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Castor Oil

You may lose your ASS on this one!
And what I mean by that is…your old clothes may not fit.
You MAY be required to GO SHOPPING for new ones.  SMALLER SIZE!
Yep…the only way you'll know is to TAKE MEASUREMENTS BEFORE doing this!
Most lose between 1-6 inches.  

….Of toxins from fat stores, liver, gall bladder and water weight due to inflammation from said toxins.

So if you know me…I LOVE cleansing.
It's my passion to talk Detox.
Detox Di, in the game with another super rad DIY Detox that is not only SUPER healthy for your body, but almost more importantly, doesn't cause MORE damage.
Too many ‘detoxes' today are artificial junk in a box promising a clean liver….
Can't happen when you're putting more toxins back in (as in the case with ‘liver flush' drinks, sweetened with aspartame and colored with Red Dye #40).

Ok, so WHY detox the liver and gall bladder ANYWAY?

I'll give you 5 key reasons:

  1. FAT LOSS – Our liver's job is to filter out trash, and send it out of the body. When our liver is dirty, overfilling with toxins, guess where the toxins go?  IN FAT CELLS.  You want less fat, you gotta keep your liver spot clean!
  2. HORMONE BALANCE – Our gall bladder is responsible for storing bile, which is made by the liver.  Bile breaks down fat, makes hormones and carries waste out of the body. Then 90% gets recirculated back through the system.  If our GB isn't clean too, guess what happens?  We can't break down fat well = LOW HORMONE output (that's sleep, sex and stress hormones leaving us sleep deprived, sex deprived and stressed).
  3. RADIANT SKIN – If our liver is dirty, our skin will tell us.  Skin rashes, acne, eczema, white spots (Tinea versicolor), rosacea = toxins inside!
  4. MORE ENERGY – See #2.  If our hormones are in check, our body makes enough of the hormones we need (mainly Cortisol) to not only ‘make' it through the day, but ROCK it through the day!
  5. SHARP WIT – Dude, forreal!  Get ready to think clearer than ever.  Again, a dirty liver = a dirty mind. Wait…that's not what I was gonna say.  Let's try again…A dirty liver = a toxic mind = toxic thoughts.


So many of us are accustomed to juice cleanses, water fasts, soup diets, and other things that involve drinking and swallowing things.  Did you know?

Your skin eats too!!!

In fact, within less than a minute, the majority of what you put ON your skin gets absorbed directly into the blood stream and makes a bee line to the liver for processing. This is why I stopped slathering Bath N Body works artificially scented creams all over my body.  They're full of parabens, sulfates, petroleum and GMO's that not only trashes our skin, but double assault, trashes our liver.  Which results in the opposite direction of 1-5 above.

Why do a ‘juice cleanse' or eat clean when your feed your liver crap through your skin?


Here's how!

There's actually 2 recipes in this 1!
I've been at this a long time so I like to experiment…see if I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
I'll explain the WHY next, but for now…THE CONCOCTION:

  • 2 oz Castor Oil (click here to see the one I use $10 for 16 oz on Amazon)
  • 40 drops Slim N Sassy


  • 15 drops Peppermint
  • 15 drops Lavender
  • 15 drops Cypress

Slim N Sassy Image HerbsYou can also do this without any ESSENTIAL OILS but I like to add the drops to add extra detox and anti inflammatory power to my wraps. AND damn, to make them smell sooooo beautiful!  Among the top 10 anti inflammatory herbs of all time are are ginger, grapefruit, cinnamon, lemon and peppermint.  Imagine the cooling, warming and spicing effect of all of those on your body at one time.  Mmmmm, now you know why I LOVE doing these!  The benefits of each herb are:


  • Helps reduce appetite
  • Burns fat by inducing lipolysis
  • Dissolves toxins in your body


  • Uplifting aroma, increases mood
  • Helps reduce appetite
  • Cleanses body of petrochemicals


