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AWESOME.  You made it to your first Sexy Body Class! 🙂

Here's a few AMAZING tools and resources that should help you with the EXPLORATION phase of your Sexy Body mission, in between videos of the series:


The Warrior Cleanse is THE very best way to facilitate the detoxification of your body & mind, and provide you with an abundance of information to continue and maintain these revolutionizing health changes for the rest of your life. This program is not a quick fix. It is a journey of real healing that focuses on confronting the root issues rather than the symptoms, starting with your hormones, moving into your organs of elimination, then healing your gut!


Your hormones are your FIRST line of ‘offense' to give you energy when you need it.  And if you're like most women today, sugar, coffee and treats are the main things getting you through the day.

If you'd like to focus on healing your hormones, going deeper, getting a second opinion and going after root cause diagnostic lab testing that you have not yet tried, I invite you to check out my most popular intro Package, where you and I will work 1 on 1 to Get you back on track in 8 weeks or less!

“I want Motivation, Happy Hormones and a Sexy Body”
Hormones, Happiness & Health Roadblocks



If you're anything like me, to enact REAL change, I need one on one support, so it sticks for life.
If you would rather get straight to a FULLY customized approach that YOU need to thrive, let's talk!
It's FREE, and if we're not booked with a full practice, you will see sessions available to schedule in the coming weeks. If there is nothing available, please CONTACT US, so we can inform you of our next openings and put you on the waiting list!

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REMEMBER:  Food is Medicine.  Disease is NOT your fate.  You are NOT stuck with your current reality. YOU have more POWER than you know and have EVERYTHING inside of you to SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE, and reignite your PASSION. How to Get your Energy Back, REAL ‘Aging Gracefully' Beauty Tips, Hormone Harmony, Disease Reversal Guides from PCOS and Auto-Immune Disease to Acne and Depression and MORE.

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