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Oh Hi there Hotness.

Welcome to the most empowering Blog Page you'll probably ever land on.
One that you've probably been looking for, for YEARS.

Because why?

Here is our CURRENT reality when we struggle with the ONE thing we associate with beauty and mood, and resort to as well as have been conditioned to blame whenever we have ANY problem:


What causes Hormone Imbalance?

I'll tell you what:

Ok, well…maybe those are stressful situations. LOL and ones we BLAME as the reason why we're stressed today.  But they aren't the ROOT CAUSE of why we suffer the majority of hormonal imbalance. The key reason is, are you ready for this…XENOESTROGENS (did you watch the video above?)

THE GOOD NEWS is we are experts at navigating and teaching women to explore and understand WHY we suffer hormone symptoms, then reverse them.

And we're going to teach you to heal yourself NATURALLY…WHY?  Because conventional methods today are just not cutting it:

I WROTE ABOUT THIS IN MY ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE, but for sake of simplicity, here's the:

———>   Cliff Notes Summary: The pill doesn’t offer any kind of a long term solution, but rather a HUGE band aid.

Neither does Premarin, a prescription given to women of menopausal age, who struggle with vaginal dryness and hot flashes and who are DESPERATE just to feel better.  Ladies, read these symptoms.  Is it REALLY worth it considering on of the TOP REASONS for cancer in women today is synthetic hormones, namely estrogen (which accelerates the growth of cancer cells multiple times)?  The HUGE culprit to the ‘why' behind these symptoms is, but of course…ESTROGEN DOMINANCE?  Hmmmm, interesting…we're given horse urine as a prescription and we wonder why our bodies freak out?  Did you know there are PLANTS that are more natural for the human body to digest that can help with the same thing?  Probably not, because those aren't high priced, high marketed prescriptions. SOURCE


Though we think of declining estrogen as the hallmark of MENOPAUSE, it's actually common for women to experience surges of abnormally high estrogen levels during the menopausal and premenopausal periods, as well as earlier in life. I’m seeing many women in their 20’s and 30’s showing early signs of pre menopause = NOT COOL!

The first time I saw my saliva hormone panel with my stress, sex and sleep hormone results I was mortified.  I was estrogen dominance and my other labs indicated copper toxicity and candida overgrowth.  As you may have read in my CANDIDA ARTICLE, or COPPER TOXICITY vlog, the PERFECT storm of a nightmare for women is this:

Candida + Estrogen Dominance + Copper Toxicity = Hormonal Hurricane

They all hang out.  When one is present in the body, there is likely to be the other 2 that come along with it.  And this is EXACTLY what I had and what I see in approximately 80% of women I test, treat and transform!

NEWFLASH:  This kind of pattern will NOT be detected on a BLOOD PANEL doctors use today to check your hormones.  Saliva tests, UNBOUND hormones, ie those that are available to the body to use.  Blood checks all – bioavailable and unbioavailable…so is not useful for properly assessing ‘Estrogen Dominance' conditions.  Additionally, if you asked your doctor to run a saliva panel instead, they will look at you sideways.  This is the difference between conventional (traditional, insurance covered) vs functional (what I do, diagnostic, naturopathic) medicine.  A HUGE DISTINCTION WE WOMEN NEED TO COMPREHEND TODAY, when choosing which avenue we use to treat our bodies.

Enter our tried and tested Hormone Code method, designed to Reverse your Hormone imbalances once and for all!

10 reasons to get your Hormone Balance on with us:

  1. FAT LOSS    
  3. ENERGY UPGRADES (Reverse Adrenal Fatigue)
  5. SLEEP SOUND (Beauty Rest YES)
  6. HAPPINESS – Reverse Depression
  7. DECREASE PAIN (during sex & otherwise)
  8. SUPERCHARGE YOUR SEX LIFE (desire, climax, endurance)
  9. DITCH ACNE & Expose your Sexy Skin

Such as…

Do you have ONE MONTH to try something you’ve NEVER done to FINALLY ditch the hormone imbalance symptoms you've struggled with for YEARS, likely your entire life?

This is your starting point. It will take time to ditch the toxins that create your hormone imbalance.
But this Challenge will jump start you into high gear so your body begins to recognize xenoestrogens vs your own naturally produced healthy estrogens.  

We will introduce you to healthy DIY personal care recipes that are not only non toxic but are actually therapeutic for our magical Goddess Gardens.

