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15 Real life Stories of Women who Share their Journey from Killer Breasts to Explant & Beyond

The Toxic Truth about Breast Implants & Breast Implant Illness

The complete guide to discovering the root cause, safe alternatives, explant, recovery, and beyond. 

Dive deep into topics such as...

  • Considering breast implants? Know The Risks. Saline vs Silicone?
  • ​Alternative Options for Breast Reconstruction Post-Mastectomy (including a video interview with my surgeon)
  • Daunting Risk Factors with BII 
  • How to Know If You Have BII (including labs)
  • The Solution to Overcoming BII: It’s Not Just About the Explant! 
  • About the Author – Diane’s story
  • BONUS: a FREE Chapter of HOPE from my book, Killer Breasts!  

3 Solutions to Support your Explant, Detox and Healing Transformation

Cadey Charfen

After 3.5 years of pregnancy and nursing two beautiful girls.
I felt insecure in my skin. Implants gave me temporary confidence but I never really liked them and started having symptoms within a couple months, then an endless list of symptoms for years. We spent tens of thousands of dollars chasing symptoms but nothing resolved until explant, which was the best thing I have ever done for my health. Whatever deficit you see in yourself, breast implants will not resolve. Knowing your own self-worth and loving yourself is the only way to fill that void.


I had no idea breast implants could be harmful.
The Queen of Confidence, an international confidence coach and popular 5 star podcast host. After surviving many traumatic experiences, from childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster car system, car accidents and a whole lot of loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform your trauma into triumph.


When Your Boobs Are Killing You.
I got my implants in NYC while working as a fashion model, it was recommended to extend my career. I convinced myself that I liked them and needed them to work in the fashion world. I suffered from BII symptoms for two years, spent $50k trying to heal my symptoms through dozens of ‘natural’ doctors, who all denied the implants, because they were ‘in tract’. Symptoms got worse until I had no choice but to explant, which relieved almost 95% of my symptoms. Do the inner work to love yourself FIRST before getting implants.


My Silent Suffering - From victim to victor!
I got implants in 2001 after ending an abusive marriage, my self-esteem was at an all time low. They gave me more confidence, but I started having rashes on my chest immediately, and over 50 symptoms, I felt like I was going to die. After removal I felt amazing and FULLY HEALED!


Removing Conditioned Femininity
When I got them, I thought I finally tapped into my power, felt beyond confident, sexy and magnetic. The last 2 years I felt like I was turning into an old woman - horrible health effects. I have no regrets but I would encourage my younger self to think ahead about possible costs & complications.


I have something I got to get off my chest!
Implants helped me as a single mom create more income dancing. It was a business decision and lasted 11 years. I knew they were not healthy, but avoided the research as to why. Post explant I feel Magical! Like taking off a pair of permanent stilettos. Back and neck pain gone…


Breast implants: your health, your spine and your life.
After nursing two children I wasn’t happy with my breasts, so I got them to feel more confident, beautiful, desirable and to compete in figure competitions. After 5 years, I started experiencing terrible symptoms, and physically they became incongruent with who I had become. Post explant, everything has resolved. I feel amazing!


I wanted bigger breasts
There was nothing wrong with my own but as I was modeling I thought it would be better to have implants. I felt better with them mentally and liked the way I looked in clothes. I haven’t gotten mine out yet, despite the research I’ve done. I have severe gut and brain issues that I know are linked. DO NOT GET THEM!


As I model, I was insecure that one breast was larger than the other
So I got C cup textured implants, which I loved...Until they killed my thyroid and gall bladder, I had a complete hysterectomy, and I was given 2 weeks to live. Mine ruptured and were releasing Staph, mold and heavy metal toxicity. I’m still recovering but explanting saved my life. If I knew then what I know now, I would chose fat grafting over implants.


The Lessons I Learned from Breast Implants
I got implants because I had small breasts. They made me feel confident and more attractive. I explanted because I experienced a lot of symptoms, discovered BII, and knew this was what was wrong with me. No doctor ever thought to ask me if I had implants. Life has been amazing post explant. I have energy, I can think straight and I feel motivated. Life is AMAZING!


Toxins in Breast Implants
I got implants because I didn’t feel like a woman and didn’t think men would be attracted to me. For 25 years, I felt more confident, beautiful, complete. After a Sonocine scan showed silicone leaking into my surrounding breast tissue I explanted. Since, a lot resolved: fatigue, brain fog AND I have the figure I always wanted - I look, feel much younger and I love my body much more now.


Breast Implant Illness: My Journey of Self-Discovery
I learned as a young girl it was important to have large breasts. Later in life as a bodybuilder, I sought out to achieve that “look”. It wasn’t love at first sight but I learned to love them. Within 6-9 months, a long list of symptoms developed including stage 4 endometriosis, parts removed and possible infertility. Post explant, all symptoms resolved and combined with mindset work, this journey taught me who I am and how I should be living.


Let me Get This Off My Chest
Competing in figure competitions, I felt implants would make me feel more like a woman. At first I felt confident but after a short time my health took a turn, I was so sick with cystic acne and anxiety, that I told my husband my wishes for my death. 2 years post explant, I am 90% healed! Implants will not fill the void of what’s missing in your heart.


The Discovery of My Destruction
After a traumatic child-birthing experience, I was on a mission to get my pre-mom body back, so I got “gummy bear” silicone implants and a tummy tuck. I immediately got sick and inflamed, but not until 4 years later did I know the implants were the cause of 100% of my symptoms, so I explanted and am still healing. You are loved for who you are, not the size of your breasts.


Understanding the purpose behind the pain
My husband is a “boob-man” and I wanted to feel sexier in the bedroom. I loved how they looked, they were gorgeous. When symptoms started I went to every doctor to get answers, everyday there was a new “symptom”. I started planning my funeral because I thought I was going to die. Post explant. I have reclaimed my health for good.

These women are proof you can feel, look and live your 'Breat Life Ever' Beyond the Breast Implants!


On the other side of Toxic Beauty, I discovered my Natural Beauty…then moved to Sedona, AZ to celebrate the splendor of God's Beauty! Now my mission is to help you connect to your own!
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How valuable would it be to have a coach guiding you along every step of the way? There are far too many details, questions and moving pieces in your body that deserve better than simply explanting, which is Step 1 of your healing path, but not the last.
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