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Are you a person who seeks truth and yearns for the ability to express yourself without censorship?

Do you have underlying health concerns and aren't sure who to trust anymore?

Take a deep are not alone. In fact you have more company than you think.

Truth about health and wellness, politics, media and current events is really hard to find these days.

Sure you can sift through mainstream media and biased sources and learn what “OTHERS” want you to believe, but where do you go for reliable and credible information where you're allowed to make decisions and choices about what is true or right for you?

Do you have a space where you are given the freedom to SEEK truth, SPEAK truth, ask questions and….wait for it……make up your own mind without judgement? In our new private group Action Takers and Change Makers you will get the information you seek and the support you need to find your confidence, cultivate COURAGE to take action and become the change you wish to see in your life.

This private group is a place to take your knowledge further than you ever could on mainstream membership groups. Unlike Facebook where you will be censored, moderated and shut out if you don't agree with the majority this will be your place to ask the hard questions and celebrate your wins.

We created a safe space so you can come in without fear of censorship or mainstream avenues muddying the waters of truth. Open discussions about hard to understand topics are welcome as we work to bring you the most up to date REAL information about current events as well as experts in the topics we need to stay on top of as we move into new uncertain territory.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Read on for why we believe you will feel right at home and at peace with us!

We are 2 women warriors, health leaders + truth seeker and speakers, who practice and preach Intuition as our greatest asset and ally for self-healing and personal empowerment. We created this conscious community as a lighthouse and sacred space for you to step up and speak out during these dark times where many are confused where to turn for honest support.

Our mission is to help you help yourselves by learning to listen to and TRUST your intuition, to ignite courage, truth and freedom rooted in love and charged by Your Higher Power. We are focused especially on preserving our constitutional rights and medical freedoms, because our nation, our planet and our children’s lives depend on it.

Topics covered range from current events (masks, shots, boosting immunity, knowing your rights) to protecting yourselves from harmful physical, emotional and chemical toxins such as diet, breast implants, toxic beauty, EMF, environmental chemicals + the bully within and childhood trauma.

We want to put our experience and knowledge into your hands and help you to feel empowered financially, emotionally and physically when it comes to your health. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on labs, difficult to follow protocols and supplements that may or may not work. We will guide you in uncovering the most complicated health problems and help you get back to feeling at home in your body. Getting well and being your best self doesn't have to be complicated or costly even even though you have been marketed to like it is.

What to Expect

ACTION. + Clarity, Courage & Community! There's a lot of talk about all of the darkness around us right now, but the biggest question we are ALL asking is: WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT to rise up and reclaim our freedom, health and happiness?

If you are a warrior or leader on a mission to transcend trauma and toxins and transform it into your greatest SuperPower, you are in the right place.  No Victimhood here, only victorious souls who are truly on a mission to serve, create and rebirth a New Earth, starting with yourself!

Once inside you'll gain access to...


Custom coaching with Carmen and Diane

Get your concerns and questions heard and addressed by Carmen and Diane as well as by any experts relevant to the topics YOU want to know more about. Carmen and Diane will be sharing easy to digest quick tip videos based on their own life experiences that will help you live more peacefully and confidently in your skin while making sure you don't feel overwhelmed.



Downloadable guides and resources

This is a library of content that Diane and Carmen have collectively put together from their own resources to fit anyones needs in regards to health and wellness, mindset, trauma, politics and more.



Access to private meetings

You’ll be welcomed into our live call that is open for all community members to gather and learn. This is a chance to connect face-to-face (video optional), and lean on your community for guidance and support as you walk the path of reclaiming your inner voice. After a tumultuous year in 2020, we realized that we needed a solution for people who were feeling lost and alone due to differences of opinion, political beliefs, health related ideas and more.

Bringing people together and established connection is the first step to bridging the divide and we are happy to be your guides!

We will provide action steps you can take to move into your power and learn how to speak your truth with more confidence and surety than you ever have. We will support you through any challenges you may have and be your place to lean into when you feel defeated.



Exclusive discounts on content and trainings

You will receive discounts on valuable trainings to help you feel more empowered, healthy and in charge of your mind, body and spirit.





Surprise Bonuses

We love to give so there will be surprise bonuses sprinkled throughout your time with us!





Private Online Community

Connect with like-minded truth seekers in our private online community on Mighty Networks. This will be a good place to connect with others and to find your people. There is no reason to feel alone, isolated or fearful with a group of people who are experiencing the same things you are. Vulnerability will be found in abundance as we continue to find our individual truths. With vulnerability comes connection…something we all yearn for during these disconnected times.



Expert Content Library

Diane and Carmen have over 15 years of interviewing experience combined and will be sharing some of their favorite guests and content for you to learn from. No worries-we are taking out those wellness people who no longer serve our best interest and have shown themselves to be conventional thinkers.

About US


Diane Kazer

Hi I’m Diane…An FDN Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Breast Implant Illness Recovery Expert & Non Toxic Beauty Queen. After many doctors, addictions, prescriptions, procedures, travel through 26 countries and a near death experience, you can say I learned a lot about what health and self love are NOT. I channel my leadership skills as a former pro soccer player to ignite Courage in others to step up into their Greatness and stand up to their broken beliefs and ‘Bully Within’ that holds them back from living the life and leading the purpose they came here to serve. 

I’m an intuitive healer, energetic empath, author of ‘Killer Breasts’, host of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit, and Star of the Upcoming Docu-Series ‘Dying to be Beautiful’.  I took my 10 years of Health research + lifelong learning of Mindset Mastery to create Cleanse, Heal, Ignite – a program which has helped thousands of women around the world use the power of intuition to discover their inner healer, by providing them life-long tools reverse auto-immune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma and perfectionism. 

Together we help you become a better leader, in your life, for yourself or as a health coach. We are here to help you Seek & Speak your Truth, wherever you go! 

Carmen Hunter

Hi, I’m Carmen Hunter…certified health coach, Mom trusted health coach mentor, wellness practitioner educator and founder of the new health coaching institute that’s transforming the industry, the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™.

 As past President of The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County, Board Member and Committee member of Montgomery Animal Control and Board and Committee member of United Methodist Preschool Program she has a lengthy history of advocating for those who can’t speak for themselves.    She is passionate about empowering people and been known to be a bit of a “spit fire” when it comes to truth, ethics and authenticity. 

She teaches health coaches how to break through their comfort zones, build up their confidence, implement a low-risk, investigative health coaching approach that allows them to work with any client who comes to them, and maximize their income + impact. The best part? She does it all in a REAL way-minus all the gimmicks and false promises you’re probably accustomed to.

She sought to partner with Diane Kazer to create this group to enable more people to receive and speak their truth.  She believes that “no one knows you better than you know yourself” and that healthy boundaries are the most important thing in life.

Who is this group for?

Who this group is not for

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