If you’re anything like us, you've spent a great deal of time with various doctors trying to figure out what was WRONG with you, and hundreds maybe THOUSANDS of dollars trying everything you’ve heard or seen on TV, advertised in a magazine to get your hormones in check.  

Have you tried:

Ladies, NONE of these get to the root nor will resolve your goal of Hormone Harmony and female freedom!  The majority of what we've all likely tried are AWFUL for your health! Not to mention they DO NOT WORK at getting to the ROOT CAUSE of why you're struggling to begin with. The medical standards listed above may help the symptoms and are occasionally (I would say less than 5%) necessary, but should be more of a last resort AFTER you work to bring your body into balance FIRST with what we're about to teach you by getting back to the basics of what has worked for thousands of years.

We’ve spent YEARS and tens of thousands of dollars making the same mistakes either you have or want to. So, we’ve perfected this protocol and want to show you the RIGHT way to balance the TAO inside of YOU.  Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries…


Most ‘treatment’ protocols today are nothing but band aids that cover the symptoms, but don’t get to the root cause of why you have symptoms to begin with.  Case in point, endocrinologists or OB-GYN's will prescribe you a pill to give you more hormones rather than asking ‘why are your hormones of to begin with'. This starts in the liver which is where these xeno-estrogens back up and create hormone chaos that takes you on a journey that closely resembles this beautiful warriors.

I worked with Lunden, fitness Star and the face of Runtastic Fitness Youtube Channel for a few months to help her detox from birth control, hormone hell and cystic acne.  Here is her story:


What if we could remedy EVERY one of your symptoms AT ONCE?

Time to bring back old school wisdom!

These are ancient remedies that have been around for THOUSANDS of years – and rightfully so. They have a PROVEN track record of helping women from tribes all around the world to not only heal their bodies on the outside, but their root cause disease from the inside.  We receive testimonials like this on a daily basis:

And this was a woman with auto immune disease, rooted in MAJOR hormone imbalance.  If you’re not addressing the gut and healing from the inside, no amount of lasers, procedures, exercises, shakes, supplements or magic potions will work on the outside. Trust us, we’ve tried them!

This challenge will FINALLY break that cycle for you!

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.


“Most women have NO idea what our bodies are capable of without hormonal chaos. Now is YOUR time to feel that”


EASY…just click on the button below and you’ll be enrolled in our Challenge Group. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to join us as well as a confirmation of your order, if you are purchasing THE HORMONE CODE kit.


There are 3 ways to join:


YAY!  Welcome!!!

This is FREE if you are NEW to our Tribe (with purchase of products you'll need for the month – averages around $200, including the 25% discount).  This is ALSO free if you are a working 1 on 1 with Diane as a partnership client.  If you're interested in learning more about that, CLICK HERE to book a FREE call!

—–> YOUR INVESTMENT IN HORMONE FREEDOM:  ~ $200 (for products)

#2 RETURN Warriors via WARRIOR FOR LIFE Membership

Your investment for our leadership is ONLY $47 for the Challenge if you are a recurring Warrior member of our tribe (3 months minimum membership) and either order the products to compliment the challenge (via doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program aka LRP – CLICK HERE to watch the video to place your order) OR opt to use your own products and just do the Challenge with us.  This includes if you are on another doTERRA team and are purchasing products on your own 🙂 This is our MOST POPULAR option because every month we deliver a TON of value that's really worth WAY more than this, and once you're in the Tribe, you'll be HOOKED and won't want to leave anyway.  Real health and hormonal solutions to make you hot, happy and healthy…for LIFE.

—–>  YOUR INVESTMENT IN HORMONE FREEDOM:  ~ $212 ($47 membership, $165 products)

On another doTERRA team?  – Invite your team to come join us – this helps you grow your tribe and encourages them to get familiar with doTERRA's amazing products and detox toxins from our home lifestyle alternatives)


—–> YOUR INVESTMENT IN HORMONE FREEDOM:  ~ $67 (1 month support) OR  $232 ($67 support, $165 products)

Since our testimonials of Success are EXPONENTIALLY GREATER for warriors who hang dedicate themselves to transformation for AT LEAST 3 MONTHS, this one month option is LEAST Recommended, although of course we would love to have you either way.


