Your Toxicity Score: 41 (Medium)

Meh! You can do Better,
Time to Detox!

Your toxicity score is moderate. What does that mean and what should you do with this info? Toxins are everywhere today, and far more invasive than they have been in the past… Especially a class of toxins known as ‘neurotoxins’ that have the ability to cross into your brain and nerve tissue, triggering the common set of symptoms you’re experiencing. Do you suffer from lack of mental clarity, difficulty recalling events, words, responsibilities or peoples names? (Oops, how embarrassing!) It’s like a toxic gremlin has taken up residence in your brain and decided to mess with you for fun.
A loss of motivation, a noticeable drop in energy – and it’s not because of that pile of work on your desk! Perhaps you’ve noticed shifts in your mood, and are feeling more irritable than usual. Your sleep quality may be in the toilet, and you’ve been feeling pretty sh*tty in general. Above all, with the more common toxins called obesogens/xenoestrogens, you might be finding it more difficult to maintain your previously healthy weight, muscle tone, sex drive and confidence because these types of toxins have an affinity to store in fat cells – mold, plastic, pesticides, parabens, and phthalates just to name a few. All of these are symptoms of toxicity, and very common with a moderate score.

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