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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

So you’ve seen the headline news about the danger of BREAST IMPLANTS…what’s going on?

Is it just a fad?

The truth is….it’s not a Trend, it’s a Movement.

My journey started 3 years ago.

I read an article my friend wrote who has now since gone viral and shared 130,000+ times.

She sent it to me the day after she wrote it.

But I looked it over and covered my eyes.

Until now…I couldn’t hide from it anymore.

3 years later, that article saved my life, and I hope this might save lives too.

I have become quite ill from Breast Implant Illness and have invested now THOUSANDS of hours on the topic, and am Explanting this year.

What a ride it's been.

The more I unravel with the deceit in the Cosmetic, MedSpa and Medical Device space, the more infuriated I become at the ‘dark side’ of the Body Alteration industry. If you’ve never heard of a Documentary called A Bleeding Edge I urge you to watch it ASAP (it’s on Netflix). Once you see that, this will make more sense.

This is on part to be one of the biggest FDA cover ups next to Round Up/Glyphosate in our foods, and I want to put it on the map by presenting to you 33 reasons why Implants are more Toxic than we have been lead to believe from our trusted health advisors.

Does this sound familiar?

For 8 years I’ve been Seeking Health and Restoration for my Body.

I’ve gone deeper into Custom Nutrition, Functional Medicine Lab Testing, the importance of Daily Detox, Advanced Level Bio Hacks, partnering with the Best of the Best of doctors, Mindset Coaches and Holistic Health Practitioners than I've ever gone…

I’m the girl that is the Picture of Health, yet is sick on the inside.

The girl who won Bikini competitions but has lost her Vitality.

I’m the Warrior who Stands up to spread truth about what toxins lurk in our environment, yet until recently…haven’t considered the GREATEST Toxin of all that I’m exposed to every single day 24/7.  

The ticking time bombs that sit right over my Heart, seat of Connection and Immunity.

Every breath I take, every move I make, every single day, every game I play…I’m leaking silicone!

Now that might sound a little extreme for you…

Or maybe it just sounds like a familiar song from the 90’s that Biggie later remixed.

Either way…it’s a true story.

But not one that we’ve been read, which makes it hard to believe. 
I get it.

I found it hard to believe too that…

All implants leak, bleed, or rupture.. eventually

For women with implants, (and anyone with any silicone and/or saline implant in their body), the toxins bleed into our bodies from DAY ONE of implantation.

Silicone, saline and 30+ Other toxins and Heavy Metals migrate to our lymph nodes, liver and brain.

It doesn’t happen to one, it happens to all.

This article is intended to take you STRAIGHT to the Truth, Just the Facts Ma’am.

Especially for those who are and have been experiencing ‘mysterious’ symptoms that doctors can’t figure out the root of, which is exactly what happened to me and every other woman who experiences side effects of implants, not just isolated to the area of the breasts.  

The symptoms can seem totally unrelated, but they are!

I am proof.  

And so are all of these other heroic women who listened to the call within them that said ‘Help’, and they answered.

How did I know it was my implants?

The answer is, I don’t.  I realize many of my symptoms may be, and yet others can be from other things.

I started this journey to figure out what the frack was going on with my health…it was a mystery why no matter what advanced techniques, treatments or tinctures I tried on my body, nothing was working to slow the symptoms.  At one point, I threw my hands up and said…I literally have done EVERYTHING I can for my physical, nutritional and emotional body…there is SOMETHING WRONG inside.

And deep down, my intuition whispered ‘These are poisoning you. It's time to put them to rest.”

I began my research for the millions of women who are in the dark about this.

I stayed up until 1, 2, 3am sifting through the studies, the stories the suffering.

I stand up every day as admin to support tens of thousands of women in the Breast Implant Illness Facebook Groups who are lost, scared, confused…feeling deceived because they didn’t know these things before they said YES to implants. Why? Because it’s not legally imposed upon surgeons.

