UPDATE:  We have made ONE change how to purchase Cytoflora.  It is available on its own, which you can purchase in my Online Dispensary on my Shop tab listed HERE OR in Phase 2 of The Warrior Cleanse kit, which includes the NDF plus as well as Cytoflora (Probiotics), and a second round of Artemesia & Clove, which increases the odds of completely wiping out Candida, Bacteria and Parasites that eat our nutrients, tissues and internal organs.

Why Do I need Probiotics Daily?

In this video, we'll cover the following topics in Chinese Medicine regarding probiotics and why it needs to be a daily staple for your gut health now and continued wellness moving forward. Watch my face at the 15 minute mark when Stephanie breaks the news to me about the results Cytoflora had in studies:

Taking Cytoflora for just 21 days decreased gut inflammation in the gastro-intestinal tract by 55% overall and decreased leaky gut by 27% in Clinical Studies…in EVERY PARTICIPANT.  That is HUGE!

THAT is HUGE! Considering 80% + of us have leaky gut and is the birthplace for a long list of disease such as auto immune disease, skin issues, hair loss, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, cancer and more.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • why does Chinese Medicine view probiotics as necessary?
  • Chinese medicine and diet (warm vs cooling foods; how this feeds gut bacteria)
  • probiotics and immune system support (a brief discussion on auto immune disease)
  • Probiotics and how they support specific symptoms and disease such as fat loss hormone balance beauty energy and sex drive
  • Probiotics specific to female vaginal health such as yeast infections, UTIs, low sex drive and other women issues
  • Administration of probiotics using liquid-based versus powder form versus refrigeration survival rate efficacy to the colon and ability to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach
  • Specific strains of probiotics in CytoFlora
  • CytoFlora potency and how to start slow because of it's efficacy.  not just your average store bought probiotic.
  • How it works well with the BioRay Detox Herbs and why it's a necessary ‘finisher' in your arsenal now and as a staple moving forward.

WHEN PROBIOTICS isn't a good idea…YET.

If you're not moving your bowels a #4 on the Bristol Stool Chart (see Dream Body Journal doc) TWICE daily, we HIGHLY recommend encouraging this by taking NDF Pooper to get things moving.  This won't cause loose stools, more so just the formation of banana shaped stools so you have pleasant princess poops and waste is leaving the body properly so it doesn't leave through your skin, causing acne, rashes, itches and hair issues such as dandruff and hair loss.

Once you're pooping twice daily at least, then incorporate the Cytoflora.  Can also begin taking at any time during the Detox Herbs especially if experiencing unwanted side effects, such as yeast infections, fatigue and nausea to name a few. Consider doubling your dose of CytoFlora until your symptoms subside.

Moving forward after the Detox Herbs, we highly recommend you consider keeping 3 things in your arsenal for day to day management and to maintain your newly acquired warrior status :).  It cleverly spells PAL:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Adrenal Support
  3. Liver & detoxification