Warrior Women


Fall Retreat

October 14-20


Craving A Radical Change In Your Life?


Will you answer
the call?

Calling all women who are looking for something MORE.

Something DEEPER..

Something more GRATIFYING.

In Life . Your Career . Your Body.

Freedom . Faith . Financial Security..


We call it a deep dive into your heart, to discover your innermost calling. This formula we’ve taught to thousands of women around the world to wake up our Warrior Woman wings and fly into a new realm of existence.  Or shall we say, the old realm of simplicity, leaving “crazy busy” behind and replacing it with “crazy happy”.

We have taught this in online programs, but this time, based on popular demand, we’ve bundled it up into 7 dreamy days, lead by 2 Warrior Women on a mission with a vision, Diane Kazer and Lunden Souza.

Diane Kazer, aka Hormone Warrior Diane

Hi, I’m Di. My spirit animal is Unicorn and my favorite color is rainbow!  

I am an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Worldwide Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training and environmental wellness. 

And girl, let me tell you…I have struggled SO MUCH with hormone, skin, energy, addiction, mood and gut issues. Because of it, I have endless compassion and empathy for women suffering the same. While it was no walk in the park, these health struggles, later became my passion. Cystic acne, horrible PMS, urinary tract infections (UTIs), parasites, viruses, autoimmune disease, leaky gut…and more. I’ve been through it all and I am SO grateful. It motivated me to become a root-cause researcher, acquire 6 certifications in wellness and learn everything I could possibly learn from the very best experts and doctors in the world.  With that dedication and belief, I am proud to say I self treated and reversed all of them, naturally. 

In my pursuit of knowledge to heal, I travelled, mainly solo, to over 20 countries, and immersed myself into yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, food, culture and…LOVE.  I worked alongside doctors in India, using Ayurveda, and others in Thailand, using Chinese Medicine.  It was then I began to heal and I became HOOKED. Passionately curious and eager, I returned to America promising God to follow my path to restore the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.

Today I support women around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems, but to radically transform their entire life. And teach them to become health coaches, full time or casually, sharing this wisdom with others. My approach is a breath of fresh air and unique work of art, with play, self love, nourishing food and a low-toxin beauty routine.

Alongside my partner, Lunden, we teach women to learn and lovingly listen to the wisdom of their bodies so they can be their own greatest healer.

Lunden Souza, aka LifeLikeLunden

Hi! I’m Lunden! As a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Runtastic Fitness Coach and healthy lifestyle planner, it is my goal to help you get in shape and to maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle.

I am passionate about positivity and helping YOU get out of your comfort zone!

I have been in the fitness and wellness space for over a decade. And, as expected, I have made a ton of mistakes and spent a ton of money on things that DO NOT work. I went from thinking that I was living the healthiest lifestyle of anyone I knew, to finding out that my adrenals were completely shot and my hormones in absolute chaos. I have been there, I know what it takes to repair your body from the inside out to create change that lasts.

I’ve learned that doing less can unleash more within, that crazy PASSION and crazy HAPPINESS and crazy CONNECTEDNESS pay so much more dividends than crazy busy ever will.

My passion is more than just “mainstream” fitness and health. It is a mindset and a way of life. It is about changing the way you think about and treat yourself and understanding and embracing the fact that it takes a lot of consistent work, play and fun to get there #enjoytheride. I believe that everyone has the ability to be the healthiest, sexiest version of themselves, and that does not always have to mean the skinniest or most ripped. Helping you tackle your goals one by one is what motivates me to wake up every single morning… what can we do to improve you?


Our mission is to teach Women Warriors to discover their purpose, design their dreams, and live their life intentionally, energetically and consciously.   Our mantra is – Live more, laugh harder and love deeper. We do this with our CHI Trilogy approach – Cleanse your Body, Heal your Hormones, Ignite your life. Founded on self love, sisterhood and spirituality, our clients cultivate a deeper relationship with themselves, their loved ones and their Highest powers. 

So we can take a bigger stand, with a stronger voice, for ourselves, our families and our planet.

Where There’s a Warrior, There’s a Way.

And we believe, wholeheartedly, that the formula we teach, is the way.


In this secret sauce immersion, you will experience an awakening within you, soul secrets, hidden inside of you, yearning to surface. 

You are only as strong as your roots.

And you can only reach as high as your branches.

When the roots are nourished, you blossom passion and purpose.

Without these you are simply “getting by”.

Consider this your catalyst, the spark to inform you that greatness exists within you.

A greatness full of life, that just needs a gentle nudge, a reminder to tune in.

To listen.

To love.

To laugh.

To just…BE….

Be Present…

And reintegrate as whole – mind, body, spirit, heart.

Come as you are.

Leave liberated.

Return renewed.


This retreat is intended to treat symptoms of hormonal overwhelm, self sabotage and chronic fatigue.


May include: total bliss, getting un*stuck*, feeling ‘alive’ again, freedom, weight loss, hormone harmony, a happy heart, a new sense of purpose, bad-ass balance, renewed passion for life, six pack abs from deep belly laughter, bright eyes, connection to self and confidence that will last a lifetime.


If you’re thinking, “I need this, I deserve this, I want to do this!”

Take the next step…

The moment you step away from this feeling, your ego will trickle in and whisper ‘Who are you to take time off work, spend the money, invest in yourself?’  Then you’ll lose the momentum of the dream.

And back to the life of feeling like there’s something ‘bigger inside of you’ continues to fester.