The data was out there that there have been ZERO long term studies to support safety of implants…but our voices weren’t loud enough.  Now they are. The FDA is finally listening after DECADES of women warriors speaking up about how their implants made them sick and nearly killed them.  Some weren’t so fortunate. One of my personal dear friends mothers died because of her breast implants. So this ‘Rise Up’ is for her too! 

Implants are toxic to all of us!

The UK knows this…and most countries have BANNED implants.

Many are FUNDING the women to have them removed.

But why not in the USA?

If you haven’t yet discovered for yourself. America Spends the most on ‘Health Care’, but ranks nearly dead last for ‘Healthy’.

For nearly a century, it’s been prescriptions and procedures over people.

Plastic surgery and perfection over natural and body positivity.

The tides are turning fast.

We’re waking up.

Demanding answers.

Who is watching out for our well being?

Protecting us?

And the truth isn’t pretty…but as we come together, it WILL.

The continued use of breast Implants, despite no long term research to prove their ‘safety’, is on part to be one of the biggest FDA cover ups next to Round-Up/Glyphosate, and I want to put it on the map by presenting to you, the research I complied over a year:

33 Ways Breast Implants Destroy Your Body


Breast implants can cause cancer of the immune system called Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL) which is a rare type of blood cancer. It has been detected so far in 457 women with breast implants.. Removing the implants usually eliminates the disease, but some women have opted for chemotherapy, and 17 deaths from the cancer have been reported worldwide.  What are symptoms of BIA-ALCL? The most common is excessive fluid buildup around the breast implant, which can cause pain, swelling, or lumps in the breast or armpit.


A second NCI study found a 21% overall increased risk of cancer for women with implants, compared with women of the same age in the general population.[38] The increase was primarily due to an increase in brain cancer, respiratory tract cancers, cervical cancer, and vulva cancer.


Women who have breast implants are THREE times as likely to commit suicide as women in the general population.


A Danish study funded by implant manufacturer, Dow Corning found an increase in depression and found to be FIVE to SEVEN times more likely to be taking antidepressants than women without implants.


Because your body is trying to ‘push out’ and attack anything ‘non self DNA’, your immune system gets tired and eventually, your immune system fails because it’s overwhelmed.  Think your typical ‘Monday’ only 10 times worse AND it’s Monday everyday inside your body.

When the immune system is impaired, your defenses are DOWN which allows various infections in the body to grow, thrive and cause symptoms that replicate the common cold, flu, fatigue, allergy or who knows what, you just feel tired and don’t know why. Most of the infections we see rampant in women with implants we examine on our Advanced Stool Test are riddled with bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic overgrowths that are resistant to antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral treatments natural or botanical. This was me consistently. See MY STORY BLOG (coming soon) where you can see my Lab Tests Revealed)


Have you heard of a term called Xenoestrogens? It simply means ‘foreign toxin that acts like estrogen in the body’.  Plastics are a big one. Silicone is another. These chemicals impair your fragile endocrine gland system I call your TAO (thyroid/adrenals/ovaries and more) which as long as those glands aren’t optimal, you’ll find yourself with hormone deficiencies and imbalances that just might lend themselves to Endometriosis, PCOS, Thyroid disease, Chronic Exhaustion, ‘Adrenal Fatigue’, FibroCystic Breasts (painful lumps around your breasts) PMS, PMDD and more…and no amount of medication REALLY does the trick.  


When the body perceives a ‘foreign’ object in the body, the adrenals release Stress Hormone, Cortisol to put the fire of inflammation out. When this is happening 24/7 in the body, eventually the adrenals cannot keep up and fight the permanent ‘Wildfire’ within, so it spreads, and the inflammation goes unaddressed.  And we go round and round…therefore…


When the stress hormones rise, Sex and Sleep hormones decrease because the body prioritizes Stress Hormone Cortisol as a Fight or Flight response. Wondering where your sex drive went? Your ability to build muscle? Burn fat?  (your testosterone is probably shot like mine was) What about Vaginal Dryness? Depression? Infertility? (estrogen & progesterone is on vacay, and this is where Hormone Replacement therapy and BioIdenticals don’t stand a chance. They’ll stop working too…because they’re band aids that don’t resolve the root of why the hormones are low to begin with.)


