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Diane Kazer

Beautiful warrior, how happy I am you’ve made it to our tribe here.  This would typically be where you come to learn all about me but guess what?  This site isn't about me, it is about you and how together we can help you overcome your health challenges!  You will get to know me as you read on but first, let's set the stage, shall we?

Let me start by saying, girlfriend, you’re in the right place if you seek truth and a judgment-free space for you to be your authentic self whilst on your journey toward your dream body. Somehow, we do a pretty cosmic job of attracting REAL women to our tribe, so if you’re looking for a refreshing place to let your hair down, or want to talk about REAL solutions on how to grow it thicker, you’re in the right place.

Diane's STORY

But aren’t we always? HERE and NOW is the best place to be.

Everything is happening perfectly, as it’s supposed to…and you were intended to land right here, right now!

pink-bowIn this space, you are welcomed with open arms of ‘We get you’.  Being a woman today comes with no shortage of pressure to do everything, be everywhere, look ‘perfect’. And perfect we are not.  Nor will we ever be.  We totally feel you.  You’ve been taught to SEEK OUT and display perfection. Pretend like we’re all put together with a cute pink bow on top. Psssssht, let’s untie that thing and let the real you out. You are NOT defined by this bow. You’re so not alone in this. And you’re definitely NOT crazy.  AND you’re not broken.  But, what IS, is probably the system you’re using to try to reach a goal you’ve likely been targeting for a long, long time.

Most women who find us share the same health frustrations:

No WONDER you’re overwhelmed.

Since we’re not big on complaining, let’s talk about your new possibilities with the Warrior Women Tribe.  For many, it seemed ‘but a dream’ to think that these things were attainable.  But what if?  What if it were MUCH easier than you were conditioned to believe.  If I know you this is your dream:


You want the body of an energetic, sexy, unstoppable, woman warrior.


You want to feel confident in your clothes, your skin and your many roles as mother, co-worker, wife, friend.


You desire to live authentically and unapologetically to those you love, and you wish to love unconditionally, despite your busy life.

Sound like you? It was definitely me when I began this journey. Lost and insecure.

But don’t worry, you found me 😉

Knowledge and Tools for Wellness

AND, that’s why I started the Warrior Cleanse Lifestyle, our “Eat. Play. Sex. radio show” and the Sexy Body and Sexy Belly series…to empower you and teach you how to set yourself free from what didn’t go right in the past and let’s envision what is to come in your new future!

And imagine with ALL of these things what others will notice in you – Your upgraded performance, patience, physique.  Your total mind, body, spirit transformation – how will it impact others?  What will you be able to gain with this new found body of yours?

If this is your goal, I am your guide!

Just Who Is Diane Kazer?

I’ve been told I have a gift of guiding women toward their dream body. Comprised of truth, confidence, and beauty.

I’m not a therapist.  I didn’t go to school to become a dietician.  And I’m not a doctor…yet.

I’m a woman who struggled with her health SO much that I didn’t want to accept that quality of life, despite my persistent efforts.
And it brought me HERE.
To the body and life of my dreams.

One of acceptance, authenticity, awareness, abundance, and pure awesomeness. One free from diseases I had I never thought possible.

There’s one universal trait I’m known for – I am downright PASSIONATE at empowering women to find their magic within.

I began this community to do just that.  My ultimate dream is to inspire more sexy, confident, energetic women to live authentically and fearlessly, a movement toward making more conscious, simple and educated health choices to thrive – and in turn, teach young women to do the same.  DIANE'S FULL BIO

What sets me apart is that I am a TRUE WARRIOR when it comes to protecting people…protecting YOU. I’ve seen so much suffering in my life, work, family, clients. I’ve experienced agony and helplessness trying to help someone in pain, confused that God would allow it. Everything I learn, I share with you. Most of my offerings are free, and some of it I sell (because I do have bills to pay).

Most of my days consist of 12 to 18 hours of work, clients, speeches, podcasts, videos and research, day in, day out, including the weekends. I am relentless about what I do and it's FUELED by my desire to SEE YOU HAPPY.  I get narrow focused on a particular topic, and I go deep into the research until I understand it, have completely dismantled it, then put it back together with options, so you can a) hear the truth and b) decide which approach works best for YOU. I meet you where you're at because, listen…I get it.  You're already so tapped out on time that you just want someone you can trust to tell you what to do.  All I ask is that you keep an open mind and an open heart.  Because much of what I share is TOTALLY outside the norm and you may have never heard it before.  I WOULD NEVER SHARE SOMETHING with you that is dangerous, bad science or something I haven't tried myself.  Which doctor could you ever say that about? Before they prescribe you a drug, surgery or vaccination, ask them if they've tried it?   Remember, just because a remedy or treatment is not the “standard of care,” here in America, doesn’t make it any less effective.

I’m a WARRIOR when it comes to learning new ways to make life easier on you, and to see you smile. I’m often years ahead of other practitioners, like decades. I'm an empath. When you're in pain; I'm in pain. If I don't know something and you need help with it, I'm ALL OVER IT to help you discover how to fix it. The reality is, I work for YOU!  So…

Reach out – I really love to hear from my siSTARs!

You can reach me anytime by email HERE, or I would LOVE to talk to you about how I can help you BREAKTHROUGH your roadblocks and toward your DreamBody, which you can SCHEDULE HERE.  Or if you're more of a ‘start slow' as an observer type, before diving in, you can also receive daily inspiration by following me, on my favorite Share Bear Social Media platforms.


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