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5 TOP Reasons I LOVE My Diva Cup and Have DIVORCED tampons!

  1. I love my Vagina, and prefer to keep it as chemical free as possible. Tampons are GMO's, the Diva Cup is made of soft, medical grade silicone, which is latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless!
  2. It will save me over $500!
  3. If I ever have babies, I won't be passing any Chemically Bleached, GMO cotton down to them. 
  4. I can wear things I otherwise can't when Aunt Flow is in town: White pants AND thongs (no string hanging out when I change at the yoga studio either). My underwear lasts longer because they don't stain anymore (Diva Cup has a large reservoir)! 
  5. NO MORE YEAST INFECTIONS OR UTI'S.  Can we get a hip, dip HORRAY!

And, we state in this article the many more reasons…O let us count the ways, this Diva Cup has changed our life, our checking accounts and our leveraged line of clothing!

Period warning, and I’m not talking about grammar. Here is my alternative to tampons for all you Wellness Warrior-ettes that will limit your GMO exposure, save you $$$ and make your monthly experience so much more tolerable.

We’ve all been taught to use a tampon or pad for a period……..PERIOD.

No other options were mentioned so we go about our humdrum routine inserting whatever toxic product we find on the shelves into one of our most sensitive areas.

DID YOU KNOW that 90% of cotton made in America is genetically modified?

There is absolutely no evidence that has been tested to show that GMOs are safe for consumption OR insertion.

So many things are already on the rise for women: cancer, ovarian cysts, UTIs, HPV and yeast infections, just to name a few. 

These things are all the result of the Ph in the vaginal environment being way too high. Our vagina is one of the few places in our body that is designed to be acidic; the purpose behind this is that the acid allows it to fight things off.  A higher Ph level means the environment is less acidic and therefore the vagina does not have the opportunity to ward off cancers, imbalances and infections. Instead, it is now a breeding ground for these things to grow. Bugs can't grow in an acidic playground, so tampons, chemicals and IUD's being inserted into our sacred space, rolls out the red carpet for bad bugs to flourish…namely YEAST.

YEAST INFECTIONS – Tampons Can Cause Them?

Who here has had at least 1 yeast infection in their life?  If you didn't raise your hand, it doesn't mean you've never had one…symptoms don't present the same for everyone. Some of us get itchy, some smelly, some burning when we pee, but I can guarantee you you've probably had 1 in your life and didn't know it. Sadly, this is our new reality…and I'm here to tell you it DOESN'T NEED TO BE LIKE THIS!  We don't need to SUFFER through all of these lady problems! Nearly every female client who comes to me expressing symptoms that conventional doctors have pegged as ‘one healthy lady' is struggling with yeast overgrowth and estrogen dominance, when I test them.  Why do I catch it and the doctors don't?  Well, that's a whole ‘nother blog, but let's just say we don't agree when it comes to what makes someone ill and what defines ‘healthy'.  Nor do we use the same tests.

Most tests used today in the Western World are near useless…would you rather be told you're ON YOUR WAY to disease, and here's something you need to do, to prevent the onset of disease OR ‘whoops, you have cancer, hypothyroid, HPV or shoot, you need to have your lady parts removed NOW'.  Then, if you're lucky, you follow the advice of your doctor via a slough of pain meds, antibiotics, ‘the pill' and/or steroids, you feel better, but some symptoms come back, and you, yet again, visit your doc in pain and leave with a nice white baggie full of MORE meds and birth control to ‘normalize' your hormones.  REALLY?  Synthetic hormones?  A Drug? That's the best we can do today to heal the Goddesses of our world today?  Who do their best day to day and work harder than we ever have in the history of women?  Who aspire to make healthy babies, yet we produce more unhealthy babies in the US today than anywhere in the world…given how much more we spend on health, WHY is this so?


The environment and flora of our vagina is the building block for our babies digestive track and immune system?  

If we're shoving GMO tampons and chemical hormones in our sacred space, is it no wonder that so many babies today are born with 300 chemicals in their umbilical buy levaquin online cord, auto immunity, autism, impaired cognitive function, reduced immune function and an ill tempered disposition…We need to get serious about OUR health before we bring a beautiful baby into this world, if we hope them to be a healthy one!

WHOOPS, another Di-Rant. Back to our originally scheduled video topic 😉  

With so many things already bombarding our system, why insert GMO tampons into the vaginal wall to further disrupt the PH of the environment so the chance of cancer, STDs and yeast infections rise.

Here’s how to get around it – The Diva Cup. I stumbled upon this device when I googled non GMO tampons about a year ago, and it has been one of the BEST $30 I've ever spent.  AND the best travel partner ever.

Wear white again on your heavy day again!  SERIOUSLY?

When your cycle is balanced you should be having your period every 28 days or so. (A FREE app I highly recommend to track this is called My Days – it allows you to track your ovulation schedule, sexually active days, and more). Whenever my period is getting close I carry it around in the fashionably discrete carrying case that came with it. The cup costs around $30, I was spending $5 in tampons every time I got my period so after 6 months it paid for itself. I have not needed a tampon in over a year so the savings just keeping adding up!

If taken care of properly it can last up to 10 years so my total savings will amount to $570.

Another thing that will be saved are hundreds of used tampons ending up in a landfill, with our waste based society we certainly don’t need one more thing cluttering the pile.

They have 2 different kinds; one for pre-pregnancy and one for post pregnancy. The easiest way to put it in is to fold it in a u shape, insert it and the slightly turn it to allow it to pop open (watch the video for a demonstration of the technique). Once it’s open it creates a perfect seal and holds about 1 ounce of liquid, even on your heaviest day you can wear it for about 12 hours. As long as it’s inserted correctly there will be no leaks, making for a much more clean and sanitary period. You’ll only need to change it about once a day. To do so you pinch the bottom, pull it out and dump the blood in the toilet. You can rinse it out with cold water (heat can lead to staining or discoloration) or clean it with gentle water based soap with no odor or scent. If you’re on the go you can just wipe it with toilet paper then reinsert.

It looks like it’s made of plastic, however, it is latex free, plastic free, BPA free, odor free and free of colors and dyes. The DIVA CUP is made from health care grade non-absorbent silicone. If you have a reaction to silicone I recommend staying away for it otherwise this little tool can make a wonderful partner for that time of the month.


This is the LOWEST PRICE I was able to find!

Diva Cup #1 Pre Childbirth
Diva Cup #2 Post Childbirth

This is the best deal I found and I make a teeny % from your purchase, which supports me so I can continue to bring these videos to you for free.  🙂 Every bit helps, and I sure do appreciate your spreading this word ladies!

Now, be prepared to preserve your Lady Garden, and let this be the start of a long life of concious decisions made to keep it free of chemicals and ph disruptors.

Oh, and I almost forgot…





During our main flow days, menstrual cups only need to be changed 2-3 times a day, and can even be left in place for 10 hours without leakage. If you're a heavy flower (flower?  ha! flower FLOWER? never made that correlation), perhaps more often. The ‘cup' holds one full ounce (around 28 grams of blood. we usually only release TWO ounces during a whole cycle). The average tampon holds 6-9 grams of blood – 1/4 TO 1/3 of the ‘cup), which = more time spent changing bloody ‘mice' from our Lady Garden and walking around fun parties insecure, looking at our butts in the mirror to make sure you didn't leak all over your new white pants.  😉

It's the WORST when you're a yoga teacher and you demonstrate a ‘spread eagle' type pose PRAYING you didn't leak.



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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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