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THE CELL-U-LIGHT ‘Cell-out'!

The first time I ever tried this, I kick started a Sunday with a little TLC, and ensued a mini spa day, using all natural recipes I had made the day before.  When I tried this recipe, I was SHOCKED at how my cellulite literally disappeared.  I assessed my booty before I got in the shower, and when I got out, it looked as smooth and flawless as a baby's booty!

Let's face it: cellulite sucks. Don't get me wrong, I totally endorse:

Love your body, your every imperfection and your every blemish!

…but since the age of 30, I've been a little self conscious of my booty-lite.
Di'ism Translation for: Cellulite of the gluteus maximus

So, check this out…it makes a bit of a mess in the shower, but it's totally worth the clean up.
Because guess what?…it also cleans up your BOOTY-LITE, ahem dimples.

When I was a bodybuilder, I paid $10 for tiny bottles of Topical Yohimbe to break down surface fat.  It worked, but:

#1 it was expensive
#2 – it's also a Chemical Sh*tstorm…

…that leaks through your skin and into your bloodstream, and through the liver, which already has enough work to do, is clogged in every client I work with and is a HUGE impetus for difficulty in losing weight, burning fat among many other health conditions and disease.

IF YOUR LIVER ISN'T CLEAN, YOU WON'T BE LEAN! You can read more about LIVER HEALTH HERE, but back to our Magic potion!

So what was it about Yohimbe that worked to burn surface fat and cellulite?  It'a a stimulant…and:


Soooo, maybe we try something cheaper and homemade to reduce our precious temples chemical exposure:  Why not try … COFFEE! Caffeine enhances fat metabolism, when it's applied to the skin, it works to tighten and energize surface while also promoting circulation.  This gives it the ability to smooth out the skin and decrease the appearanceof cellulite. HECK YES!

NOTE: This desired effect can not be achieved by DRINKING coffee. In fact, the opposite occurs, caffeine dehydrates your skin and restricts blood flow to your cells.


  •  1/2 cup coffee grounds*
  • 1/4 cup Raw Sugar**
  • Olive oil


1. Combine coffee and sugar, and coat with olive oil so it drowns them just a tad. Stir to even distribution.
2. Apply CELL-U-LIGHT! to your ‘dimpled' areas.
3. Grab your DRY BRUSH and scrub the mixture evenly over skin, moving in circular motions, toward your heart and midline of your body (this motion and direction help with the detox process).
4. Rinse off.
5. Check your results in the mirror – look at your pretty bum!  Celebrate!
6. Apply organic and chemical (mainly paraben and sulfate) free lotion to your body…your skin might feel so moisturized that you won't need this.

*I've actually used my ‘already brewed' coffee grinds, because hot water will activate and release the most amount of caffeine.

**Can use any sugar you prefer. Raw sugar (aka turbinado) is more naturally coarse, so is usually best for body exfoliation. Brown sugar is softer than granulated sugar, so can generally be used on the face and sensitive skin. These are options, so play with it. Do a small patch test if you aren't sure how your skin will react.


I do this once a week or so, but some women benefit doing it 3 or so times per week!

You can also try compounding it's affect by wrapping the desired area with seran wrap and chillin for about 15 minutes. I teach you how on this video.  Hop in the shower and follow brushing instructions above to complete your Operation Cell-U-Light.  Try hot and cold water thermogenisis rotation to stimulate brown fat (belly adipose tissue) burning.  ie 20 seconds warm and 10 seconds cold for 10 rotations 🙂  BONUS if you do that first thing in the morning BEFORE a work out!

Yes, sugar is in this recipe, but it does much different things IN the body than ON the body…READ ON:


When you ingest sugar or high-glycemic foods that rapidly convert to sugar — whether it's in the form of an apple or a piece of cake — your body breaks down these carbohydrates into glucose, which raises your insulin levels. Simple carbohydrates, like refined sugar, white bread and soda, cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to rapid fire inflammation.

Inflammation = COLLAGEN BREAK DOWN = sagging skin, wrinkles and CELLULITE

THE WARRIOR CLEANSE: Learn the 7 foods to avoid (complete with recipes) for FLAWLESS SKIN 

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Like a barnacle on a whale, digested sugar takes residence on collagen in your skin through a process known as glycation. Aside from increasing the effects of aging, glycation can also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Plus, the more sugar you eat, the more likely it is you'll develop insulin resistance = dark patches on the neck and in body creases AND of course DIABETES!

You gonna try this?
What do you ?  for body scrubs?
Tell us in the comments below and PLEASE SHARE this link with your Friends and Sisters!

Happy Pampering!


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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”