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I made this video to show everyone how to SAVE A TON OF MONEY dialing in the SEXIEST SUPPLEMENT STAPLES and how fun is it that they spell something!

ROADMAP to Your Energized, Sexy Body

It starts with REAL FOOD, followed by supplements.

They are intended to supplement, or FILL in the gaps where food can't cover the rainbow of vitamins, nutrients and minerals we need, especially with our poor air quality, synthetic chemical use, food supply and depleted soil from which plants are raised that we eat, and animals we eat eats too.

So have a listen to the video, which I address:

For now, enjoy the video, please let me know what questions you have, and get your doTERRA monthly order (LRP) set up for before the 15th of every month, with at least 125 PV to get your FREE GIFT.

More soon, but for now, here's a comprehensive booklet on doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack (Omegas, Antioxidants & Muti)


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sexy-6-roadmap-timeline-image-1PROTECT YOUR CELLS WITH POLYPHENOLS

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage and even destroy healthy, functioning cells and speed the aging process by compromising cellular DNA and other critical cell structures, including energy-producing mitochondria. Free radicals are a toxic byproduct of breathing and the metabolism of food. They also come from other sources, such as pollution, smoking, sun exposure, and exposure to radiation. All these free-radical sources can push oxidative stress beyond what the body can safely handle. Cellular free-radical damage is believed to play a major role in aging.

Antioxidants are stable molecules that can neutralize free radicals. Some antioxidants are found in the foods we eat, particularly in fruits and vegetables, and some antioxidants are manufacturedby the body. Most medical experts recommend that we increase our consumption of foods rich in antioxidants. Polyphenols are a particularly powerful group of antioxidants that provide protection against freeradical damage to cellular DNA and mitochondria. They have a very high capacity to neutralize free radicals and have been studied for a number of longevity health benefits. Reducing oxidative stress to cellular DNA and other important cell structures supports healthy cell proliferation, function, and lifespan

THE do-TERRA® LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM provides a rich and concentrated source of powerful antioxidants.



POLYPHENOLS: A class of antioxidant molecules that provide numerous longevity health benefits including powerful antioxidant protection against free-radical damage to cellular DNA, mitochondria, buy nexium, and other critical cell structures.

FREE RADICALS: Unstable molecules that can start a damaging chain reaction of cellular oxidation contributing to unhealthy aging. DNA: Nucleic acid in cells that contains the genetic instructions for cell proliferation, specialized function, and lifespan. It is through the DNA that the instructions for life are stored and passed to new cells that make up tissues, organs, systems, and organisms. Disruption of normal DNA function can result in sub-optimal health.

In addition to the potent Cellular Longevity Blend contained in Alpha CRS+® , the doTERRA® Lifelong Vitality Program includes your choice of xEO Mega® or vEO Mega® , providing ultra-pure essential fatty acids and other fat soluble nutrients that help support heart and circulatory health, brain health, and optimal immune function among many other systemic benefits. xEO Mega provides a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help support healthy joints, the cardiovascular system, brain health, and immune function. xEO Mega includes the powerful antioxidant carotenoid astaxanthin, which helps protect against lipid oxidation in the brain and throughout the circulatory system. xEO Mega is encapsulated in vegetarian softgels. xEO Mega includes a proprietary blend of d?TERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that also function as antioxidants, support a healthy oxidative stress response in cells, and provide other powerful health benefits. These oils also function as a natural preservative system, protecting the essential fatty acids in xEO Mega from oxidation and rancidity.

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