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Heyyy Beautiful Breastie!

I’m happy to present this page to you, which is full of links and information that will support you either among the resources that I have created for you or beyond them.  My main mission is to help women with breast implants among 3 categories:

BREASTIE TYPE 1 – Women who still have breast implants and are not yet ready to remove them but are having symptoms and are seeking support.

BREASTIE TYPE 2 – Women who are curious if they have BII and are seeking support with decisions regarding explant, preparing for surgery and putting an action plan together to heal fast post explant.

BREASTIE TYPE 3 – Women who have explanted and are still not feeling their best, months and years later.

All of these include deep dive custom protocol and plans encompassing everything my Breasties need to Cleanse her Trauma, Heal her Temple and Ignite her Natural Beauty!

I offer this in 5 different ways depending on her preferences, priorities and price point.

Like to Read?

My Book, ‘Killer Breasts’ has helped 1,000's of women learn Toxic Beauty Truths, Non Toxic Solutions, Self Love & BII healing + Detox we all need

Seeking DIY Help?

I created ‘Explant Solution’ Online Program to help women go deeper with topics in the book & beyond

Looking to Detox?

50% of BII Recovery is Explant, the other 50% is Detox. My Total Body Detox program helps women Detox from years of 30+ toxins in Breast Implants & more

Looking for 1 on 1 Support?

Prefer a Customized & Comprehensive Explant Detox & Healing Plan to Prepare for and Recover FAST Post Explant? (including Advanced Labs & Diagnostics)

Seeking BII & Explant Supportive Supplements?

These Warrior Cleanse Kit + BII Specific supplements help women with Pre & Post Explant Hormonal, Liver, Immunity, Gut & Beauty Building Support

Killer Breasts Documentary


The Toxic Truth about Breast Implants & Breast Implant Illness…Discovering the root cause, safe alternatives, explant, recovery, and beyond.

FREE BII Masterclass

Discover the 5 Step Formula to Reverse Breast Implant Illness & recover from Hormone Imbalances, Autoimmune Conditions & Symptom Chaos, for good

This is a NO RISK way to check me out, feel my energy, see if you would like my help and also, download and share my FREE resources to pass on to others. Know a woman who is suffering mysterious symptoms and ‘no one’ seems to know why, no matter how many labs, prescriptions, supplements, cleanses she’s tried?  Send her these resources so she can decide for herself if her implants are a potential root cause (they probably are).  You just might save a life 😉 

Explant Alone Won't Fix Your Symptoms

"Diane is the piece of the puzzle to my practice that helps ensure my patients receive all of the knowledge possible on their Explant journey, which makes an incredible difference on their recovery. She is very knowledgeable and brings so much comfort and support to my patients. I can’t say enough about Diane. She is doing magnificent things in the Explant world and I am fortunate that our patients have her to help them navigate their health transformation”

Success Stories

Ana’s Story Post Explant

Emily’s Success Story

Jessica's Story Post Explant

Must Know Explant Expert Interviews

SonoCine UltraSound

Mammogram vs Thermogram for Breast Health Screening & Breast Implants / Breast Implant Illness

One-Year Post Breast Explant & Fat Transfer

Other BII Resources

Beyond this, what I have included below are some of the most common questions I get that I am not an expert in, but I am resourceful enough to know where to send you for expert advice and guidance. I do clarify, ‘Choosing a Doctor’ and ‘Working with your Insurance’ as well as ‘Best scans, labs, etc’ for smoothing out your explant in my resources above, because I still get questions on my personal experience with each of these topics women derive a TON of value from, beyond just links to direct you to.

Suggested Documentaries, Videos and More

Years of research educated me and prepared me for my decisions to clear toxins and trauma from my life, including breast implants. We can only choose better when we KNOW better. Here are some invaluable resources on toxicity, the medical industry, lifestyle, etc.

