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Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

What if I told you: FAT IS NOT YOUR FAULT? If you’ve tried weight loss programs, but failed, it’s probably not YOU. Twinkie eating couch potatoes aside:


This article is for you who busts your ‘ASSparagus’ to earn your dream body, are fed up with doing everything ‘right’ and still not there. Let’s make this article fun! There’s enough scienc’y conflicting terms out there to make your head spin, so let’s get to the TRUTH:


What I define as a healthy body will be indicated throughout, and the key thing to remember now is that if you haven't worked with a qualified practitioner to explore your root cause issues, to address your surface level symptoms, you'll end up taking extreme measures to burn fat and lose weight at the expense of your hormones.  Every lab referenced in this article are tools I'm qualified to request for you, as I have done for my clients to help them with their Dream Body efforts and Life transformation.

Ok, now lets address this:  Why can't I lose this damn weight?
NOTE:  if you don't have weight to lose specifically, but yet are desiring to drop ‘disease', you can apply all 6 of these root causes to why you're suffering, so the question for YOU would be:  Why can't I lose this damn disease?  😉


Let’s talk about 5 that are CRUCIAL for fat loss.

1) THYROID is responsible for metabolism, and when it’s low, fat loss is an uphill battle. Over 25% of Americans have hypothyroidism! Thyroid hormones stimulate fat-burning; they’re anti-aging and keep leptin levels low.

2) LEPTIN – Released by fat cells, this is the bodies signal to stop eating. Diane calls it the “leave it hormone”. When thyroid and leptin levels are diminished, the body has no “stop eating!” signal.

3) INSULIN – 1 in 2 American adults are ‘borderline diabetic’ from insulin resistance, that’s brought on by:

  • Overeating (esp carbohydrates)
  • Skipping meals (esp breakfast)
  • Coffee (esp on empty stomach)

The results? Glucose can’t be used as fuel, gets stored in fat cells instead, expanding our ‘waste’ line. In men, testosterone converts to estrogen = cue man boobs. In women, it converts estrogen to testosterone = cue infertility, hair loss and PCOS. WE WORK WITH MORE CLIENTS ON THIS ISSUE than anything else. Once blood sugar stabilizes and hence insulin, function is restored and fat runs away through the bowels!

4) CORTISOL – Under stress, this hormone is released in the body and says ‘store fat’. Elevated cortisol imbalances sex/sleep hormones, slows metabolism, roller coasters blood sugar, inflames the gastrointestinal and immune system, all of which = fat loss failure. I know…sounds evil huh? It’s not a ‘bad’ hormone, just bad when imbalanced…and we see this in 99% of clients we test. Cortisol disfunction is the birthplace of adrenal disfunction, which isn't something conventional doctors are trained to test properly today, nor does insurance cover. They're not looking for trends TOWARD disease, they are only trained to detect when it's already happened, long after it's been going on. So you'll need to feel like crap for 15 or so years before they finally see the problem, and at that point your condition may be irreversible, rendering you prescription dependent for possibly the rest of your life, as in the case of Graves disease.

90% of the adrenals need to be shot before conventional lab testing detect disease. Meaning TOTAL exhaustion.

5) MELATONIN – This hormone tell us when to sleep and keeps us asleep. When low, our body doesn’t rest properly and won’t repair adequately. 7-9 hours of sleep is CRITICAL, and between 10pm and 6am is optimal.


Toooooo often, what I'm seeing in women today is they're trading in their sleep for social media or serving the needs of others. And/or are on heavy dose sleep meds to get rest, without anyone having looked at melatonin sleep hormone levels, patterns and metabolism. Ladies, I don't care WHICH nutrition plan you're on or how many supplements you take or how much you exercise, without proper rest, fat burning will be an uphill battle, as will being our best self overall.  It's so important to define PROPER REST, as in High Quality Beauty Sleep, which could look like this:

7-9 hours of UNDISTURBED sleep from 10pm-6am or 11pm-7am.  We talk a LOT about this in The Warrior Cleanse, and give you a PERFECT DAY Protocol that works best for you that will also highlight the best time for fat burning fitness and having a LOT more energy than you do now, as reported by hundreds of warriors who have transformed their life by learning how to not only Cleanse for 4 weeks, but eat and live clean for life.  Back to rest:  We simply CANNOT shortchange our need for sleep, because it is when our body cleans itself out internally in cycles, as you can see here.


