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Ever wish there was a one stop shop for all things health, fitness and beauty?

Well there IS and you found it. You didn’t find me by accident, you found me because you’re ready for REAL change. And you’re ready to exercise and eat healthy because you LOVE your body, not hate it. This Starter Kit is like my ‘Best Hits’ Album, comprised of all of the Favorites our women warriors have reported over the years, that have made a MASSIVE difference in their lives. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Learn the REAL root cause for your Hormonal imbalances. And what to do about them…for GOOD.
  • Start your day with this ONE recipe to give you all day energy AND ‘youthfullize’ your hair, skin and nails!
  • Get the SEXY BELLY you’ve been seeking, with these 10 simple steps. I created these alongside a world renowned GI doctor!
  • Discover the tonic that top athletes and bikini competitors were blown away by, that helped them burn fat, beyond any diet they tried.
  • How to Cleanse the RIGHT way…the majority of women I see go about this all wrong. It’s not your fault sister, you didn’t know…now you will!
    PLUS…Get these extra BONUS FREEBIES (for a limited time):
  • 3 FREE BONUS Beauty Recipes: Skin Glow Serum, Hair Love Serum and Skin To-Die-For Body Lotion
  • Learn the TOP VIP health ‘life saving’ products I’ve spent years researching
  • ‘To the Rescue’ Top Essential Oil Uses so effective AND easy, your kids will be reaching for them…sleep, breathe, love Deeper!
  • 5 of my most POPULAR recipes that have helped women (and their family) kick caffeine, sugar and junk food to the CURB.


Hydrated, healthy, hot and hormonally free, are just 4 benefits that come to mind. I’m sure you’ll think of a million others.

All we need is your name and email address so we know which warrior woman we have the privilege of sending this to (yes, you!) I hope you’re ready for your life to change in a BIG way!

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