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Oh hi there Sexy Unicorn warrior sister!

I have a question for you.

When you think about your health and body… and the main reason you're not where you want to be with them, what do you blame? Hormones right? Actually, let me try to take a stab (with my unicorn horn of course) at the things you THINK are causing you to feel fat, fatigued and frustrated:

  1. Hormones (yeah, f*ck those things)
  2. Genes (I still can't fit in mine…oops I mean those things my mom gave me…she's got diabetes so that's why I can't lose weight too)
  3. My kids (I'm so crazy busy, I just don't have time for me.  Those selfish lil $hits take all my time. But I love them, so….)
  4. My spouse (the pass the blame story torch here can vary from day to day)  ?
  5. My work (Since 85% of us hate our jobs, this one is a valid point actually…now we're on to something)
  6. “MY” auto immune disease (well, if you want to own it like you own your Gucci bag, do you think it will ever go away?)
  7. I only $hit once a week (I was born with bad plumbing, it's just who I am…there's nothing I can do other than take stool softeners).

Ok…I hope you're laughing at yourself by now because this is the ridiculousness in our excuses.  Of all of these 7 things listed, the key answer as to why you're not feeling your best isn't even on there.

Do you know what it is?  THIS…



YES.  They're EVERYWHERE.  There are nearly 100,000 of them surrounding us at all times.
Between our toxic thoughts, busy schedules and SAD diet (Standard American Diet), add these Sexy Body assassins to your day to day and you're almost guaranteed to feel not only fat, fatigued and frustrated but to ‘catch' a cold, nasty symptoms, auto immune disease and worse off CANCER.

This is what the average woman leaves the house bathing in every day:

SOLUTION = MAYkover Challenge – Detox your Environment, Detox Your Body

“95% of the toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis are in our own home (and our offices).  From cleaning products to personal care solutions and over the counter remedies, we are literally bathing in chemicals today that create disease and the dire need for regular detoxification. Most warriors have NO idea where to begin in identifying the offenders and what to replace them with. We do…and it will save you years and thousands of dollars on buying the wrong things. This is the daVINCI code of health, whereby once you implement what you're about to learn, your health pursuits will become easier. If you're not addressing this, you're not living true wellness ”

Ditch the Toxic Products in your Life to Expose your Sexy, Vibrant Self!
✔Learn which day to day products you AND your family use that Make you Feel Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated. And what to replace them with instead. This month we focus on the ENTIRE family's well being!
✔Get checklists of items to SIMPLY remodel your gym bag, laundry routine, medicine cabinet, cleaning products and more…the work is DONE for you so you don't have to research it all yourself!
✔Learn how to shop on your own, and identify products as good or bad, using the resources and tools we'll provide to you that can be accessed anywhere on your smart phone!
✔Incorporate product swaps that are not only better for you, they're mostly edible and IMPROVE your health!
✔Watch annoying symptoms disappear in the matter of days; ditch disease initiated by household toxins like XENOESTROGENS; significantly reduce your odds of hormone/immune related issues such as auto immune disease, depression, weight gain and cancer.


10 reasons to MAYkover your Home, Beauty and Medicine Cabinet with us.  Learn:
  1. The average female applies around 500 chemicals to her body before she leaves the house.  What to do instead.
  2. Which products are wreaking havoc on your family's health?
  3. Tools to help you discern unhealthy products based on ingredients
  4. Medicine cabinet healthy ‘swaps' to address the root of your symptoms
  5. How to remodel your gym bag for a SCENTsual experience
  6. Which fragrances and essential oils compliment the before, during and aftermath of yoga class (Namaste these oils on my body, b*tches)
  7. Effective ways to clean your home that are not only effective and more healthy, but save you thousands per year.
  8. A whole new way of doing laundry that will allow you AND your family to breath better.
  9. The truth about skin issues and how to resolve them.  HINT:  they begin with products we use.
  10. How to not only sleep better, but breathe better in the middle of the night (no more snoring nor middle of the night rising)

If you're the kind of person who has said ‘we're slowly replacing our old and unsafe products with new ones…why not jumpstart it and remodel it all doing it the right way?  AND saving time?  AND having piece of mind knowing that you've completely eliminated all products that are making you and your family sick?

This is your starting point. It will take time to ditch the toxins that create your symptoms, fatigue and disease…but our KEY mission in this Challenge is to help you take the Fast Track.  Every family needs to know what we're about to teach you in this Challenge.  May will be a month you'll NEVER forget.


Most families are SHOCKED and truly inspired to take MASSIVE ACTION once they learn how serious this is!

EASY…just click on the button below and you’ll be enrolled in our Challenge Group. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to join us as well as a confirmation of your order, if you are purchasing THE MAYKOVER CHALLENGE KIT (click on button below to learn how to get the Challenge FREE).

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So…What's it Going to Be?
This system has proven to work for hundreds of women I've worked with, and millions of women who have used these products!

I believe in it SO MUCH, I'm willing to put my $, my word and my guarantee on it.

That it will be worth more than what you're about to invest into it.

Now that you know, you have a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on it, does that change things?

No risk, no reason not to, no regrets for not giving it a shot!
Let's do this!
What if this was THE thing you've been looking for, that changed your life FOREVER?

Don't you owe yourself the chance to TRY?

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