my kids and family.

Video Testimonials

Lisa Mills

$35,000 spent on trying to remedy weight gain, brain fog, digestion & lady issues, extreme fatigue & arthritis – resolved via detox & parasite cleanse.

Rebecca Kaiser

Eliminating her digestion symptoms, anxiety/depression, skin & sleep issues – via detox & parasite cleanse.

Leah Wheeler

Eliminating chronic fatigue, anger/irritability & mood swings – via detox & parasite cleansing.

Jordan Nussbaum

Eliminated gas & belching, fatigue, brain fog & mental cognition issues – via detox & parasite cleansing.

Tyler Laughridge

Overcame low energy, brain fog and digestion issues that vitamins & exercise weren't helphing with.

Rachel Roseberry

Addressed constant fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and mild depressionn with Chi Parasite Cleanse and saw results helping her kids do the same.

I’m so confident that this program and supplements will work for you, that I offer a 100% guarantee.  Under this condition…you have to have listened to the modules, given the protocol a shot and actually TRIED what I suggested. I am a woman of my word, if you didn’t see releases and results, first off I would be surprised and you would be the first.  Second, if you really want to give up on moving beyond that, into a second round of cleansing (which I teach in the course), and lose the possibility of overcoming the myriad of symptoms I shared on this page for YEARS to come, just send my team and email within 7 days of purchasing the program, and we’ll refund the money you paid for the program! (supplements excluded)

course only

What’s Included:

Full Course Access (Lifetime)

Protocol Customized to Your Level


supplements not included in this package



Full Course Access (Lifetime)

Protocol Customized to Your Level

Parasite Full Moon Cleanse Kit

$317 $297

SAVE $20


What's included:

Most Popular

Full Course Access (Lifetime)

Protocol Customized to Your Level

Parasite Full Moon Cleanse Kit

Liver Cleanse & Drainage Kit

$499 $459

SAVE $40

Additional Bonus!

IF you join today… You’ll also get a VERY special limited-time FREE BONUS worth $97…

(Where I hang out too)

  • LIVE Webinars with Diane and the CHI Team
  • Access to all Call Replays
  • Exclusive access to Expert Videos
  • Action Steps from Diane to take control of your health
  • 1-on-1 Support from Diane and the CHI Team
  • Exclusive interviews with an array of special guests
  • The Knowledge and power to be in control of your life
  • Savings on Supplements

And so much more!

But I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this one on the table. 

I don’t want the Mastermind to become too big of a party …

And when I feel like it’s starting to get too crowded… I WILL pull this bonus…mark my words! LOL

What Makes These Supplements so Effective?

CellCore features ground-breaking absorption and bioavailability using Carbon Technology that goes far beyond typical nutritional supplements, that don’t “compete” with other products but rather help improve the absorption and bioavailability of other formulas. 


We emphasize the importance of opening drainage pathways prior to detoxification and clears much of the “white noise” before moving into condition-specific products and protocols.


It also focuses on upregulating the mitochondrial function necessary for the proper function of every cell, organ, and tissue in the body.


The supplements in these kits contain what's called Carbon Technology or “BioActive Carbons”, which are a new class of binders, drivers, and protectors that help the body heal at the cellular level, which contains extracts of humic and fulvic acid, polysaccharides, and polyelectrolytes that can travel beyond the gut to reach cells, organs, and tissues.

Unlike traditional binders, Carbon Technology has short-, medium- and long-chains that can bind onto a wide spectrum of toxicities for systemic detox, while also adding minerals back (and sparing the ones you already have in your body), and feeding healthy microbes.

No need to take ineffective and mineral depleting Activated Charcoal, parasite blends without binding capabilities, extra Fulvic or Humic acid as stand alone products, because…it's already included in these supplements.

PROOF (Article) DETOX Graphene Oxide using Humid Acid


Humic + Fulvic Acid also strips viruses off the cell membrane

Because these supplements offer ‘foundational medicine’ all-in-one benefits, it saves you the need to take a myriad of pills. Meet your minimum needs with maximum results.

A CLEANSE, HEAL, IGNITE system all in one!

…without having to take tons of additional supplements!

Here’s What to Do Next:

If you want to get this course, and all of the awesome stuff that comes with it, just click the button below, fill out your information, and we’ll send you an email with instructions to access the course right away.

I’m so excited to see you in the course and be your guide to help you LET THAT S.H.I.T. go!

Got More Questions?

I've got answers. Write me here.

CHI Supplements

I designed this Total Body System, to Ignite your Core Beauty, Energy & Immunity foundations. These CORE 5 supplements provide all a woman needs to THRIVE, including Beauty Building Collagen for Healthy skin and toned muscles. High quality formulas you'll actually FEEL.

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