UPDATE: We have made ONE change to this kit.  We switched NDF Plus to Artemesia & Clove for Phase 1 of The Warrior Cleanse so we can go deeper in detox'ing the pathogens in addition to the metals that are causing our disease and symptoms.  Phase 2 of The Warrior Cleanse  includes the NDF plus as well as Cytoflora (Probiotics), and a second round of Artemesia & Clove, which increases the odds of completely wiping out Candida, Bacteria and Parasites that eat our nutrients, tissues and internal organs.

Why Is it Important for me To Address Metal Detox for My Cleanse?

Heavy metals are When it comes to removing heavy metals from the body, there's definitely a right way and a wrong way.  They're believed to be the ‘root cause' toxin that brings on a culmination of other problem pathogens, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and candida.  Ever try a Candida cleanse?  A parasite flush?  It's virtually ineffective long term without addressing the REASON these pathogens are lurking, causing damage and energy exhaustion to your body in the first place.  Enter the RIGHT way to cleanse Heavy Metals from the body, with the BioRay Heavy Metal Detox Kit.  Check out the symptoms it helps alleviate HERE, then come back and read on….

Recent studies show that environmental toxins are often the underlying causal factor of many health issues people are dealing with today. Toxins are major contributors to weight issues, diminished focus and concentration, sleep disorders, energy decrease, and multiple neurological issues in children and adults. It has been shown that enhancing heavy metal and chemical excretion results in a decrease of many neuro-developmental symptoms and issues.

We CANNOT recommend THIS KIT enough, which you can buy HERE at our warrior discount (for a limited time), and here are the most commonly asked FAQ's below (compelling reasons why everyone can and should take this AT LEAST once per year as a kit).

  • Best way to start taking the herbs?  (HM Detox Kit)
    • Begin with Loving Energy, followed by Liver Life and NDF. Wait 24-48 hours before introducing each new product. If sensitive, starting with a lower dose and taking more time (such as 1-2 weeks) before introducing each new product is appropriate. Follow dosing instructions on the bottles.
  • Best times of day to take herbs?
    • First thing in the morning and again the afternoon, 15 minutes before food or 45 minutes after is optimal.
  • Take away from food?
    • The formulas will be most potent on an empty stomach, however if this is an issue – they can be taken with food, inside beverages or smoothies.
  • Will Loving Energy give me energy, so not a good idea to take after 2pm?
    • Taking earlier in the day and early afternoon is best. If an individual is tired, Loving Energy replenishes energy. If an individual is anxious, it provides an overall feeling of calm and well being.  Generally taking before 5 pm is optimal to be ready to lay down and go to bed by 10 pm.
  • Container to use?  Glass, porcelain, plastic?
    • BIORAY products can be given in any any container, however glass, stainless steel or porcelain (such as coffee cups) is best to avoid adding to the body's toxic load.
  • What things can I mix herbs with?
    • Herbs can be taken straight, mixed in beverages, smoothies, cooked in foods.
      • ACV?  Yes
      • Smoothies  Yes
      • Coffee/caffeine?  Yes (TRY IT!  It tastes like Kahlua and coffee – only WAY healthier)
      • Cold/warm/hot – does it matter?  Best warm or hot or at room temperature. Avoid cold (ice water is horrible for your health) as this shuts down digestion.
  • Anything I SHOULD NOT mix them with? 
    • BIORAY tinctures are safe to mix with anything that is safe to consume.
  • Anything you recommend I SHOULD mix them with? 
    • Distilled or reverse osmosis water. Adding in fresh squeezed lemon juice is a great option as well.  I drink mine with doTERRA lemon drops (I'm a distributor so CONTACT ME if you'd like access to our warrior discount)
  • Herbs on the go for BUSY PEOPLE (aren't all of us?)
    • Leaving house in the morn? 
      • They can be added to water bottles. Once they've been diluted, they remain fresh for up to 24 hours. If refrigerated, they are fresh for up to 2 weeks.
    • I’m leaving on a work trip for a week, what’s the best way to travel with these?
      • We have travel size bottles, called Deluxe Sample Kit. Or you can add all the formulas to one big glass bottle. For example if you take 2 droppers of all the (4) products, twice a day for 7 days, you'd add in 16 droppers/day which would be 112 droppers and just take 8 droppers of this mixture, twice a day. Or 1 1/3 tsp, 2x a day.  See minute 15 of the video above for an awesome explanation from Stephanie 🙂
  • Should I stop taking my other supplements when I start these?
    • BIORAY products are safe and beneficial to use in conjunction with other supplements.
  • What should I expect to feel?
    • Expect to feel good. As long as the dose is appropriate for your tolerance, you should have more energy to get through the day. You should feel less anxious, sleep better, be focused, more connected, less reactionary to foods or the environment.
  • What if I have ‘detox’ reactions?
    • Increase intake of Loving Energy by 1ml, decrease your dose and/or give 1 – 2 capsules of activated charcoal. You can grab the best kind that I recommend in my Online Store/Dispensary in my SHOP Tab.
  • Is the Heavy Metal Detox Kit safe for:
    • Kids?  
      • Yes – this is HUGE!  I have NEVER found a detox kit that didn't do more harm to children than help them.  I've seen miraculous things with these herbs among humans of all ages and health issues.
    • Pregnant moms?  
      • Yes, another segment who finding products safe and effective without harming the baby is hard to find.  While these are both for pregnant moms, we recommend using sensitive individual's dosing and working with healthcare practitioner is recommended.  PROUD TO SAY these herbs and The Warrior Cleanse program I lead, sprouted 5 healthy babies (that were otherwise having difficulty conceiving) last year!!!
    • Breastfeeding?  
      • Yes, using sensitive individual's dosing and working with healthcare practitioner is recommended.
    • On medication?  (antibiotics or other?) 
      • Yes, it is safe to support healthy organ function and remove environmental toxins with BIORAY products while using traditional medicine.

Don't wait another day feeling ‘not your best'.  You DESERVE to Thrive at your full potential, and this is EXACTLY what this kit helps you do…and has for THOUSANDS of years.  It's time you treat yourself to THE BEST there is to get the $hit out of your body and your life that's holding you back!

Because you're worth it…AREN'T YOU?