  • Dying to Be Beautiful – starring ME 🙂  This 11 Part series is a must watch for anyone wanting to cure their body of harmful toxins and make natural beauty trendy again. Watch FREE for 10 days using THIS LINK
  • The Bleeding Edge – What you don't know, can hurt you. This is a groundbreaking investigation into the crimes of Big Medical, including medical devices such as breast implants. 
  • Broken – a 4 Part Series on Toxic & Counterfeit Beauty products, Plastic & more
  • Toxic Beauty – reveals the truth about harmful health consequences of chemicals found in everyday cosmetic and beauty products, the huge corporations that knowingly use them and the lack of governmental regulations to protect consumers.

Recommended Surgeons

Working with an explant surgeon who knows what they’re doing and believes in BII is paramount. One with experience, education and empathy. I also feel it’s important to work with a surgeon who primarily explants (and no longer places implants) and that he/she have a solid reputation and skillset for performing En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy.

This is where your gut feeling and intuition come. Pick someone you feel comfortable with, you connect with, you trust, has a great reputation, and is committed to performing En Bloc and Total Capsulectomy, as well as is familiar with the process of locating areas surrounding your implants that have been impacted and compromised. Explore testimonials from women in the Facebook groups, meet with or consult over the phone with many surgeons until you find the right fit for you and your timeline. Ask around, ask for photos, and don’t be shy about being detailed with questions I’ve included for you in my book ‘Killer Breasts’ as well as this page.

This list of explant surgeons, is always being updated, and from what I know is not a “paid” list as some are, so ‘boobie beware’ if someone is over zealous about only talking to a specific surgeon, because they are ‘the best’, without doing your own mental, emotional and logical research. I have a far more extensive list of all states and countries that I am always updating in my EXPLANT SOLUTION program, which you can check out HERE.

While I can’t speak to many of them, here’s a list of the few surgeons that I am familiar with, who only perform explant surgeries, believe in Breast Implant Illness, have the most experience with explant surgery and En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy. Keep in mind they are always changing their surgery skills and procedure offerings…some of them do NOT offer fat transfer, if that’s what you desire. Personally, I chose to do the explant, lift and fat transfer all at once, but I may have done it differently if I were to do it again (I talk openly about this in my book and programs).

These doctors listed are very reputable amongst the many Breast Implant Illness groups, and as such have a waitlist usually of at least 6 months long for surgery, maybe more and can be that long just to be seen for a consult. I suggest scheduling a consultation as SOON as you can, schedule your surgery ASAP when you feel good about a surgeon and also getting on a surgery waitlist in case something opens up sooner. Also have a back up plan/surgeon for if you need to have surgery sooner than later if your symptoms are getting worse and you just want them OUT.

After consulting with Dr Urzola and Dr Jae Chun (among 9 other surgeons), my heart felt right choosing Dr Strawn and I’m so happy I did! I did a very informative interview with him, which you receive if you grab my Killer Breasts book & Bonuses.

  • Dr Bradley Strawn – Newport Beach, CA (LOVE HIM)
  • Dr. Lu-Jean Feng – Cleveland, OH
  • Dr. Victor Urzola – Costa Rica
  • Dr Dev Vibhakar and Dr David Rankin of Aqua Plastic Surgery – locations in Jupiter, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami, FL
  • Dr. Linda Huang – Denver, CO
  • Dr. Jae Chun – Newport Beach, CA

Other BII Resources

I talk about my journey to get the explant portion of my surgery covered by my insurance in my book, Killer Breasts, where I paid $128 instead of the $5,000 + it would have cost me out of pocket. I invested that money saved, into research, trial and error and time invested into crafting the BII and explant recovery formula, I talk about in my book, which is exactly what I want for you. If you can save $5k, that’s extra money you can invest into your healing journey post explant. When I first started my explant journey, my insurance company denied me, many times. I didn’t take no for an answer, and with the help of my surgeon, I persisted and we won!