Have you ever had a 23andme done?  Been tested for BRCA? How about MTHFR gene mutation? What you may have heard is that ‘You can’t do anything about your genes, you’re stuck with them’.  This is true. BUT what’s left unsaid is…you can actually turn off your bad genes and on your GOOD genes simply by nourishing your body, cleaning up your lifestyle and UpLeveling your Mindset.  It’s called Epi-Genetics But none of that applies when you have implants, because they turn “on” our gene mutations so the ‘bad genes’ can act out. Look at what ‘runs in your family’. Implants likely increase your odds of those conditions, unless we stop tempting them with the permanent stress in our body from them. Your genes are not our destiny, but until you’ve cleansed the reason they ‘act up’ they just might make you suffer. Those with MTHFR issues (I’m double homozygous – double screwed) in my opinion stay far away from implants because we tend to not detox well.


Which disrupt mineral levels in the body, since they occupy the same receptor sites on cells.  As long as metals are blocking these receptors, minerals can’t and since hormones need minerals for production, hormone levels are eventually impaired. Additionally, the body will store these metals in the safest zones such as fat cells which guess what?  The brain is 60% fat…hence why it can feel like your brain just isn’t working right, and…wait, what article am I writing? Oh, sorry…just some brain inflammation there for a moment!


Which is the root of 95% of disease today. If you’ve struggled to lose weight and you have implants, perhaps it’s inflammation plus fat expanding as your body stores the toxins bleeding from your implants.  I’ve seen SO MANY women literally Diet, Cleanse and Exercise Program Hop with no success…until they Explanted and lost 10 pounds in one week, 20 in a month…you get the idea, check out the Headlines. You’ll find many similar stories.


In some states, major health insurance providers have refused to insure women with breast implants.  Some insurers have sold health insurance to women with implants, but charged them more, and some insurers have refused to cover certain kinds of illnesses for women with breast implants, or refused to cover any problems in the breast area.  For women who were diagnosed with diseases that were excluded, it would not matter if those diseases were unrelated to the implants.


Implants can interfere with the detection of breast cancer in mammograms, as approximately 55 percent of breast tumors will be hidden in women with implants, not to mention the increased risk of rupture.


All implants are “foreign bodies,” and a woman’s body reacts to the foreign object by forming a capsule of scar tissue around the implants (as proof pictured here with my implants during my explant surgery).  A 100,000+ women study concluded that: The risk of certain autoimmune diseases increased by 800% (Sjogren syndrome), 700% (scleroderma), and 600% (arthritis) for women with implants compared to the general population of women of the same age and demographics. The longer they are in the more severe the AID symptoms present over time. Many women who have kept their implants in for 20+ years end up in wheelchairs, diagnosed with Lupus, MS and other severe Auto Immune diseases…which their doctors are not trained to explore implants as a possible root cause, because the FDA has deemed them as ‘perfectly safe’. SOURCE


A study conducted by FDA scientists found a statistically significant link between implants and fibromyalgia, as well as several connective tissue diseases. The study focused on women who had silicone breast implants for at least six years, and found that women with leaking silicone implants were significantly more likely to report a diagnosis of painful and debilitating diseases such as fibromyalgia, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, mixed connective tissue disease, pulmonary fibrosis, eosinophilic fasciitis, and polymyalgia.


A study by Aziz et al examined 95 women who had silicone gel-filled breast implants and rheumatologic symptoms.  These researchers found that the symptoms improved in 42 (97%) of the 43 women who had their breast implants removed and not replaced. In contrast, rheumatologic symptoms worsened in 50 (96%) of the 52 women who did not have their implants removed.  (A rheumatologic condition is one of many systemic (whole body) inflammatory diseases that may affect the skin, joints, muscles and internal organs. While the underlying causes of rheumatologic conditions are not entirely understood, we do know that rheumatologic diseases are typically autoimmune in nature.)


