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Influence Sauna

This is a Sauna in Retreat form. Invest in yourself with THE best Full Spectrum sauna on the market. Made of beautiful cedar wood, it’s probably your last chance to buy one, ever. Burn up to 600 calories 30-minutes and enjoy relaxing in your own oasis. If you want the best for your health, this is a must. Invest in yourself…

Therasage Sauna

If you're serious about your health and want to finally see results, having a Sauna is VITAL.

THE MOST ADVANCED PORTABLE INFRARED SAUNA IN THE WORLD. Weighing in at less than 25 pounds, it offers full-spectrum infrared negative ions with no EMF's at an affordable price. Energy efficient, easily folds, and stores in a closet or under a bed

CHI of Life Pendant

Created by Diane to ignite Goddesses around the world to step into her natural beauty and courage…Get grounded and reach for the sky at the same time with this beautiful hand-carved CHI of Life Goddess pendant Beautifully hand-carved on both sides for maximum radiance!

CHI Supplements

I designed this Total Body System, to Ignite your Core Beauty, Energy & Immunity foundations. These CORE 5 supplements provide all a woman needs to THRIVE, including Beauty Building Collagen for Healthy skin and toned muscles. High quality formulas you'll actually FEEL.

Use warrior15 for 15% off already existing sale price, while supplies last!

The Warrior Cleanse Kit

Give your Liver Some LOVE

Do you have a weak immune system? Thyroid condition? Stubborn fat that won’t fall off no matter what diets and exercise programs you’ve tried? Feel like your brain just isn’t working like it used to? Time for the best 14 Day Liver Cleanse on the market!

ZEOLITES My #1 Tip for Detox

Toxins are the #1 Reason we get sick!

…not to mention feel drained, hormonal & can't lose weight. I recommend this this daily to detox from heavy metals and other environmental pollutants impacting our health. For kids & pets too! $50 off!

Certified Organic High Purity CBD

Superior non-GMO phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil is calming for the nervous system and the effects of temporary inflammation, discomfort and stress, while supporting restful sleep. It also nourishes the nerves and cells for repair. 20% OFF!

Green Juice
on the Go

For Detox & Energy!

Warrior up your Immune System with 44 ORGANIC SUPERFOODS. Support whole body health with a unique blend of organic superfoods, 1 billion probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes. 15% off!

My Killer Breasts Book

Written for the modern SuperWomen seeking NATURAL beauty solutions & procedures beyond breast implants & wisdom to become her own best friend, healer and doctor! A great gift for every woman!

Includes $250 of Holiday Gift Bonuses

BeautyCounter Cosmetics

Flawless in Five

…to start your day with a Naturally Beautiful face. Most women are STILL feeding their skin junk food, while owning the illusion that they are living a ‘Non Toxic life’ because they eat healthy and exercise. Grab this Non Toxic Top 5 Cosmetic Bundle for all your needs! (A GREAT gift for teens too)

15% off + FREE Shipping

BeautyCounter CounterTime

‘Med Spa’ Quality Non Toxic Skin Care Line

Looking for the BEST alternative to Botox, RetinA & Fillers that actually works? After just four weeks of use, over 90% surveyed raved about reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This makes a GREAT gift PLUS check out the other fun cosmetic kits like lip gloss, eye shadows, blushes and the new MASCARA.

These are the SAFEST rated products rated by Skin Deep as EWG Verified! 15% off + FREE Shipping

Non Toxic Teeth Whitening Kit

This is the BEST 16 minutes a day you’ll spend on your mouth + the result = 6 shades whiter!

…Stained or sensitive teeth? Bad Breath? Most ‘teeth whitening’ products are toxic and erode your teeth, gums and oral biome (your immune system’s first line of defense). This is the ONLY kit that whitens your teeth while also calms gum inflammation, reduces tooth sensitivity and improves your oral health.

Normal price $449, get it for $199 (while supplies last)

Sexy Belly Secret Castor Oil Pack!

A Sexy Belly isn’t genetic, it’s lifestyle built, but it doesn’t need be hard. This is the easiest 5 minute solution to love your liver, decongest your bowels (bye bye Constipation), decrease that inflammatory puffy look, harmonize your hormones (esp PMS & estrogen dominance related symptoms) and ‘Flatten the curve of your Belly Fat’ 😉 BONUS that by using this regularly, your skin will glow everywhere!