However, I realize not many women have the energy, nor practitioner knowledge I do, hence I wanted to introduce you to someone that does.

Read other posts on my Instagram HERE

Meet Anne Ziegenhorn

“Hi, I’m Anne Ziegenhorn, TITS Committee Non-Profit, former plastic surgeon scrub tech. I lost my career as a Dental Hygienist & almost lost my life from being misdiagnosed not knowing it was BII. I understand all you are going through.

Our Non-Profit charges a donation fee & offers a payment plan to help with the fee. We want to disclose there are free programs available through other organizations.

What sets TITS apart from other organizations?  Like you, we are survivors of BII! I will be by your side to walk you through it all. You are not alone, I do 3 way calls with your insurance & doctors office; I double check all of your paperwork is filed

correctly. This is not an easy process & it can take months (this is why we have a fee).

Many who have tried to get their insurance to pay on their own get frustrated & quit. Some are pleasantly surprised we are able to get Pre authorization or reimbursement. We can not guarantee coverage! We also turn down ladies if we do not think we can help. Consultations are a non-refundable $25 donation, which you can discuss how Anne and her organization work from there, if you chose to work with her to help you. If you would like a consultation please send an email to: TITSCommittee@gmail with the following info:

  • Name
  • City, State
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Saline/Gel?
  • Mentor/Allergan/Sientra?
  • A cell phone #

Her story is also below. Woman whose breast implant went MOLDY while still inside her says the toxic silicone nearly killed her and her breastfeeding baby – after doctors repeatedly failed to diagnose the infection Anne Ziegenhorn, 44, had a slew of dangerous symptoms including memory and vision loss – and put on 60lbs. The Florida resident visited at least 23 doctors, who all misdiagnosed her. She finally saw a specialist who confirmed that one of her implants had ruptured and the other had mold growing inside. Anne is now working to educate other women about the risks with her organization, The Implant Truth Survivors (TITS) Committee.

Products & Health Hacks I recommend:

“Can you really blame the implants exclusively?” Was one of the many questions that popped into my inbox after I shared my article on my Social Media channels: “33 Reasons Not to Get Breast Implants Your Doctor Didn’t Warn You About.” While yes, they do a LOT of damage, here was my answer:

Therefore I have created a list here of what I refer to as ‘Biggest Impact, Easiest to do’ suggestions below so you can both prepare for a successful surgery and then cleanse and heal quickly post explant

My Favorite Health Hacks Before & After Explant

There are MANY more of these, however so as not to overwhelm you, I’ll leave it at this. To get access to all of my top detox recommendations and how to ‘health hack stack’ them in the proper order for YOU for BII and Explant Healing, join my Explant Detox Program HERE. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you if we work 1 on 1 together!

EMOTIONAL Healing & Freedom through FORGIVENESS

Write an Apology Letter to yourself…here’s an example of one of mine (I wrote many).  I talk more about how to do this and go even deeper in my book, Killer Breasts

Dear DD Diane…

“The funeral planning begins now. On this day, exactly 8 years ago, I did my first photo shoot with my new boobs, the new self I identified with as ‘more enough now than before implants'.

Yet, as time passed, I discovered yet again, another thing that was ‘missing' in my life, and sought that next hit of ‘yeah I'll do that/get that, then I'll be “enough”‘.

It's starting to sink in … the mourning of aborting my artificial sense of ‘enough-ness' as a perma-trophy that sits atop my heart, with the intention of perhaps, serving as a cushion that says ‘These serve as distance to protect you from hurting me/breaking my heart'…they are my shield of attracting more love yet, protecting myself from the inevitable outcome of it (hurt) simultaneously.

The paradox these implants symbolize is such a deeply profound path more toward self love, and radical temple acceptance, such that I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for the lessons they have taught me. From pain to purpose, they have served as great liberators and teachers.