Stillbirths increased by 450% in the women with implants who became pregnant (Stillbirth is when a baby dies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy.)


According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), women with any kind of breast surgery, including breast implant surgery, are at least THREE times as likely to have an inadequate milk supply for breastfeeding. Concerns about the safety of breast milk have also been raised, but there has not been enough research to resolve this issue. A study of a small number of women with silicone gel breast implants found that the offspring born and breastfed after the mother had breast implants had higher levels of a toxic form of platinum in their blood than offspring born before the same women had breast implants.


Bacteria or mold can grow in saline implants, and have expressed concerns about the bacteria or mold being released into the body if the implant breaks.  In our practice, we’ve seen almost consistently, women with Mold symptoms that mimic Candida but they can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Light bulb moment?


Ever wondered why that Candida Diet didn’t stick?  Or why you have a hard time saying ‘No’ to Sugar, Carbs and Caffeine? In women with implants, their immune system has a Full time, over time 24/7 job to do detoxing all of the 30+ chemicals the implants bleed, which over time, wears out and once it does, it has a harder time fighting off pathogens like Candida, Superbugs and other toxins we’re exposed to.  Brain fog, itching, rashes and hair loss anyone?


The FDA found that most implant patients have at least one serious complication within three years after getting silicone or saline implants. Studies of saline breast implants and silicone gel breast implants conducted by implant manufacturers have shown that within the first THREE years, approximately three out of four reconstruction (breast cancer) patients (75%) and almost half (50%) of first-time augmentation patients experienced at least one local complication – such as pain, infection, hardening, or the need for additional surgery.  For example, among reconstruction patients:


Eventually – Short-term studies of today’s saline implants suggest that:


When they approved silicone gel breast implants in 2006, the FDA required two implant manufacturers, Allergan and Mentor, to each conduct 10-year studies of at least 40,000 women to determine why implants break, how long they can be expected to last, and what the longer-term health consequences of broken and leaking breast implants might be. Those studies were never completed and the FDA did not require the companies to substitute similarly well-designed studies.

NEWS FLASH:  That is changing as of March, 2019 when the FDA provided a warning to implant manufacturers threatening to take them off the market if they don't provide more thorough data within 15 days


In late 2005, The FDA requested a study of 40,000 women with breast implants for 10 years with Inamed (Allergan) or Mentor (Johnson & Johnson) implants. Several women testified that they were thrown out of the implant studies when they reported serious health problems from their breast implants or decided to have their implants removed. One Mentor employee admitted that executives ordered him to destroy documents related to a high rupture rate of Mentor implants. This raised questions about the accuracy of the data presented.  Nevertheless, the FDA accepted the studies and maintained that silicone implants were safe and effective. (face palm)


Along with allergies, electro-sensitivities and chemical intolerances. When you’re gut isn’t happy, you’re not happy. Every symptom is a gut issue. And the toxins from implants destroy our digestive tracks in many ways. Have you noticed, all of a sudden you’re allergic to more foods? Your body is more sensitive to smells? Reacting to cosmetics, personal care and beauty products that you didn't before? Your partner suddenly reeks? And maybe you do too? Perfumes give you an insta’ headache? Maybe you’re like some of our clients who are only able to eat 5 foods because they’re so overwhelmed with toxins, their body is attacking everything they eat. This is far more common than you might think and why Allergy and Flu season has been the worst for so many lately!  

