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Helen asks, ‘What's the difference between juicing and making a smoothie?'

ANSWER:  Juicing separates the nutrients held in the water molecules into one bin (to be drank) while the fiber is shot into another bin to either be saved for other uses (omelettes, other recipes) or discarded, or put back into the earth via compost. So the downfall of that is that you miss out on the fiber, but that slows down absorption of nutrients, so there's the silver lining…it zings you with sustainable energy greater than coffee, with no crash and a clear mind. So, caution to juicers re: Fiber..females should get at least 25g per day, men 38 and the average American gets about half that…#'s check out b/c we poop on average every other day, and we should at least 1 x per dy. SMOOTHIES contain the entirety of the produce, so you get the much needed fiber in your drink.

I enjoy both, but it's a matter of preference and dietary habits aside from this meal…my throat doesn't like the texture of swallowing leafy greens, so I JUICE those and BLEND things such as oranges b/c I enjoy the pulp of those. Carrots not so much. I really enjoy ‘Juicing Vegetables' site for ideas on all. My other meals are heavily loaded with fiber, so I get enough in the day to warrant a juice first thing in the morning….my routine. Prebreakfast = 5 produce juice, breakfast = protein-fat meal combo, snack = trail mix or nibbly veggies, LUNCH = big ass salad with protein, snack = Chia aid (see my website), DINNER = shake using Vitamix OR protein with sauteed greens & sweet potatoe (post work out). That help?  Here's some images and examples.


The results of juicing…your NEW ‘MORNING COFFEE'
And the pretty array of colors it makes before you pour it into a glass
What the fiber shoot looks like…depending on what I use
I sometimes save it for a salad later in the day.  Click on the image below to be redirected to one of my inspirations for fun with juicing!  (this is also one of my FAV juice combos)









I made this one the other night for my post work out recovery drink 🙂  AND dinner AND dessert – bc it's so yummy AND densely nutritious!  It was inspired by my recent Amazon purchase of about 5 new superfoods that I was DYING to try in a smoothie, to discover which complimented which in flavor…salty, smoky, sweet, chocolatey, etc AND also from a nutritive perspective.  After a while, once you learn more about your taste buds, vitamin deficiencies, preferred macronutrients, what has what in it, etc, you begin to DIY so that each meal is as densely populated all elements considered for balance.  When I was in Whole Foods last week, a woman handed me a recipe pamphlet from Navitas Naturals (a superfood company) and it brought me to their website, where I visit frequently to borrow Antibiotics ideas for what makes my mouth water upon scanning their various blends.  Like many people, I like to keep my diet variable, so I don't get bored nor feel deprived.  This is KEY to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  🙂  Click on the image to be redirected to THE BOMBEST SMOOTHIE RECIPES compliments of Navitas.  Do you need EVERY ingredient and does it NEED to be their brand?  NO…the idea is just to play and experiment.  Try to imagine it's like building a sand castle like when you were a kid.  Enjoy it, take note of what did or didn't work, share it with your family and friends, and potentially inspire others to try HEALTH that actually TASTES good.

I liked this read on ‘What to Know to Get Started with Juicing.  Many people go into something, it's new, it takes time to learn, and before they can enjoy the benefits and reap the rewards of their efforts, they give up because it ‘TAKES TOO MUCH TIME'.  I must admit that when I first started juicing, having fun with the Vitamix, learning new tricks, assembling recipes, it was overwhelming and what felt like a new lifestyle involving too much effort.  BUT I can assure you that in about 2 weeks time of doing it daily, it will take you a fraction of the time AND you can multi task, show your kids how to do it, listen to podcasts, chime in on webinars and talk on the phone like I do.  I'm QUEEN of multi tasking and it's nearly necessary to be productive AND healthy in todays age.  🙂  I also made a video on how to Juice with your Vitamix, if you don't have the $ for a new juicer right now OR don't juice enough to warrant the purchase.  Please enjoy the myriad of recipes and other educational watches on my Youtube Channel Playlists.

Oh, oh, I MUST share this with you…Another one I love is 1 cucumber, 1 red beet juiced, then add to blender (preferably a Vitamix) and add 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder with a few cubes of ice.  Blend and WALA – instant Red Velvet Cake shake.

Last week, I made ‘chocolate mousse‘ for my 10 year old client who proclaimed to HATE avocado, and she was IN LOVE with it. After finishing the bowl, she insisted to know what was in it, and when I told her, she nearly flew off her chair.  See parents…kids aren't picky eaters, PARENTS allow picky kids.

For the BIGGEST discounted package on a Vitamix on the web, CLICK HERE to see my special.

And PLEASE if you have anything you'd like to share: ideas, constructive criticism, what you would like to see more of, want to invite me to a speaking engagement, or to be the main role in your movie 😉 , please drop a comment below.  I take nothing personally and am ALWAYS listening.  XO


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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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