You’ll see pictures later on of these ladies fully immersed in retreat mode, wishing you would have said YES to yourself.

Do NOT do that to yourself.

Because…this is not your average trip…and you will regret missing out.


On this Mediterranean Island we discover an earthly paradise, with Cosmopolitan fashion! It is located in Fanari which is a peaceful hill on the North-west coast of Mykonos.  This beautiful wind protected property will serve as our sanctuary for the week, comparable to a luxurious boutique hotel. Relax in a beautifully landscaped garden, and pool deck with an outdoor bar, BBQ area and many secluded spots for reading or just to soak in the beauty of the view. It also features a private infinity aquarium swimming pool with sunbeds, offering a Panorama view of of the Aegean sea.

Leave your work behind, all of this will be waiting to greet you

Last years warrior women Transformed Radically

here is what they had to say

I felt very alone before I left for this retreat, but now I feel a sense of spirituality and community I didn’t have before ... I will come back to go deeper and next time I am bringing friends who are truly ready to do this transformational work

Brandy Landen

I didn’t realize how internally inflexible I was - seeing this roadblock will help me transform my health, my relationships and my business ... this is just ONE of the hundreds of AHA moments I had on this retreat. I will definitely come back because of the people this kind of deep work this community attracts!

Cheri Plett

This has absolutely changed my life. I know who I am now. And I know I am GOOD ENOUGH. I am all that I will ever need. If you’re in a place in your life where you cannot spiritually connect to the people around you, you absolutely need this retreat!



Rooms vary from shared Queen size beds and Double beds to Single Twin beds. Most share a spacious bathroom, complete with large sinks and hot showers. All are spacious, super luxurious, airy, bright and cozy, Warrior style. Each room has its own unique, attractive décor with tile floors, sleeps 2 and is priced per person.


Secure your spot with a $500 deposit. Payment plans available, by request.




It's not for everyone. This is a Barrier Breakthrough Retreat, for Serious Applicants only, who are Willing to Invest in their Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being.

This retreat is NOT free (although it WILL Set you Free). If you are a woman who understands the value of investing $3,500 in an All Inclusive Retreat, that will pay itself back a million times over because of the Value we offer, and the Major Mindset shifts that Change EVERYTHING in her world including Courage, Confidence, Consciousness, Clarity and Connection…a deeper connection to HERSELF first… Apply NOW!

This is an application ONLY retreat.

If this speaks to your soul and is music to your mind, hit the apply button right now!


First off, spaces are extremely limited and since we’re all going to become ‘family’, it’s important we are able to hold trusting, loving space for one another.

Second, this will be such a special, sacred, unique immersion that it’s important that we hand-select the right women who truly are eager to transform and ready to receive these gifts we have planned for you.

In other words, if you’re looking to sip margaritas by the pool and do nothing, this is NOT the retreat for you.

This will be a beautiful balance of being challenged, replenished, energized, and adventurous.

If you're that Go-Getter, Jet-Setter, ready to Live the Life of her Dreams and No One's Gonna stop me now, kinda warrior woman, then:


We will review your application, and reply within 48 hours if your application is approved, and will send you instructions to secure your spot and prepare for your trip

If you are accepted, first off


Second, once it’s official and you’ve secured your payment or deposit, you’ll receive unlimited assistance with your travel plans, so don’t have to worry about anything except which color bikinis and yoga pants to bring.


At the end of our journey together, we will have a professional photographer take beautiful full body and head shots of you. By this point, you'll remember just how gorgeous and powerful you truly are… so why not show it off? Whether you use them for your personal branding, your dating profile, or just keep them for yourself, you'll have captivating photos that remind you of how amazing you truly are!

The world is ready for more of you, are you ready for more of you? We think that you are!

Your Questions Answered

(after which, you’ll be all systems GO)

Mykonos, Greece.  One of the most Elegant & Fashionable Island Holiday Destinations in the World

They are PER PERSON and are all inclusive of food, stay, yoga, excursions, etc.  The only expense you are responsible for is your flight and any extensions or early arrival activities.  From October 14th when we take our airport transfer to the mansion to October 20 when our transfer drops us off at the airport, everything is covered.

Mykonos, Greece.  Check Google Flights for the most reasonable options round trip.

Of course, but please be sure they apply as well, so we can be sure they are a good fit.  

YES. Please email us for details.

Yes, but you do NOT need a Visa.

Nope.  Just a desire to be more fit, inside and out.

It’s the nicest time of the year with high 70’s, low 80 degree beautiful, sunny days. The great thing is it’s not the crazy busy high season.

This is the TOUR we’ll take.

Mostly vegan, vegetarian, local, fresh, organic.  Recipes from our Warrior Cleanse Program with a Greek, Mediterranean flair! If you have allergies, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

It's $3497 per person but you'll SAVE $250 if you book BEFORE June 1, 2019.  Don't miss out on this deal to get it book your entire luxury retreat for $3,247 PLUS get first choice at the best rooms with the biggest beds. 

This does not include airfare to get into Greece.

DUH.  😉 Guaranteed

Get in touch

Leave your name and email below along with any questions you have about this retreat in the message box. Or you can call us at 916.36.KAZER


The body you want, the energy you desire, the life you deserve.

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The body you want, the energy you desire, the life you deserve.

Work With Us

If you'd like to explore working together to recover your health with the support of myself & my team...

Meet the Team

Our team has MAD warrior wisdom to help you build the body you want with the vitality you deserve.

This Could Be You

Our miraculous clients testimonials will give you hope.

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