AND (article update 11-1-19), 2 months after my explant, I ruptured my achilles tendon playing soccer.  I did nothing aggressive nor impressive, I just took a normal step and it snapped. I've been playing soccer for 36 years, highest at the pro level and have never experienced anything like that before.  2 months after my surgery, I was still unhealed and my wound still oozing. I knew something wasn't right.  My surgeon suggested another surgery to clean up the infection (after 2 unsuccessful rounds of yep…more antibiotics).  His suggestion was to remove the stitches he used to suture the cadaver part to my body because they were no longer needed and my body clearly was rejecting them because “Obviously, since what your body went through with the implants, it doesn't like the material”…to which I replied “What are the stitches made of?”…Polypropylene, was his answer.  aka PLASTIC. This material is what Nalgene BPA free water bottles are made of, that does NOT dissolve. A xeno-estrogen nearly identical to the toxic materials contained in breast implants.

When I got out of surgery, I was told he only removed the stitches that were infected (pictured) and left the rest.  WHY?  I'm still unsure if my body will accept these, but my point is this.  We are NOT being responsible in researching what we allow doctors to put into our body. I should have asked before my first surgery, but I trusted the doctor. I should have then also 100% confirmed he was going to remove ALL of the stitches, but I did not.  So please learn from my mistake.  Although I'm unsure if there is an alternative material strong enough for surgery like this.  Given my experience and the fact that my body is back to head to toe itching 'til I bleed, I am on a quest to explore this to provide you solutions because of the Functional Medicine doctors I know who treat women holistically, they advised to 100% remove the stitches ASAP. They've seen enough in their practice to stand behind that suggestion.


When the FDA approved silicone gel breast implants in November 2006, it stated that women with these implants should have a breast MRI three years after getting silicone implants and every two years after that. The purpose of the MRIs is to determine if the silicone gel breast implants are ruptured or leaking, because there are often no symptoms. Breast MRIs usually cost at least $2,000, and at some facilities they cost more than $5,000. It is important to remove silicone implants if they are ruptured, to avoid the silicone leaking into the breast or lymph nodes. That is an additional expense of at least $5,000, and can be $10,000 or more. Saline implants do not require MRIs to check for leakage, and do not usually cost more than $5,000 to remove. The cost of MRIs and the additional cost of removing leaking silicone makes silicone implants substantially more expensive than saline.  I was a financial planner for 8 years so I can’t help but present the opportunity cost of breast implants, doing the math, since 55% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck


Every 100cc of silicone implant weighs 0.23lbs. Every 100cc of saline implant weighs 0.21lbs. So, a typical 300cc silicone implant weighs 0.69 pounds and a pair of them together weighs 1.38 pounds. 300cc saline implants weigh 0.63lb each or 1.26lbs for both of them. Essentially implants weigh about the same as an equal amount of breast tissue would weigh.  I have 475cc’s which for me means just over 1 pound each. Imagine putting a 2 pound dumbbell on your chest and having to carry that around with you everywhere you go. It may not sound like much but eventually they create inflammation, which can increase your size 1-2 cups.


to other areas within the body, mainly extremeties such as fingers, toes and nipples, which in it’s extreme form can result in a condition known as Reynaud’s.  I myself have this. White finger tips, cold toes that the thickest socks and gloves won’t warm up. Talk about inconvenient when you need to type all day.


This pic of me was when my journey began, May 29, 2017…I just returned from Bali and I KNEW there was something really really wrong. During my trip, I had the worst congestion in my head and after scuba diving my ears were clogged for 3 weeks straight, to the point I couldn't hear. I discovered a golf ball size lump in my left armpit that was so painful I could barely lift my arm. I tried everything holistic I could in Bali, but it would resolve maybe 10% of the symptoms, temporarily.  I looked scary, and inside I was scared. The flight back was very painful, my head felt like it was going to explode, and this is I how I looked. I was miserable and couldn't stop scratching, and lost sleep because I was so uncomfortable. The day after I returned, I surrendered and went to Urgent Care.

The year prior I experienced armpit, neck and chest rashes that also didn't resolve with any of my holistic hacks.  The Urgent Care biopsied it and found one was fungal and the other bacterial overgrowth. The creams didn't work either I was forced to take antibiotics, which was a double whammy because the month before I had taken a round for a UTI that wouldn't quit. This was my third round at that point, because the first time, they didn't culture it for resistance, so I asked that they did the second time, and it helped.  Can you say antibiotic overuse while not getting to the root cause?