There are times I feel angry, being the victim of a governing medical body that I believed serves to protect us from harm, such that implants do. Yet it always circles back to the lesson from it “It is your job to protect yourself…the logic being, if it didn't come from nature, it's probably not going to end well.

And if something lives inside of you as large as these silicone bags, your body will fight until the end, trying to protect you from their harm…at war inside 24-7, in an attempt to destroy them. I am crying typing this, just thinking about how much abuse I have put my powerful body through, trying to fit in and be seen more…because I couldn't see myself ‘whole as I am'. And reflecting on how we have been conditioned to feel this same way, we are in this together.

In the end, the labs speak for themselves, that…my immune system is on her last leg, my adrenals are not able to produce stress hormones to keep up with the pace of life, my gut goddess has had chronic candida that no candida cleanse has been a match for. This is what Breast Implant Illness looks like on the inside, and all that society sees is how ‘beauty-FULL' they look on the outside.

After this long fight of testing myself, cleansing deeper than anyone I know, feeding myself to fight the constant influx of toxins, at this point I feel FULL of compassion and care, knowing that … my body needs me now.

You and I who are suffering from or have experienced BII have been blessed with the signs, signals and symptoms, the deep wisdom in the form of cries “Mom, I can't do this anymore…I'm tired, I need help”…and once we hear that call to protect this inner child wounded warrior being of light…we end our fight. We surrender. We explant.”

I want to thank Anna Rodgers for putting this on the map for me. 3 years ago, she courageously sent me a message here on Facebook. It was like a train wreck. I didn't want to look, but I did. Then I still didn't want to see what she had shown me. The years thereafter as I saw other women stand up to this illness, hero's to their own beautiful temple, I realized as a functional nutrition practitioner and emotional freedom coach, it would be hypocritical of me not to. Especially once I saw the labs as proof.

As I end this care share, getting all mushy about this journey considering you are all on it with me, feeling similar things…I wish to ask you:

  • Who did you discover you were without your implants?
  • What were your greatest discoveries?
  • What part of you, what story died when your implants did. As in, what silicone or saline ‘story’ about who you thought you were ‘with implants’ (narrated by your bully within) did you explant emotionally when you explanted physically?

Sending You Off With Love

Implementing these practices on a daily basis will not only help to keep your immune system strong but will also help to reverse body pain, weight gain and energy drain. The good news is the same things that boost your beauty, energy and vitality are the same things that ALSO boost your Immunity!

As I always mention, I’m here for you if you ever want to take a deeper dive into your body to explore your immune, hormonal, digestive, brain and total body health and how to improve it, far beyond blood testing. There’s a LOT you will need to know about your body and your health, as we move into this new era of viral pandemics, so this Immune topic is here to stay and you’ll need ALL the help you can get to Cleanse your Body, Heal your Hormones and Ignite your Life.

If you would like to apply to speak to me or someone from my team, you can APPLY FOR A CALL HERE.

I wish you the VERY best in this time of pause, which I see as a beautiful gift for us all to slow down, connect to our breath, ourselves, our loved ones and what matters the most…this moment, nature and our purpose!

May your Higher Self guide you to the light, walk with God and please reach out if you need anything at all. I am strong and ready to support you. I’ve trained my whole life for this moment, and knew this time would come.

Please feel free to share this resource page or any of my offerings with anyone and everyone you know so that they may too be empowered, protected and armed with all of the tools they need!

Love, Light and CHI!

Warrior Diane Kazer

Meet Diane

“A pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Courage Coach and Holistic Beauty Expert, Diane has been through many health struggles and with empathy and fierce leadership, is your go-to girl to breakthrough anything, no matter what you've tried or what you've been told.

An intuitive healer, she is the author of ‘Killer Breasts, A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Breast Implant Illness', producer of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit and creator of Cleanse, Heal, Ignite – a program which helps women use the power of intuition to discover their inner healer, by providing them life-long tools reverse auto-immune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma and perfectionism.

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