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Did you know that every symptom is rooted in toxicity?

Here are some common signs & symptoms of a toxic body:

  • Hormone disruption and Regulation
  • ​Inability to burn fat or to lose weight
  • Constipation, Diarrhea and Digestive problems​
  • ​Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • ​Lots of body pain, joint pain, muscle aches
  • ​Brain fog, Inability To Remember Things
  • ​Depression, Anxiety, Irritability & Mood issues
  • ​Chronic Fatigue, Extreme Exhaustion
  • ​Not feeling rested in the morning after waking
  • ​Little to no resolve of symptoms from medications

Since the 1930’s Chemical revolution, 100,000 + chemicals have been introduced into our lives and of them… 

  • Less than 1% of them have been tested for safety
  • ​​There is very little regulation on them
  • ​The small handful of chemicals that have been tested were performed by the companies that profit from them 
  • ​2000+ new chemicals are approved every year, but have never been tested for human safety. 
  • ​Of that, only around 10, are tested for neurotoxic effects (how they impact the brain) 
  • ​None of them have been tested for how they react with other chemicals (toxic symptoms in synergistic effects) 

According to the EPA, toxic chemicals are the worst environmental problem in the nation responsible for up to 80% of cancer deaths. And according to the EPA, everyone has at least 700 chemicals on average inside of them.

Your toxic load and the potential impact it is having on your body, as a potential root for symptoms and illness does not exist in Western medicine models unless you have acute poisoning. Doctors are simply not trained to test for this, how to identify it and how to fix it.  Medications are filled with toxins, so why would they when a huge source of these toxins are in the solutions they are taught to prescribe?

No wonder you’re not getting better because you, the patient, assumes ‘well I talked to my doctor and he ran some labs, but since he said my labs were ‘normal’, maybe I should just accept my symptoms, and stop complaining about how my body feels 80, even though I’m 40’. This is the danger, because you carry on with life, pushing through, meanwhile thousands of ticking time bombs known as toxins, travel through your body causing deeper damage, their existence unbeknownst to you.


But where are all of these toxins coming from?

THE TOP 10 TOXIC THREATS to your Gut, Hormones & Mental Well Being

  • Heavy Metals (Mercury Fillings, Breast Implants, Vax)
  • Poor diet, including glyphosate, GMO's, gluten
  • Toxic Personal Care, Beauty (Botox), Cleaning products 
  • Poor air quality & mold exposure
  • ​ElectroSmog and Wifi Radiation
  • ​Infections (Oral & Gut) & Lowered Immunity due to Stress
  • ​Plastic & Petroleum (in prescriptions & packaged food)
The last 3 are mental, emotional and spiritual toxins that can have an even greater influence on the body than toxins themselves, which I dive deeper into in the ebook you’ll get for FREE, as a BONUS for taking this Quiz, alongside a Custom Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Protocol suited just for you, based on your results.

The average person misses 4 weeks of work per year, primarily due to mental and physical illness, costing that worker $5,000+ lost revenue. It’s literally costing you to be ‘sick’.

Are you really sick with the cold or the flu? Or are you really “tox-sick” from chemicals stored in your brain, fat cells, and vital organs that cause you weight gain, body pain and energy drain?

Kids are not immune to this, neither are pets. It is one of the main reasons why cancer, autoimmune disease, depression, dysfunction and extreme fatigue are on the rise. Find out how to Detox like a Pro, and what level you need to begin feeling better today.

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DID YOU KNOW Hormones, Vitamins, Nutrients and the ‘Good Stuff’ that builds your beauty, energy, immunity and vitality cannot work effectively inside of your body when the ‘Bad Stuff’ is blocking it from getting into the cells? Toxins block cell wall doors preventing tonics such as premium supplements, BioIdentical Hormones and healthy diets from providing the nourishment you take them to receive.

HEADS UP: Even if you’ve done every cleanse in the world, including cilantro, spirulina, chlorella, celery, most solutions and approaches don’t get deep enough into the cells to detox and fix the cell, so please keep an open mind as this is a Breakthrough approach most have never heard of!
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