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Stand tall, full of light and love, reach for the stars, Warrior.
Of COURSE you want to feel confident, sexy, strong, energetic EVERY day…but our desires don't always match our drive.  WHY?  Our approach is to examine your health like a tree.

When you look at a healthy tree, you see sturdy branches, vibrant leaves and a solid base.  What you DON'T see is the roots, which are the foundation for the base and the nutritional support for the entire tree.  When the roots aren't strong, the tree isn't either.  This is our KEY focus for YOU…exploring your soil and roots to address  individual symptoms, which surface as brittle branches and dry, dead, dis-eased leaves.  Symptoms appear on the outside, but the problems arise deep inside, at the roots.

Disharmony in the body can appear as a combination of issues such as hormonal imbalances, skin issues, hair loss, immune dysfunction, toxicity, nutrient deficiency, or digestive distress. It can also include mental disharmony where you've lost your sense of self and maybe even not addressed unresolved emotions that have been suppressed into your liver and kidneys which back up your spiritual AND physical pathways. Kazer Wellness, and your new Tribe with Diane as your guide, uses food as your medicine FIRST to help you IN-joy the process of healing yourself so that you can thrive in a way that is fun, sustainable, convient, flexible, and empowering.

We want your tree to grow so strong, that even in the most stressful situations, you're still able to stand your ground, rooted firmly into the earth AND reach for the stars, with all of your Dreams in tow.  Imagine a life where there are explanations behind WHY you feel the way you do, you understand your lab tests, what your body is craving and how to love it, guided by health professionals that spend not minutes, but hours, MONTHS, years with you, so that you are living in the body of your dreams, with the energy you've always desired.

It may surprise you to believe that Diane and her team are SO WELL VERSED in how your beautfy body functions, and what can move it into disfunction.  While we don't TREAT disease, we DO treat the body, restoring it's function in all 11 symptoms, as like a soccer team, when one player is sick or off the field, the body breaks down.  We proudly have improved thousands of women over the years with:

You might be thinking…REALLY?
Why hasn't my doctor told me about this?  Why doesn't my doctor KNOW this.  Why don't I know this?
In short, doctors receive less than 10 hours of nutritional education in school.
I, on the other hand, have had EIGHT YEARS.

Hence, our ‘Food as Medicine' approach to healing.

As a Functional Nutrition Coach, I offer services and support for your healing journey, by way of exploring toxicity and root cause disfunction, via lab testing not offered by conventional hospitals and is not taught to doctors today. We have accounts with some of the most advanced lab centers in the country, and are able to request a multitude of tests, we carefully select, after doing a full intake assessment on you to understand what tests you may have already run and which is critical to explore solutions that will help us create a customized healing protocol JUST for you:

Hashimoto's & Thyroid Disease

Your doctor is likely not trained to explore all thyroid markers and causes FOR thyroid disease, so you DON'T have to take a medication.  We can and we WILL.  Proudly, we've reversed MANY women's auto immune disease and achieved drug free with improved metabolism, energy and ‘easy' weight loss.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A root cause analysis of disease, auto immune symptoms, inflammation, skin breakouts, and more

SIBO Testing

Got tummy bloat?  After food or without any?  Nothing seems to make sense, you’re bloated all the time and suffer from gas, constipation, diarrhea or all of the above…

Digestive Function

My stomach just isn’t normal.  My bowels are bipolar.  I don’t feel like I’m digesting my food well.  Sometimes I have acid reflux, and other times it feels like food just ‘sits’ in my belly.  We can help by exploring your gut microbiome – parasites, candida, bacteria, infection, you name it!

Hormone Balancing

If you’re exhausted, your cycles are all over the place, you take birth control to regulate hormones that would otherwise be painful, can’t get pregnant, are depressed or not ‘yourself’, aren’t sleeping well, or if a man, resistant to weight loss/muscle building/sexual arousal/drive/more?…we’ve got to bring these into balance.

How Can we Help YOU?

There are many ways we help our clients.

We like to meet you where you're at.  You might be ready to put part of your unicorn horn in, or maybe a few hooves, or perhaps you're eager to DIVE in to remodel your entire life to feel whole again.  Here are our most popular programs:

Our online Do-It-Yourself program, The Warrior Cleanse

Systems, Operations, Strategies – Save Time & Money

Local to Southern California and want Diane to show you the way in person?  She will come over to walk you through step by step, where and how to shop, what to buy, best tools, meal prep, cook, organize and assist you with Kitchen tools and Must Have's to save you time, money and a life of potential disease and symptoms.  CONTACT US to arrange, this is a very popular, in demand option, so space is limited.

Second Opinion or Specific Nutrition Support

8 week Sexy Body Reboot

This package would be PERFECT for you if you feel like you're MOSTLY whole, but are having some ‘nagging' health issues, which may look like this:

TOTAL Lifestyle and TOTAL Body Transformation

6-12 Month Total Body Makeover

Our clients RAVE about this journey. You can see them LIVE on our Yelp page HERE.

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