EMF Protector Harmoni Pendant

Dirty Electricity & Wifi radiation is 1 of the top 5 Toxins and Health Threats of 2020. 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations who have published research told the United Nations we need URGENT ACTION and reduced exposure. I love this pendant, it’s a beautiful way to wear your protection!

Smart Device Cases

EMF shield with style

Phone use is your largest exposure of EMF toxicity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These cases reduce up to 99% of harmful EMF waves. A great gift for ALL devices (ipad, laptops, phones) to ‘protect your parts’, and your children too!

Essential Oils & Diffuser

I’ve been obsessed with essential oils for 7 years for many reasons. With them, I make my own cleaning products, air fresheners, perfume, pet sprays, deodorants, detox tinctures, immune boosters, body relaxers and so much more. With oils, you can replace nearly everything in the home that is toxic! These are the crowd favorite for stocking stuffers and healthy home hack solutions that everyone loves!


Blue Blocker Glasses

A popular gift! Fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, wake up feeling rested with these affordable, stylish glasses everyone in the family will love (and needs). 95% of fat burning happens at night. Over 150,000 customers and you’re next! #sleepisqueen.

Best Air Filter for Your Home

Did you know 95% of the toxins you’re exposed to are in your own home and most inside air is 10 times more toxic than outside air? Air Doctor Pro is 100 times more effective than other home purifiers.

$300 off, HALF price while supplies last!

Berkey Water Filters

BIGGEST Sale of the Year!

21,000,000 Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards. 80% of Americans are CHRONICALLY dehydrated. Quality matters, this filters over 200 neurotoxins, nanoparticles, viruses and pathogens that Brita, Pur and average fridge filters don’t.

Xtrema NonToxic Ceramic Cookware

This eco-friendly cookware is made from 100% pure ceramic, so you can feel better about the delicious dishes you serve. The nine-piece Traditions saucepan set is a great gift that provides the versatility you need to tackle meal-planning, potlucks, and more.

Ozone for Beauty & Immunity

Ozone Therapy is a powerful treatment for all health issues. Use ozonated water to drink, clean pathogens off your food, in ozone enemas, to clean your hands (instead of immunity destroying antibacterial soaps), plus to detox & combat infections. Also helps build beauty with new & stronger hair, nails, skin! Use ‘WarriorDiane' for 20% off until 12-31-2021

Coffee Enema

#2 Top Detox Must Have

Almost every human living in a world filled with chemicals and contaminants suffers from the damaging toxic buildup in their liver, kidneys, and intestines. Hello Constipation 🙁 Coffee enemas have been helping to refresh the human body, preserve health, promote healing, and safely remove toxins for centuries by acting as a cleansing remedy that can be easily applied in the comfort of one's home.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Self-Care, But Make It SIPPABLE. Comforting support you can feel. Boost your body’s natural defenses the only way bone broth can. Bone broth makes everything better, including you! Heal your gut, Protect your joints, Reduce inflammation, Boost anti-aging, Support weight loss.

Use ‘warriorbroth’ for 15% off your order!

Organic Non Toxic Healthy Wine

Most wines sold today are mass produced products. They can include high levels of sugar, alcohol, and 76 FDA-approved additives. Pure Natural Wine is rare. Less than 0.01% of the world’s wines meet our strict criteria. Drink wine without guilt, wake up without a hangover and smile through your cheers!

Beauty & Spine Health Envy Pillow

Crafted from Copper for Hormone Health, Cozy comfort and Sleeping Beauty, I love my Envy Pillow and know you will too. Designed by 2 Registered Nurses with your anti aging, health and the planet in Mind.

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Avocado Green Latex Mattress

1/3 of your time is sleep, invest in a quality mattress. I shopped for months among many mattresses spanning $1k to $10k and decided on this one for a multitude of reasons among affordability, comfort and low on the toxic scale. This one feels like a Tempur-Pedic, is non toxic, has an amazing return policy and has zero coils (hence less EMF electro smog drawn to your body).

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