HORMONE HARMONY INVESTMENT = $152 + one time $35 membership.  What you get:



So, you will get DIANE, LUNDEN, ALEX and MAYA's coaching 100% FREE and ALL YOU have to do is buy the stuff you would buy for food and personal care products anyway.  Our hourly rates are 3 times the cost just to join the Challenge, so think of how much value you're going to get in 10 DAYS ALONE!

Pretty much a no brainer isn't it? 


Coach Diane Kazer – Bio

Coach Lunden Souza – Bio


If you're not already convinced this is the best thing since SPANX

  1. Can I do this if I’m traveling?
    Absolutely, Lunden will share her tips with us on how to make this simple!  🙂
  2. What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
    We always recommend you talk to your doctor first.
  3. I’m on x medication, can I do this?
    Unless you’re working with Diane directly as a client/patient, we cannot advise on this.  We always recommend you talk to your doctor first. If you'd like to explore getting Diane's help 1 on 1 to run labs and get this Challenge FREE, schedule a call to TALK TO DIANE HERE.
  4. I don’t have the money, what should I do?
    If you refer 3 friends, we will WAIVE the cost of your Challenge entry!  OR Purchase the products and get the challenge FREE, OR change your mindset…your health is your GREATEST investment, you are WORTH IT.
  5. What if I want to join with a friend?
    YES. The more the merrier, you WILL be rewarded financially for joining with a friend!  Be sure to tell them YOU sent us on the entry form.
  6. What happens when the Challenge is over?
    We get it.  You LOVE the leadership and accountability. Not to mention a community that FINALLY brings you TRUTH on how to finally help you get the body and life you desire.  Here’s THE BEST PART…you can KEEP GOING with your family and continue learning with your new tribe, as we now offer MEMBERSHIP options. “Warrior for LIFE”.  If you pay this now, as long as you're a member for at least 3 months, your Challenge enrollment will be WAIVED. 🙂 
  7. How do I order products if I'm a recurring member?  CLICK HERE to place your order to ensure you get your 25% off!  AND earn money and rewards if you refer friends to our Challenges 🙂
  8. Can I make money referring others to this Challenge?  YES.  Once you're a member, we will teach you how.  Learn how many on our team were able to quit their day job spreading the word of wellness.  You're not alone!  80% of Americans are NOT happy with their current line of work.  This is my FAVORITE part of what I do…teaching others to become health coaches doing what they love, loving on our bodies!
  9. What if I found out about the challenge without enough time to get my products by April 1st and I still want to join?
    Hop on, sister! It’s never too late and you’ll still have access to all the information within the challenge and within the Challenge Group.

So…What's it Going to Be?

You now have a choice…you can continue to live your life the same way you've lived before you saw this article and video.

And if so, you're committing yourself to a life of more of these same realities. You admit to yourself “I'm not happy”… and 80% of aren't.  By doing so, you're declaring to the world ‘I'm not happy with myself, I'm not proud of my body, I'm exhausted and overworked, yet I'm ok with continuing to live my life fat, fatigued and frustrated'.

People tell me they wish they would have found me YEARS ago, that they would have gladly paid 5, even 10 times what I’m charging for it … but I want to give you access to this at a FRACTION of what it's worth.

Yes if you don't do this program you will have SAVED your money, but you won't have invested in your health.

And what is the opportunity cost of that?

What WON'T you be able to do that you haven't been able to do the last 5…15…20 years feeling the way you do?

But more importantly, what WILL you be able to do when you FINALLY get the dream body and life you desire?

One that FINALLY matches what you deserve!

You're reading this because you're looking for change, you desire improvement in yourself because you KNOW you're worth more, you're destined for more…and now you have the answer…so what are you going to do with it? Are you going to pass on it like you've done for years? Or are you going to FINALLY commit yourself to CHANGE?

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? If so, you're probably thinking “It's no accident I found Diane, her team, this Challenge”.

Life is a series of experiments, so when you look at this like there's no mistakes, no worry, no regrets, no failure, there really is NO LOSS.
EXCEPT the experience of not taking a chance.
THAT would be your greatest loss.
NOT trying.

This system has proven to work for hundreds of women I've worked with, and millions of women who have used these products!

I believe in it SO MUCH, I'm willing to put my $, my word and my guarantee on it.

That it will be worth more than what you're about to invest into it.

Now that you know, you have a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on it, does that change things?

No risk, no reason not to, no regrets for not giving it a shot!
Let's do this!
What if this was THE thing you've been looking for, that changed your life FOREVER?

Don't you owe yourself the chance to TRY?

Get Started FREE