I spent a whole year from Aug of 2016 to Aug of 2017 itching until I bled and the ONLY thing that worked was Prednisone. 2 rounds of it, because the first round worked for a week, then it came back. But it came with deep internal consequences, it's an AWFUL drug and one I support clients to phase off of because suppresses your immune system rather than removing the cause of what your immune system is trying to fight against, rendering us defenseless from pathogens and external infections.

For many of us, what the immune system is fighting so hard to protect us from, reject and detox, is the implants.  And the pathogen of Biofilm growth on the surface of the implant know as Propionibacterium acnes (P. Acnes) that is found on the Pathology report of every woman who explants, can cause a persistent inflammation of the surrounding tissue, leading to the formation of capsular fibrosis as well as acne on the face and whole body, usually unresolved with antibiotics, because it cannot penetrate the capsule around the implant, which is where this bacteria hides, safe until explant.

The reason I went THIS detailed with this point, is because this is the most common issue we see, that goes unchecked, and unresolved for every woman we have seen. Because, you guessed it…doctors are NOT trained to consider breast implants and this correlating bacteria as the root cause.


Numerous studies have shown silicone leaks into the scar capsules surrounding breast implants, even for implants that are not ruptured.  More worrisome, researchers at Case Western Reserve and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology reported finding silicone in the lymph nodes of women with breast implants, which can then migrate to other organs. Once in the body, it is very difficult to detox, and may never fully be cleared from the body.  Silicone-7 migrated outside of the breast capsule for 21 percent of the women, even though most women were unaware that this had happened, and were asymptomatic.


One study concluded an increased weight of the breasts causes several spinal postural alterations that reduce the ability to perform dynamic tasks requiring a stable balance.  They found they impaired the cervical (neck) postural physiologic balance, plus a significant increase in lumbar (low back) lordosis (large inward arch). Reasons for this are because the pectoral muscles (chest muscles) must bear the additional weight, which pulls the shoulders forward, which may not pose as much of an issue with women with stronger posterior shoulder and shoulder blade muscles, requiring regular weight and functional movement training that many women do not do. This results in a feeling of strain and tension that no amount of massaging nor chiropractic adjustments will relieve. The pain is a signal of struggle due to weakness.  Additionally, ribs migrate, misalign and concave for many women with implants especially the longer they’ve had them in. When this happens, it’s difficult to take a deep breath, this is a classic symptom reported for many women. We begin breathing up through our shoulders instead of out through our belly resulting in muscle knots and inflammation around the spine, neck and shoulders.


Any surgery on breasts can, and often does, damage nerves and reduce skin sensation.  The amount of loss is unpredictable. The damage can't be reversed. Over time, for women who have had them longer, run the risk of diagnosis like Multiple Sclerosis, an Auto-Immune Disease related to nerve damage.


Silicone implants were taken off the market in Europe in 2011 because of a tendency to rupture sooner than other implants, and because testing indicated that the silicone was not intended for use in the human body but rather was intended for use in mattresses.  Public outrage and concern was so strong that several countries including France, the United Kingdom, Bolivia and Venezuela agreed to pay for implants to be removed, even for augmentation patients. (BUT NOT IN THE USA). Headline news as of March 2019, reports that 38 countries total, including 33 in Europe have banned them.

Quite the list hey?

If you’ve read this far, I’m curious what you might be thinking right now.

If you’re like me, you’re in shock, overwhelm and maybe even denial.

I was…it took me THREE YEARS before I was willing to admit to myself it was my implants that was a huge source for my health issues. You can listen to and read MY STORY HERE.

And you know…it’s ok if you aren’t ready to admit that yours might be too.

But for the sake of other women out there, regardless of your opinion on this, please share this article with those you know who have implants.  
It could really save a life.

Just sharing  this with them at least gives them the respect to decide for themselves.