Check out the following:

  1. 9pm-11pm – Adrenal Recovery.  THE best time to recover organs like our adrenals that are largely responsible for metabolism and fat burning. (plus also the best time to make sweet love.  YES)
  2. 11pm-1pm – Gall Bladder Recovery.  If you miss this window, you're also more likely to retain the fat soluble toxins your gall bladder is working to escort out of the body via bile through your stool. Toxins such as xenoestrogens, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and more (see image under #2 Toxins below)
  3. 1am-3am – Liver Cleansing time.  If you're not sleeping deeply here, or are waking up to pee a lot, your liver is talking to you.  It's likely overloaded with toxins as well as draining your adrenals by way of low blood sugar.  If your cortisol (stress hormone) is so low, your blood sugar will be dangerously low as well, which wakes you up for survival.  Your body senses danger, and wakes you up, leaving you wondering ‘why am I awake'?  Then you pee, because you're awake but you weren't likely arisen because you had to pee.  It was likely due to low blood sugar, which essentially means, your hormones are way off and need some love. We don't want this to happen, as undisturbed sleep is KEY to rebuild your body!



But my doctors checked my hormones, and they said that everything looked ‘fine' yet I still don't feel fine. Truthfully, I don't even feel ‘good'.  So what's wrong with me?

WELL WORTH NOTING:   Hormone production that conventional doctors today test for is not the only piece of the puzzle. 

Additionally, they aren't taught to test for nor emphasize hormonal cofactors, ie best buddies, like minerals to treat hormone imbalances or when not detected on their tests, hormone symptoms.  So why are minerals important?

Minerals are needed for the body to use thyroid hormone such as potassium and iodine which when they're low in the body, thyroid hormone can't be effectively used and converted to energy and fat burning efforts. Doctors can't detect this on standard blood tests, and therefore will send you off with an A+ bill of health when they ONLY look at 3 thyroid markers – TSH, T3, T4, which is SUCH a tiny piece of the big picture.  Its not just what your body produces in the way of hormones, it's:

  • what your body does WITH them (can they get INTO the cell to be used?  if not your body will detect it doesn't have enough, and you'll end up on Synthroid, which adds to the problem rather than address the root cause.  What good is adding more hormone, synthetic ones I might add – as is Synthroid – without having the raw materials to escort it into the cells for use?)  AND
  • what does the body do with the metabolites when it's done using them? ie hormone waste (think egg shells after you empty the contents of the egg into the pan).  most end up in the Liver or the colon, clogging up the system, which therefore prevents thyroid conversion. Of all the T4 (inactive) produced by the thyroid gland, around 80% or so must be converted to T3 (active), so the cells can receive the hormone.  If the liver is clogged, it's essential working overtime so doesn't have the time or energy to act out this important next step.
  • WHY is the body hormonally imbalanced and hence blocking fat loss?  In this image you can see my first Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results just before I removed my Copper IUD.  As you can see, I was Copper Toxic and Zinc deficient. This is a hormonal recipe for disaster because zinc is needed for both a strong immune system to fight off bad bugs, such as candida.  Show me someone with excess body fat, and I'll show you someone with Candida. They go hand in hand.  As well as estrogen dominance. Zinc deficiency looks like this:  Poor immune function, sick often, chronic fatigue, PMS.  Why?  Because zinc is needed to make progesterone which offsets estrogen. Without it, we experience Estrogen Dominance symptoms, which are:
  • Painful, heavy, clotty and/or long periods (this used to be me)
  • Facial hair – especially above the lip
  • Pre-menstrual tension including emotional upset, frustration, anger, headaches, breast distention, nose bleeds, sinus issues, bowel irregularities that occur from ovulation (up to 2 weeks prior to the period arriving)
  • Mood swings – anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Acne
  • Weight gain OR inability to lose weight
  • Menopause (Yes, estrogen drops around 50, but is it too high compared to progesterone – these 2 must coexist in the perfect balance):
  • Migraines
  • Breast Cancer
  • Hypothyroid
  • Hair loss

Sadly, this sounds like the average woman today.  Yet because we see so much of it, we think it's NORMAL.  It's never the case to expereince any of these.  While it may be COMMON it's not NORMAL to feel any symptoms.  Fat, fatigue and frustration is our body's way of screaming ‘listen to me, look inside, love me'.  It's our ONLY job to listen.  Then reach out to someone like me or our community to get help. 🙂


We live in a toxic world. Today we’re exposed to 90,000+ chemicals, which our bodies say ‘How do I get rid of these aliens?’ and stores them in the liver, our detox organ. Nearly everyone we test has a congested liver, and toxins must be stored somewhere. “So, hey, let’s hide in fat cells to protect nerve tissue”, and VOILA = fat is here to stay.

