Your Toxicity Score: 21 (Low)

Look at you Go Detox Pro!

Congratulations on a low toxic score! You’re doing a fine job keeping toxins at bay. Just remember, even if you’re not suffering from symptoms, it’s still a good idea to focus on reducing exposure to toxic load and supporting your detox pathways so that you don’t EVER accumulate too much $hit. You either have great detox pathways, have regularly been supporting them or are simply not assaulted by as many toxins as most others. Think of it like a drain in your bathtub. Just because you can't see the gunk building up doesn't mean it's not there. And if you don't clean the drain regularly, it's only a matter of time before things start to stink.
The truth is, even with a low toxic score, you still are exposed to thousands of toxins, which block the doors off the cells where good stuff gets in. This is the case for every human today, and as such, no matter what premium diet or supplement plan you take, it’s difficult for your cells to absorb nutrients, vitamins, hormones and minerals from your diet/supplements– as long as toxins block the door. In order for your body to benefit from your healthy diet and high quality vitamins (which if you’re not doing now, I’ll teach you how to in the Warrior Cleanse), it is VITAL you detox and repair the cell, which is what this program offers.


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