What we resist persists and for so many women, until we’re ready to listen, symptoms and suffering may continue until we can’t ignore the signs any longer.

Are there women who will never have symptoms?


But I’m willing to wager that they will be in the minority.

If you’re a woman with any symptom at all, it just might be tied to your implants.

Is it worth it to make the gamble?

That’s up to you.

But you know what?

If you’re willing to open your mind up to the alternative to breast implants, there are amazing new procedures that help you explant (remove your implants and the toxic sac around them), AND lift your breasts AND shape them fuller through a process called Fat Transfer, where your Skilled Surgeon of choice (be Very picky, we can help you with this process) can remove fat from the thicker areas of your body through Liposuction and deposit it into your breast tissue. 

Game changer hey?

Once I heard that, it was Game On for me!

Because I was scared if I removed my implants, my breasts would look strange.

So there you have it.

There’s a new ‘kid’ in town and it’s up to you to decide what you are willing to risk.

New breasts are coming back into the TREND zone, which is #34 I could add….Womens Body Trends change, so how many times are you willing to cut yourself open and put yourself under that much stress, and pay THAT much money, JUST to be accepted by ‘industry standard’ governed by the industries that profit from their own creations of what is ‘womanly’.

We’re not show dogs.

We’re not Barbie.

We’re Warrior Women who are standing up and standing out as the Natural Beauty and Essence we were gifted.

No judgment if you are a woman with implants AT ALL.

This is simply for the women who wish to live in the light, and put up a fight.

What do I do after explant?

Not to worry, my friend.  You’re not alone.

Without doing the Detox work after Explant, it will take longer for you to recover from the residue leftover from having implants. Every woman is different, some have had them in for 25 years, so it’s more work to cleanse Silicone, Metals, Bad bugs and such … plus the tissue repair process, plus for so many women, the Identity shift of who they are without their breasts, this one is HUGE. Doing the cleansing work as well as the Emotional Healing simultaneously is critical, I can’t emphasize this enough.

Detoxing post explant should be PRIO #1 for every women who decides to. I’ve specialized in Detox and Women’s Hormones for almost a decade and I can tell you that Detox Programs, and Body Rebuild Protocols are NOT created equally. There is a LOT of misinformation on the net that is outright dangerous with a lot of missing steps or don’t look at the big picture.

My goal is that you have all 3 things you need to uncover the problem, recover your body and discover your new beauty. Those 3 things are = holistic information, heart inspiration and total life and body transformation. Having someone to walk beside you on this journey, is INVALUABLE, so if you’re seeking support, you have a home here.  

There’s a whole Tribe of us, who just like you were once in the dark.

But once we discovered the light, we created the formula to heal faster, get answers easier and expedite the whole journey.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Please…feel free to reach out if you’re lost.

I'll leave you with an inspiration Quote:

“Don't play with a woman's heart, she has only one. Play with her boobs, she’s got two of those”

Wait….that was Will Farrell, let’s try again!

“Breasts are Food for the Planet. They provide the first and most fundamental, foundational form of energetic, emotional, and nutritional human nourishment. They are the expressions of our heart and the protectors of our vitality…Without breasts, no human life could exist!”

How can I get help?

Ready to Live your Breast Life?  
I thought so!

Please share, comment, like or even message me and tell me I’m crazy, I don’t care.  

Just act!  

Act with intention, reverence and radical self love.

If you want help shortcutting all of the questions and confusion and want help getting straight to answers to support you in a fraction of time, drop me a love line and we'll chat.

This is one of the most energy sucking maze's I've ever walked through, but it doesn't have to be that way for YOU.

I’m here to help you UpLevel your Life, starting with your heart and your Breasts!

Have the Breast Day Ever!

P.S. I invite you to join me for the Masterclass below so you can learn how to identify BII and what's next if you want to explant and heal from the damage implants leave behind. Then you can schedule a time for us to chat, to talk about putting a plan together for you!  

Let us help you get this off your chest so you can lead with your heart, once again!  😉 

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