Unhappy? Ashamed? Stuck? You're not alone. Now, there's HOPE!

The statistics of depression today are, well…depressing.  

The majority of New Years resolutions are ‘to be happier', yet only about 8% of people achieve this goal. The rest will likely end up on meds because our society doesn't have a system to reveal the TRUTHS on what causes UN-happiness. Our work reveals that it can be attributed to 1 of 7 (or a combination of these) key areas:  Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical and Financial.

This survey, the Happy Code, and this series will help you decode this. The 25 health experts on this panel, including myself, have put our hearts together in hopes that you ‘find your happy' by learning your roots of depression, as well as what actionable steps you can take NOW to lift your spirits and your life.  You haven't been taught this, because the medical industry wants you to believe you need a medication to fix your ‘broken self'…why? because doctors paychecks are dependent on our use of these meds.


I've worked with clients to detox their depression meds, and the majority have felt SIGNIFICANTLY better off of them.  Until then, they felt worse health wise…they gained weight, slept worse, felt less motivated, more tired, lost sex drive. They wanted to feel better but felt trapped on their meds, they feared getting off of it, but once they did after learning the majority of the things you're about to learn that caused the depression to begin with…they felt alive again.  Since, the medical system is majorly lacking when it comes to uncovering the ROOT CAUSES of depression, I set out to create this – How to regain control of our happiness, our lives and our health, one speaker, one baby step and one heartbeat at a time! It takes courage to face our reality, so if you're done feeling depressed and you're ready to feel JOY again…you will LOVE the TRUTH in this docu-series!


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Here are the shocking facts about happiness and depression today!

of Americans claim to be 'unhappy'
1 in 5 adults report having persistent loneliness
For whom medications do NOT work. (most is placebo)
of Americans are on SSRI anti depressant medications, yet feel trapped on them.
of women from a 2013 postpartum depression study had the disorder four to six weeks after giving birth.
percentage of depression that can be attributed to body inflammation from a toxic food, fast paced lifestyle.
of Americans dislike or are disengaged by their jobs (it's a means to an end vs a passion project)
of college students reported feeling depressed, which disrupted their ability to function in school.
The percentage of Americans with major depression who don’t seek treatment
The estimated annual cost of depression in the U.S. due to lost productivity and health care. Depression is now USA's #1 disability!

25 of the Smartest Happy Experts here to help you…
cause they CARE!

Am I worthy? How we Self Sabotage Happiness
Power of Thought, Winners by Choice
Heal the Body, Map the Mind

The Inner Wisdom of Suicidal Thoughts

Money as Happiness, Find the Money Project
Connect to Yourself in a Dizzy World
Mineral Levels and Mood
Self Love & Making Yourself A Priority
The Health of Your Gut Determines Mood
Courage to Speak Up & Be Yourself
Get Paid to Do What you Love
The role of Thyroid & Depression
Liver Love to Happiness
How Genetics Impact Mood
Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work
Addressing Addiction to Ascend
Get Real About Love to Find Happy
Spirituality & Self Awareness to Happy

Mood Medications & Alternatives

Love your Skin, Love Yourself

The Power of Play & Sexual Connection
The Science of Positive Thinking

Our Environment Impacts Emotion

Structural Harmony to Happiness

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