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Special Invitation to JOIN the Full Moon Parasite CHALLENGE

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Have you ever done a parasite cleanse?

Whether you have or haven’t … you’ve probably never done correctly and comprehensively. And perhaps totally understood the importance of doing so regularly.  

We deworm our animals so why don’t we do the same for ourselves?

The truth about ‘parasitic infections’ is quickly taking the world by storm … the Trojan Horse for why you can’t seem to shake the weight gain, body pain, energy drain, broken brain and symptom train.

What I’m about to share with you may both change AND save your life!

Yes, literally!

As you know, I focus a lot on the importance of a healthy diet/fitness and a balanced body [insert your focus here] for optimal health, so you can do the things you love, but parasites are another thing you have to manage.  A BIG one!

Just look at this list of symptoms parasites cause:


      • Hair loss

      • Belly Bloat

      • Brain fog

      • Mood swings

      • Chronic Fatigue

      • Trouble sleeping 

      • Headaches & migraines

      • Weight gain that won’t budge

      • Allergies, asthma, runny nose

      • Body odor & bad breath

      • Anxiety and restlessness

      • Urinary tract infections

      • Candida overgrowth

      • Menstrual problems 

      • Digestive issues & belly pain

      • Numbness in the hands and feet

      • Food cravings (esp sweets and carbs)

      • Then sometimes nausea & no appetite

      • ‘Bipolar bowels’ – constipation/diarrhea 

      • Muscle, joint, back & shoulder discomfort

      • Skin issues – Dry, itchy, rashed, Eczema, acne

      • Poor immunity (chronic ‘viral’ & ‘bacterial’ infections)

    Plus much more… 

    Like CANCER … one of the biggest things we’re told one day there will be a ‘cure for’…but what if this ‘was’ the cure?  

    AND what if I told you at the root of ‘C0vid’ was … you guessed it … parasites … as one of the, if not, main culprits.

    Pretty crazy to think these things can wreak THIS much havoc on the body!

    Before you dismiss this with “I don’t eat sushi, travel to third world countries or roll around in poop all day, so I don’t have parasites” … realize that ‘estimates’ are 50-95% of the population has unhealthy levels of them in their body”…

    Humans can play host to HUNDREDS of different types of parasites.  

    Similar to environmental toxins, parasitic infections are often an overlooked, and yet critical, step in overcoming chronic health challenges. Using various strategies and herbs to kill parasites can make a MASSIVE difference in your health!

    Some parasitic infections are so problematic, they result in painful cysts, fibroids, tumors, boils, etc that require surgery.   

    And cystic acne.  

    Which is an issue, because if you JUST cut out the skin issues, but not the root cause why they’re there (parasites), they’ll just come back!  Talk about madness!  This is EXTREMELY common today.


    Parasites contain a long list of poisons and pathogens inside of them:


        • Lyme lives in nematodes 

        • Bacteria live in Ascaris roundworms 

        • Mold lives in parasites 

        • Viruses (toxins) are stored in parasites 

        • Parasites produce exosomes (viruses) 

        • Parasites are sponges for heavy metals & other toxins 

      AND When these critters die-off, they release problematic poisons (like ammonia) that really take you out. 

      Additionally, there’s a parasite connection tied to EVERY disease, illness, symptom, infection and disorder you’re not told about:


          • Lyme slows drainage and elimination pathways (why drainage is so important) 

          • They Decrease ATP aka your cells ability to MAKE 90% of your daily energy (and why we need to rid your body of parasites) … no WONDER you’re so tired right?

          • Since parasites use heavy metals to make its protective layer called ‘biofilm’, removing metals and biofilm is also essential

        This is why ensuring your elimination channels are open so these infections and their waste have a way OUT (ie DRAINAGE) is so important. 

        And why eating foods that push parasites towards your elimination channels such as the gall-bladder/liver, kidneys, colon, skin, etc. is a priority.

        If not, they’ll circulate around your body and make you feel WORSE

        Click the link to view a recent podcast episode with your name and Diane on Parasites: PODCAST LINK (If applicable, otherwise, delete) 

        While this may sound overwhelming and downright disgusting, it doesn’t have to be.  

        How Do You Do A Parasite Detox, that doesn’t JUST kill parasites (which won’t work) but also addresses all of these other things?

        That solution is RIGHT HERE (Hyperlink your affiliate link).

        Prepare to be mind blown, grossed out and inspired to action … ALL at the same time.

        This is a special VIP invite for those who are serious about results and taking their health back in all the ways – beauty, energy AND immunity.  You will be provided with all of the steps you’ll need to make this a successful and more pleasant experience!

        Diane is an expert when it comes to parasite detoxes — she’s a trusted health expert for many doctors and their patients – with a functional medicine approach to detox, healing from infections, and someone I really respect. Her protocols are fantastic and have supported patients with even the most advanced stages of chronic disease. 

        (share your own testimony if you’ve done the cleanse yourself, if not delete)

        So by now I hope you realize why eliminating parasites to support a healthy gut (and whole body) is so important…

        Chances are HIGH they are inside of you, secretly draining your health, nutrients and energy. The most accurate test to determine if you have a parasite is called a ‘pulse test’.  If you have a pulse, you have a parasite!

        CLICK HERE [Hyperlink your affiliate link] to get everything you need to start your parasite detox.  

        *Diane was gracious enough to sweeten the ‘parasite pot’!

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        You’ll be blown away by how much better you feel and look afterwards.

        To your Health and Protection,

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