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Overcoming Breast Implant Illness


Acclaimed Functional Nutritionist and fearless holistic wellness expert Diane Kazer explores the toxic truth about Breast Implants and provides proven strategies for overcoming breast implant illness symptoms such as Hormone Imbalances, Autoimmune Conditions, Skin issues, Digestive upset & Symptom Chaos.  Your worth, your purpose and your heart are much bigger than the implants that are blocking it!

Diane provides an advanced cleanse and heal your entire body, and the key to unlock your body's innate intelligence. In this book, you'll learn how to become your own best healer and transform your life from the inside out. Be empowered with:

Since she had brain fog and irritability herself when she was ‘going through it’ with her own BII struggle, Diane writes in a comical, yet radically authentic way, increasing the likelihood you’ll become your own breast friend, and reducing the odds you throw marshmallows and toilet paper across the room when you can’t get a straight answer from your doctor as to why the frack your labs look normal, even though you feel like chit.


This is a journey of every woman’s struggle with what we are taught defines beauty and how to embrace, embody and illuminate our natural essence. 

While this book will teach you everything you need to know about breast implants, breast implant illness and how to overcome it, it’s really a book about becoming your own best health advocate, healer and friend.  It’s a guide to teach you how to wake up to the truth about the beauty, diet and personal care industry, and will educate you on how to identify the many toxins lurking in your home, environment, beauty care routine and in your mind, that make you sick, which include implants, as a HUGE part of the picture to why you’re not feeling well, but not all. 

I wrote this book about breast implants, but you will close it with the courage, compassion and confidence you’ve been seeking to take the action needed in your life to FLY (First Love Yourself) toward a life, free from symptoms, suffering and sickness that you’ve felt trapped in for a long time.

Perhaps you’re a woman who has been told there was no way her implants could be the cause of her ailments.  Or perhaps you are someone who has discovered the toxic truth about breast implants, and has moved through the emotions of anger, confusion and sadness all at the same time!  

Your adrenals, brain and gut have been flooded and drained with endless questions that even the most talented doctors haven’t helped you answer, that I will finally bring you clarity on:

YES! Yes there is. And you’ve found it!

Lean into this library of liberation that will lift you into the light of looking inward for answers.

I am going to ignite you with HOPE that you can heal.

I will educate you with the steps, solutions and supplements you will need to cleanse your body, heal your gut and hormones then ignite your life, beyond the damage your implants may have caused.

I will guide you toward the right kinds of labs, scans and symptom trackers you will need to determine where to begin. 

And above all, this book will empower you to make a powerfully informed choice on whether or not to explant, and if so, what the healing journey looks like, what to expect and how long it will take you to recover, because if you do remove your implants, there are things you must know about how to feel 2, 3 even 10 times better beyond the myth that: “Simply removing your breast implants will fix all of your health problems”.  

Your life can and will improve many times over if you implement even 10% of the things I recommend in this book. The major bonus is that this book will not only help you overcome and heal from BII plus the symptoms of it such as auto immune disease, hormone imbalances, mood issues and gut problems, it will also amplify your beauty, immunity, energy and vitality.  Because when you heal all of your systems, you harmonize your whole body and as a result you amplify your entire life … and positively impact everyone in it!

I wrote this for my former self who was lost in her 20’s, you who is soul searching to become THE BEST version of herself possible and to the little girls of the next generation who need healthy role models like us reflecting to them, that they are beautiful as they are, naturally.


A former pro soccer player and bikini competitor, Diane’s intense training kept her slim and toned – but flat-chested and ashamed. Following breast implant surgery, she began to feel her body slowly change and spent years fighting mystery ailments like auto-immune disease, hormone imbalances and gut infections. When she realized that the foreign material inside of her was toxic, and slowly killing her, she had them removed. Through years of research, she discovered explant surgery was only part of her journey, and if she wanted to heal completely, she needed to incorporate an entire ecosystem of wellness remedies around her that not only addressed the physical implications of both pre- and post-surgery, but also the mental and emotional implications – such as the deeply ingrained ‘need to be perfect’, which leads many women to harmful cosmetic surgeries. 

Knowing there were hundreds of thousands just like her, women suffering in silence as they battled Breast Implant Illness (BII), she wrote ‘Killer Breasts'. Diane is a powerhouse visionary who empowers irrationally passionate women to heal themselves with her comprehensive approach to address root-cause issues specific to breast implants and other toxic beauty procedures & products, from toxicity and infections, to trauma and shame. Her work as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach has helped women form a compassionate relationship to their body, reconnect with their divine purpose, trust their intuition, find their voice and love themselves as they are.

Through her own physical, emotional and spiritual metamorphosis, she created Cleanse, Heal, Ignite, a complete transformational system to help women cultivate courage to face their fears, achieve symptom sovereignty and divorce toxic habits and talk-sick stories that cause them to suffer.  In practice for 10 years, she runs a full service clinic online, which has helped women in over 15 countries achieve dreams they were told, impossible. Her clients are authors, doctors, busy moms, celebrities and business owners who she’s empowered to reignite their purpose, beyond the pain and ‘perfectionist prison' they were in. She lives on the beach in Orange County, California, with her new natural breasts, self love for her heart, and her rescue dog, Kayla! 




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