Diane Kazer, FDNP is the founder of dianekazer.com, specializes in Hormones and Detoxification and is the most sought after nutritionist in Orange County, CA, entrusted by well-respected doctors and their patients using her ‘Food and Herbs as Medicine’ approach…AND beyond that into Lifestyle AND Mindset, which is what is mostly missing today in the wellness industry.

Diane also is trained and certified to use labs when necessary, that seek to identify clues and healing opportunities that if overlooked might otherwise progress into a disease, which we aim to PREVENT.  The difference? = Preventative healing and ancient ‘medicine' vs reactionary medicine. Modern doctors are not trained in this way, and as such do not run the same labs we do; rather they use diagnostics to determine IF a disease is already present, and their solution is a prescription, procedure or surgery. We try to keep you as far away from these toxic solutions as possible via a customized healthy lifestyle, diet and mindset tailored to each persons time and financial availability.  Diane's mentor, taught her to ‘treat the patient' and how they're feeling, even when labs are inconclusive, which is extremely common:

Our job is to look upstream from the symptoms using labs that are available to identify opportunities to restore function and balance.– Reed Davis


She’s a pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and has a degree in business finance from prestigious University of the Pacific in Northern CA. She owned a financial planning firm for 7 years and sold it to follow her dream to live by the beach, play in the sand and transform lives. She uses her financial talents and operational algorithms to save clients both time and money.  Having a passion for the importance of detox in a toxic world, she created an online program, called The Warrior Cleanse, which has transformed thousands in many countries. Diane has an active and fully transparent Youtube Channel, for your health edu-tainment. She’s known for her talks on female hormone health, especially her Sexy Body Video Series which grew so popular that she’s been asked to turn it into a book.  In other hot topics, she and sex therapist doctor friend Cat Meyer have a radio show on all things sex and sex hormones called Eat Play Sex. If you’re looking to slim down, simplify and sexy up your life, Diane’s your girl.

Her Health Pain

Became her

Her lifetime health struggles became her passion as she suffered cystic acne, chemo treatment, horrible PMS, Urinary Tract Infections, Hashimoto’s, depression, alcoholism (and more) which she self treated and reversed, using functional lab testing not offered by conventional doctors to identify severe roots of viral, heavy metal and pathogenic toxicity.  In her pursuit of knowledge to heal, she travelled, mainly solo, to over 25 countries, immersing herself in yoga, nutrition, food culture and…LOVE.  Bali and Thailand were among her FAV’s…because $1 meals, $7 massages, white sand beaches and happy people. It was part of her journey toward ultimate happiness, as she shared in her 24 health expert Heart to Happiness Summit, an event targeting reversing depression at it’s roots, beyond drugs and therapy.

Dianekazer.com and all of her projects will emanate a feeling of limitlessness.  Your body was meant to THRIVE, you were born a warrior, and she helps people connect back to that. She encourages you to take charge of your health pursuits since our lives aren’t set up today to attain the sexy body we desire. From her experience, many of us are only operating at about 30% of our potential, so her social media, weekly blogs & videos aim to help you access the other 70%.  Being that doctors today are trained on prescriptions and procedures rather than preventative health and addressing root causes of disease, Diane does, so you’re in the right place if you’re frustrated spinning your wheels getting nowhere with lots of tests and no answers. She supports her tribe with customized supplements, solutions and systems, that lead them to a health state of not just ‘lack of symptoms’, but rather “I’ve never felt and looked so amazing in my entire life”. Yep, you deserve that!  Like ALL the time.  After all, YOU’RE A WARRIOR!

In The Media


Radio Shows & Media Interviews:
  • Eat. Play. Sex – Own Show with Dr Cat Meyer.  
  • COMING SOON:  Magnet For Love, Sex Hormones and Connecting in Love:  November 23rd
  • iHeart Radio AME Radio Show – Why Cleansing Should be More Important than Dieting.
  • EFT Radio – What is the Warrior Cleanse and why All Women need it.  
  • Spreaker Radio – ‘Champion Mindset’ Sports Talk ‘From Bad-Ass to Bench Bitch’ (starts at minute 3). THR3ANDOUT Radio Network with Trey Snide
  • Wendy Myers, Live to 110 Podcast, Ep #174 – Best Supplements For PMS
  • Phat Man Radio with Darren McDuffie – Sleep, Sex & Serotonin (Birth Control risks your doctor isn’t telling you & estrogen Dominance, min 23. Why it’s a train wreck to get off of it – min 30.)
  • Playboy Radio with Dr Cat Meyer- Nutrition’s Impact on your Sex Life
  • Live to 110 with Wendy Myers – Having the Courage to be Happy
  • Phat Man Radio with Darren McDuffie – The Bridge To Health From Happiness With Diane Kazer FDN
  • Runtastic – Improve Your Sex Life: Exercise, Diet, Hormones & More
  • The Xanadu Life– Wellness Expert and Nutritionist for Plastic Awareness, Conservation, clean water and Nutrition
  • SIBO Summit Expert Speaker- Battle the Belly Bloat. ‘Overcoming SIBO with Self Love and Stress Reduction'
  • Ultimate Health Summit – Unbound Potential.  KEYNOTE Featured Speaker
  • Lisa Goldenthal, Commit to be Fit Revolution.  December, 2016 – How Hormones Impact Fitness – TOP 5 Biggest Myths to being Hormonally Fit, Healthy & Happy
  • Live to 110, Natural Supplements Summit, August 2016

Education & Certifications:

  • University of the Pacific, Business School – May, 2011
  • NASM Personal Trainer – May, 2010
  • ISSA Fitness Nutritionist – June, 2011
  • RYT Vinyasa & Power Yoga Teacher – November, 2012
  • Reiki Practitioner – March 2013
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner – July, 2013
  • Paul Chek – Gut & Infectious Disease Certified Practitioner – May, 2014
  • Current Research:  Estrogen Metabolism, Blood Chemistry Analysis and EpiGENEtic Expression with Michael McEvoy
  • Current Research:  Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine


To book Diane for a speaking or media opportunity, please contact Victoria at vshockley57@gmail.com or 919-780-9727.


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