CLEAN LIVER = OPTIMALLY FUNCTIONING BODY = better equipped to burn fat.

Toxins also intercept ‘text messages’ in the body including hormones responsible for weight loss. Triclosan is found in cosmetics, which blunts thyroid hormone and = headaches, depression, weight gain due to hormone imbalance. Xenoestrogens confuse hormone levels, and in case of Low T or low estrogen, taking exogenous hormones, will likely make you fatter, especially with a clogged liver and insulin resistance.  As noted earlier, if your gall bladder isn't functioning fully, or it's circulating fat soluble toxins around your body because they can't get out fast nor efficiently enough through the bowels, they'll back up into your gall bladder then the lymph, then show up on our skin and hair and waistline. And we wonder why Gall Bladder removals are so common today?  They're infected with fat soluble toxins trapped in bile, as well as gall stones, from stored calcium (not good – it should be in bones/teeth/etc instead), due to magnesium deficiency, which is required to metabolize/use it effectively.

NEWSFLASH:  85% of women are magnesium deficient, as it's a mineral we burn out quick when we are stressed.

Here are a few more things to consider:

  • Estrogen dominance is super common today.  So is insulin resistance.  As long as these 2 are occurring in your body, the path toward fat loss will be a challenge. They are both GROWTH hormones, which trigger fat cell expansion as well as fuel the growth of other unwanted things such as cancer cells (breast cancer, etc), tumors (many in the pituitary – that awesome hormonal control tower in your brain), cysts (hello PCOS), tissues (endometriosis) and can super aggravate your cycle, while depleting your energy.
  • There are 3 Bullies that stand in the doorway of your cells preventing fat loss. Xenoestrogens, insulin and cortisol. These xenoestrogens (fake chemicals that look like estrogen to the cells), as well as insulin hormone (common in diabetic, pre diabetic or overweight individuals today) plus cortisol (stress hormone) overtake receptor sites so fat burning assistants like testosterone, progesterone, likely not seen on blood tests. I have 2 other tests I use to indicate ED patterns and prevalence.
  • The more fat on your body, the more estrogen dominant you are. Why?  Because fat cells release estrogen, so the more fat you have, the more estrogen you release.  This drives down progesterone (anti aging hormone) and testosterone (muscle building, metabolism, energy, motivation, sex drive).  Which leads to fat, fatigue and frustration AS WELL AS fertility issues, since ED and progesterone deficiency is as COMMON issue with conception.  And for most women, adding more progesterone is NOT the answer, cleansing your body and dropping fat is a great start however, before you go spending $15k plus on IVF, of which only approximately 25% is successful.  The other 75% of women endure awful side effects – both short and long term – from synthetic hormones, which could have been resolved by working on root cause issues, such as the ones referenced in this article.  Our Warrior Cleanse program alone has gotten many women pregnant all around the world which they otherwise struggled or spent tens of thousands in failed attempts.

So HANDS DOWN, if you're trying to fat loss without addressing estrogen dominance by way of herbs and diet that could help correct this all too common condition, you'll be counting calories, working tireless hours at the gym and at some point taking harsh fat burning measures such as the HCG diet, phentermine, Lap Band, Hormone replacement Therapy, illegal drugs, etc.  Trust me, I've seen it ALL. The moment a client comes to me, and I start them on the Warrior Cleanse, then move them into our other programs such as The Hormone Code, designed to flush harmful estrogens, support thyroid and adrenal health, correct the gut, and balance hormones, the fat starts to fall off and women don't hate their hormones anymore!


80% of our immune system lives in our gut.

Americans are constipated; we ‘go’ every 2 days vs 2 TIMES per day. If we can’t remove waste, we BECOME waste. Every single one of us house perma-bad bugs, which cause cancer, eat our nutrients and create inflammation (cue cortisol) and infection (drain the immune system). All of these add up to an inability to lose fat effectively. The most common Fat burning roadblocks that I find in clients lab tests are:

  • Candida
  • parasites
  • mineral deficiencies
  • gut bacteria that actually TELL the body to store MORE fat (why we need probiotics aka good guys, daily to bully out the bad guys).

