Your Toxicity Score: 63 (High)

Holy $hit, We’ve got some Detoxin’ to Do!

Whew, you’re like me and many unwell warriors I see today. It’s a super toxic world and your body is revealing a high toxic burden, which is likely the root of why you have so many symptoms. At this stage, if you haven’t already been diagnosed with a chronic disease, you’re on the verge. Maybe you’re on a medication or even 5, which not only comes with a long list of further side effects, but worse masks your symptoms and doesn’t fix the reason you have them. So, let’s talk about what will!
Your body is in a major ‘Help me’ state, which may be surfacing as often unbearable symptoms such as brain fog, low energy, chronic pain, mood swings, skin issues, or the inability to lose weight (regardless of healthy diet, exercises and other cleanses). Perhaps you have Breast Implant Illness or been diagnosed with autoimmune disease, anxiety/depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, OR have infertility hormone imbalances (endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, PMS if women) or digestive imbalance such as SIBO, IBS or ‘colitis’. Likely you’ve tried medication, surgery, organ removal, or are trending toward addiction or recreational drugs to cope and/or numb out. It’s ok. I see this often, and I used to do it too, because I didn’t know better, and I didn’t know I was as toxic as I was. As much as I love advanced healing modalities like Stem Cell, Hyperbaric, Coffee enemas and more…none of these things work to truly Detox the body.
What is also very common that I see with most everyone that reaches out to me with these types of symptoms, is they have tried many cleanses, supplements, diets and detox treatments in attempt to Detox the toxins causing their discomfort, but come up short, because these approaches unknowingly don’t go deep enough. Sure they clear toxins, but not at the cellular level where the majority of problems originate. And until you do, your symptoms will continue to come back. I did this for 10 years until I learned from one of my Detox Expert Certifications, that in order to get well, and out of symptom hell, you must fix the cell…meaning, clear the insidious toxins that live inside of your cells that cause the most amount of illness. It’s like washing the outside of a car, without cleaning the inside, and over time wondering why you have a histamine reaction whenever you drive somewhere.

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