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Share your Transformation & Success Story

with CHI!

🙌 So, you’ve had a wild warrior journey with us from Suffering to Symptom Sovereignty?  Well…maybe not ALL of them, but as you’ve heard me say….celebrating small victories and feeling hopeful about the path you’re on, is SO important, because #1 – You’ll attract more and #2 – Sharing your WINS with the world gives others hope that they can too.

“What the world needs now is HEALTH, true HEALTH! ;)“

Consider how impactful it feels when you read someone's positive experience with something you’re exploring for yourself.  Also, it helps our Ministry improve our services and quality of care we provide.

🎉 To submit yours, please choose 5 or more from these questions below … you don’t need to say the question out loud just answer it in the form of the question … ie for #1 you can start by saying “I wanted to share my experience working with the CHI Holistic Health Ministry, I heard Diane on a podcast and I decided to work with her and her ministry because I was struggling with xyz, I tried xyz in the past” (share previous experiences) etc considering these questions below as possible options to write your story:

Step #1

Consider what reviews you’ve seen others share, as helpful for you when you were making a decision to invest in something 

Once you’ve completed your testimonial, please answer these few questions below, and we’ll feature you (as you or ‘anonymous’) in a future success story, inspiring others to invest in their health.

🥳 We would LOVE to share your Transformation Testimony on our website and/or social platforms, so if you are willing, please share a clear photo of you below:

Step #2 - Where to Share

#1 – Leave up to a 5-min Video (See tips below)

#2 – Write a testimony on Yelp

  • Set up your phone camera to record video.  Prop it up with a little book, small tripod or whatever helps it stabilize.
  • Turn it sideways to record in landscape mode.
  • Be sure your lighting is complimenting your face (no overhead orange light which will shadow your face).  Direct toward your face light highlighting all of your face is ideal so it’s evenly distributed.  Outside is nice too because natural lighting is best as long as the sun isn’t blinding you or just overhead causing shadows. Just be sure motorcycles are jamming by LOL
  • Pick a pretty background free of clutter, trash etc.  Think color, happy, healthy, light, bright so your surroundings compliment YOU!
  • START by introducing yourself and what you do, your passions, what you’re most excited about in life, a little about you. ‘Hi I’m so and so from X city. I own X business, I have # kids, fitness competitor, etc I was introduced to Diane …. Etc, whatever you want to share’.
  • When you answer each question you desire (at least 5), answer it fully.  Ie #2 ‘before the warrior Cleanse, I tried X and it ‘did not work’ because Y.
  • Then have at it.  Have fun! And remember…we’re trying to inspire a ‘YOU’ before you did TWC, people who were looking for solutions like you were.

Camera Tips For a Successful Video

Step #3 - Final Step

    🙏  Thank you, Powerhouse CHI warrior!

    It’s been a true honor to serve you, and on behalf of myself and the CHI team, look forward to serving you more in the years ahead!

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