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25 Days oF Happy

Michael McEvoy

How Genetics Impact Mood

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What You'll Learn

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Here are the main Happy Habits I took away:

About our expert:

“If you’re always focused on the problem and not the solution, you will never achieve ideal health.”

Michael McEvoy has been involved in the healing arts all of his adult life. He has been an avid student of the yogic arts since 2001, and credits his yoga and meditation practices for creating stability, discipline and self-healing in his life.

Michael began studying nutrition in-depth in 2003 after having returned from a trip to India and becoming very ill. He used all the available knowledge of self-healing, which was imparted to him by local holistic health practitioners living in his hometown of Chicago, Il. Within months he regained his health.

Michael began to pursue intensive gut healing, radical dietary shifts, and an increased intensity of his yoga practice. Michael left his career as a commodity broker and became a full-time yoga teacher in 2004, where he taught at Chicago’s prestigious Moksha Yoga Center. Michael had the opportunity to study yoga and healing with many of the world’s finest teachers.

His serious nutrition work began when studying nutrition and microscopy with long-time nutritionist James Jordan, CNC, JD. Michael was also trained in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by one of the world’s foremost authorities on Hair Analysis, Lawrence Wilson, MD. Michael began a long-term apprenticeship with Chicago-based nutritionist, Jim Marlowe, by whom he was initially trained in Metabolic Type Nutrition and blood chemistry interpretation.

Michael is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN) through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Institute. Michael is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Michael is also a Certified Metabolic Typing© Advisor (CMTA) through the Healthexcel system of Metabolic Typing©.

Michael has studied advanced, functional blood chemistry analysis, cell membrane dynamics, lipids, and the profound body of work of Emanuel Revici, MD through Dr. Lynne Augustt.

How we FEED our Body Determines How we FEEL Inside.
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