  • Enhances sense of fullness
  • Reduces cravings
  • Energizes body and mind


  • Inhibits new fat cells from forming
  • Improves liver functions
  • Helps with serum lipid balance
  • Reduces diabetic risk


  • Stimulates weight loss by inducing lipolysis
  • Calms stomach


  1. Blend the ORGANIC Castor Oil and Essential Oils
  2. Rub it all over your belly paying extra love and rub to the lower right quadrant where your liver and GB live… Don't forget your lower back (this is where I store more fat which normally means = carbohydrate intolerant. ie I don't digest carbs well, so should eat LESS of them)
  3. Apply the flannel piece across your belly and lower back (I use 2 separate pieces for this). Cut up an old wool flannel I didn't wear anymore.  DO NOT apply the seran wrap over your body first.  Your skin will absorb that crap.
  4. Wrap your abdomen 3 times with the wrap. I use BPA free wrap, but it's best if you have the least amount of skin contact as possible.
  5. Place a heat pad over your belly (and back if you have 2) and chill for an hour. You can also do this overnight as well, minus the heat pack*
  6. Remove and save the cloth for future uses.  It will smell so good 🙂
  7. Up to you but bonus if you DRY BRUSH and shower after.

*The longer you leave the wrap on, the more likely you will clean out more toxins and lose more inches, and hence your liver and GB will LOVE you.  Better digestion = better EVERYTHING!  🙂

Ok so WHY Castor oil?

So this is Option 2.  If you don't want to use Essential Oils too, you can just use the Castor Oil, but this will be more for GB cleansing and liver flush than inches lost.  That's why I like the combo of both, as I indicated above.

You may have heard of Castor oil Packs to heal the Gall Bladder of inflammation and stones.  I firmly believe I was on my way to total GB removal had I not done these consistently for a few months, then once a week for maintenance.  Guess what the #1 procedure performed in ER's is today?  GB REMOVAL! My dad had his removed and many Americans are misinformed and misguided into surgery, by doctors who are trained with the ideology “If it's infected, just take it out”. How about, if it's infected, we try to ‘uninfect' it first before jumping the knife.  Of course, I can't speak for your doctor as I am not one, but I can say that I've seen and heard thousands heal from this and their GB's were spared.  And just to clarify, YES, it's a big deal when we lose parts.  We were made with a GB for a reason… For a large percentage of us who have infected Gall Bladders, we can reverse the damage with Castor Oil packs combined with proper hydration and a clean diet.

  • Stomach complaints
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Uterine fibroid treatment

Regular treatments give better results. For gall stone treatment, consistency is key; 3 days on and 4 days off for 2-3 months is traditional. You can do them more frequently, but take off a day or 2 minimum per week.

‘Blending Herbs in Bulk to Save Time' Formula

In 1 15ml bottle of Slim N Sassy, there are 300 drops of Oil.  If you use 40 drops per each application (as in recipe above), the bottle will last you about 7-8 wraps. What you could do instead is just make a huge batch and save it in an amber glass bottle (to preserve the nutrients – don't use clear).  To do that, combine:

  • 1/2 15 ml bottle of Slim N Sassy (app 150 drops)
  • 8 oz of Castor Oil

There will be enough body wrap lotion for at least 4 applications.  At a total cost of $30 for the Slim N Sassy (doTERRA IPC cost), that is roughly $4 per wrap which is significantly less than the $100+ cost at your local spa or even the popular wraps on the market.  🙂

How Can I Get These Essential Oils?

Not just any oils, but DoTerra is the highest quality, food grade brand that is sold as a ‘supplement’, and hence most of the formulas or single herb oils are intended for internal use.  Just don’t put any Oregano close to your private parts, because…well just OUCH. It’s that potent!  This is probably the coolest thing I have ever taught people to learn how to be their own best doctor and to bullet proof their home into as close to chemical free as possible!

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I'll teach my Warriors how to remodel their entire life to get toxic crap out of your cleaning products, healing agents, medicine cabinet, fragrances, beauty products and more…TO READ MORE ON THAT, CLICK HERE!

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