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Save your Money – Bottled Water is a WASTE

This video sums it up:

And if you don't have time to watch it, here's the cliff notes version (which isn't NEARLY as powerful as watching the full video):

  1. 1/3 of bottled water in the USA is simply TAP WATER.
  2. Buying bottled water costs THOUSANDS more than tap water (2,000 + TIMES)
  3. Bottled water is LESS regulated than tap water…in fact…
  4. The $500 BILLION dollar bottled water industry is regulated by ONE PERSON
  5. Bottling water creates MORE drought as it takes 1.5-3 times more water to make ONE bottle
  6. Toxic chemicals like heavy metals are found in high amounts in popular bottled water companies
  7. Even if the water put into these bottles was the PUREST form of spring water, it's contaminated by the plastic it's stored and transported in.  Then we let it sit in our hot car and the BPA leaches into it and we drink that.  BPA is the MOST dangerous toxin we're exposed to, and was created 80 years ago as a synthetic estrogen.  Now we're drinking ‘healthy' water from it…in the form of plastic. FAIL!
  8. The average person throws away over 180 POUNDS of plastic per year.  That's a SAD carbon footprint….why?  Plastic takes thousands of years to degrade (READ THE SAD REALITY HERE)…so in the meantime, we're finding it in our sea friends digestive tracks, choking their necks, ringing their noses – causing many unfortunate deaths.

It's estimated that we will lose HALF the population of our animal kingdom in this lifetime, if we don't change something FAST.

It's already beginning in our streams with fish.

Birth control is EVERYWHERE and we can't stop it as fast as it's coming at us.


Birth Control in Drinking Water: A Fertility Catastrophe in the Making?

In a landmark 1999-2000 USGS survey, 80% of water samples from 139 American rivers and streams in 30 states were found to be contaminated with drugs, ranging from antibiotics and antidepressants to contraceptives and hormone replacements.

“Fish struggle to fertilize eggs three generations after exposure to contraceptive hormone, raising questions about the effects on humans.”

If fish are struggling…what do you think is happening to YOU?
Time to take control of the water you drink!

What is the best water filtration system to buy?

Travel BERKEY is the one I personally use at home. AND take with me on road trips. I used to spend $50 per month on water, not to mention multiple trips to the Water Brewery to fill up my 5 gallon jug…and then lugging it into my house. Until I found Berkey!  This one is AWESOME, will filter about 5 years worth of water before having to buy new charcoal wands, and you'll get your $ back within 6 months of purchase (if you're single). If you're in a family of 4, you'll get your $ back in 1-2 months!  🙂 Among that, here are the KEY BENEFITS to why I recommend Berkey:

  3. LESS THAN $300 FOR ENTIRE UNIT + FILTERS (compare that to $5k systems that do the same)
  4. REMOVES UP TO 99.9% OF BACTERIA, VIRUSES FLOURIDE (get the flouride upgrade)
  5. PORTABLE – I take this on trips with me because it's small enough to fit into my suitcase.

What does it look like?
How do I use it?
How often do I need to replace the filters?
What does it cost?
Why Berkey?

I answer all of those questions in this video I originally did on one of my FB Live feeds:


  1. Use warrior5 to get 5% off of your ENTIRE purchase.
  2. If you live in CA, Buy the Travel Berkey (it’s the only one available due to some obnoxious CA lead law).
  3. Since you get 5% off your entire purchase using this one time coupon code, if you can swing it get everything at once:
    • Travel Berkey
    • Flouride filters
    • Berkey Sport Watter Bottle
    • Shower filter
  1. Do NOT buy any of these things off of AMAZON or any other site.  Buy DIRECT from Berkey.  There are TONS of fakes being sold on Amazon storefronts, plus you won’t get the lifetime warranty UNLESS you buy direct from Berkey.  I did it wrong the first time and bought on Amazon, had issues with it, had to ship it back and started over. This resulted in lost time, money and energy.  When you use our warrior10 code, it ends up being the LOWEST PRICE YOU CAN FIND anywhere, anyway AND the shipping to CA is less than a week…totally worth the wait, with these financial AND health savings, you have have to look forward to.


This table compares the Big Berkey water purification system to Aquasana and Brita.  You're likely to observe in this water filter comparison that Berkey water purifiers are the ultimate winner.  They are the most powerful at removing contaminants and the best value for your money.

This is THE MOST POPULAR system recommended among health practitioners I know.  For the many reasons I have stated above as well as others I have not that you can read about on their site.  If you call to order, be sure to tell them I referred ya for your discount! 🙂

Here's what I would recommend to you:

So…you can get the ‘Travel Berkey' PLUS Flouride Filters PLUS a Shower Filter for UNDER $300!  That's the set up I have. 🙂

*What MANY residents of CA do is have a Big Berkey shipped to a friend/family member, then have THEM forward the Big Berkey. (this is what I would do if I could do it again). Totally up to you!

The charcoal filters last about 5 years and the chlorine ones about 1. Saves you a TON of $ on what you would spend otherwise on Brita and Pur, which don't filter ANYWHERE near the amount the Berkey does.

There's a TON of info on Berkey's site to answer any more questions you may have, such as:

AND don't FORGET, if you're buying a new system, this coupon code will be worth AT LEAST $25 PLUS FREE SHIPPING and a LIFETIME WARRANTY:

Use Coupon Code:  warrior5
for 5% off your ENTIRE first order…

NO need to thank me.
Your sea creature friends are already doing that!

Yours in health,

Coach Di

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