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CHI Free Detox


Free Detox

Claim Your Gift to Module #1 of The Warrior Cleanse Valued at $47

Module #1 will Guide you on Why Detox is Health Prio #1, What TOXINS are & Where they Hide + How to Start Your Colon & Liver Cleanse.


  • Blockers CheckList – TOXINS to eliminate
  • Liver Cleanse Kit & 14 Day DETOX Diet Recommendations
  • Supplement Recommendations in the Proper Order
  • Advanced Body Hacks to Eliminate Symptoms
  • Tons of resources for self study


CHI Participate



“If you're not your own doctor, you are a fool.” -Hippocrates

Are you ready to actively participate in the transformation of your body from the inside out and embody your highest self so you can finally express your divine gifts, ignite your SOUL goal and honor your purpose with passion?

Join us in our Warrior For Life Mastermind Tribe and discover the real truth and personal solutions about all things health, natural beauty, freedom and self love! (uncensored & unfiltered) to become your own best doctor!

Members get exclusive access to live webinars, special discounts and so much more. (In March, we focus on Parasite Cleansing + Detox'ing Nano's, HydroGel, Graphene Oxide & Microplastics from your body and especially your GallBladder & Liver where these toxins have an affinity to back up)

See you in the Tribe!



Protocols that guide you on how to take your health back into your hands. Knowing how specific products benefit your health and wellbeing empowers you to stay the path of health throughout you life. Support is always offered to those in our protocols through the weekly live calls in our Warrior For Life VIP Mastermind Tribe, click here to learn more.



DIY Solutions for Cleansing & Healing. These programs are self guided an offer a way for those that want to being their healing journey but are not yet ready to invest in a one-on-one protocol. We also offer support via weekly live calls in our Warrior For Life VIP Tribe, click here to learn more.

**the 10% off promo does not apply to the CHI Holistic Health Certification Course**

CHI Products



Meet Carboxy – the most powerful Graphene Oxide Binder supplement on the market, made of:

  • Fulvic Acid
  • Humic Acid 
  • Citric Acid

The sodium citrate in Citric Acid disrupts alginate hydrogels (as per Dr David Nixon's work). “We continue to hear improved symptoms particularly of fatigue and brain fog from those trying sodium citrate”

The short- and long-chain carbons in Carboxy can travel to different parts of the body, beyond the gut. This makes Carboxy an ideal detox support supplement for whole body wellness, targeting Hydrogel and the contaminants in it such as Graphene Oxide, Microplastics and more!

The addition of Carbon Technology promotes increased cellular energy production and repair.*

I love this binder for clients because it's in powder form and with the combined impact of the key ingredients, it can be used in Enemas, Nasal Rinses, Topical as a skin-flammation remedy, and more!

Why RedPill78 Endorses CHI Holistic Health Ministry

Our bodies, minds & souls are connected, each an indivisible element of who we are as a living, breathing person. Abandoning the care of any one of them leads to disorder in our natural equilibrium. What’s worse is that our world today is organized in such a manner that we often find ourselves unwell as a result of an imbalance in that natural system. Modern medicine ignores one or more of these essential parts and only addresses one aspect of what makes us sick and too often, only masks the symptoms, rather than addressing the root cause. Even worse, it can even be the cause of devastating illness and disease. I believe taking responsibility for your own well being is your responsibility and that holistic medicine is the most logical path to health and wellness.

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