Check out the stool test I did years ago, which confirmed I had a parasitic overgrowth (Infection – Blasto), high levels of inflammation (due to all of the toxic waste bad bugs release when they eat and die – basically bug poop – EW!), and PP Bacteria, PP Yeast/Fungi overgrowth (imbalance).  I see HIGH CANDIDA in the majority of my clients, and this opportunistic fungus will NOT let you burn fat because it's too busy eating your nutrients, leaving you vitamin deplete, exhausted and bloated.  Candida releases over 78 different types of toxins in the body, to give you an idea.  As long as you're counting points/calories and working your a$$ off at the gym, and not addressing Candida and the root reasons it's there (likely metal toxicity – from things like copper as you read already), your fat loss efforts will be at a stand still.

Also some bacteria turn down our stomach acid, which is the case with the majority of us today, contrary to what we're told in medicine today, who are dishing out PPI's and acid suppressants like candy.

Low acid also = low collagen (skin problems, wrinkles, thinning hair) PLUS adrenal fatigue and anorexic sex hormones production.  This is how digestion is related to hormones and beauty, and of course fat loss.

BOTTOM LINE:  If you're not digesting your food right and turning it into muscle, energy, hormones, connective tissue, etc, it's getting trapped…in your colon and then upstream into your fat cells.  The majority of women I work with are SUPER CONSTIPATED, which sounds like 1 or more of these: rabbit pellets, hard poops (that require effort), not pooping at least once a day, feeling incomplete upon evacuation (like there's more that hasn't left the party so to speak) and also might be codependence on enemas to ‘go'.

So why would you be constipated?

And hence having a hard time burning fat? Here are 10 reasons…

  1. Fiber:  Anything less than 25g per day can cause constipation.
  2. Water: Over half of women I work with don't drink enough water. Your bowels need at least one quart of water to form a princess poop. Coffee and juice, excluded.
  3. Not enough sleep – As you saw above, your body works through it's detox phase, at different times of day.  If you're not at deep rest during those times, your body won't release those toxins and will get stored in fat.
  4. Magnesium deficiency: This is SUPER common.  85% of women to be precise. Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle along the GI tract and stimulates as well as softens bowels.
  5. Exercise – if you don't move it, you won't lose it. Fat that is.  Your lymph nodes sit under your armpits, in your groin and under your neck, all areas that get squeezed when we walk, run and move.   If we don't shake them up, toxins sit and turn into fat/disease.
  6. Female Hormones Imbalance: Insulin issues and excess cortisol from stress can cause constipation. Fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can also be a trigger – particularly in the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle when progesterone levels increase. An underactive thyroid gland can also slow your metabolism and digestion, making your bowel sluggish and leading to longer transit time of stools and weaker muscle contractions.
  7. Poor Gut Bacteria: Lack of the lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, soil and spore-based bacteria can cause constipation.
  8. Low stomach acid and little bile output: The stomach acid initiates a set of chemical processes that break the food down to prepare it for absorption. The bile emulsifies the fats which are key in moving things along. Low stomach acid and/or bile can cause food stagnation.
  9. Medications such as antacids, antidepressants, some blood pressure medicines, allergy meds (antihistamines) as well as heavy pain meds.
  10. Supplements like calcium and iron supplements which in approximately 75% of the population will slows metabolic rate and causes constipation.

BOTTOM LINE:  in order to proclaim ‘My body is the $hit', you've got to get rid of that $hit.  AND your body has to have the proper amount of stomach acid (made from B6, zinc, iodine and CHI – aka life force) to be able to effectively digest your food properly.


What we eat affects our mood; food is mood! Amino Acids come from healthy proteins we eat, and we only benefit from them if our stomach has enough acid and enzymes to further break them down into neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin, which regulate anxiety, depression, immunity, motivation and energy levels. And going full circle, if your mindset isn't right, and you're worried about the future or regretful about the past, you're in a state of chronic stress, which turns up adrenaline and cortisol (store fat, deplete energy, disrupt hormones) and turns down digestion…so you could be eating the healthiest foods in the world but what's the point if you're not digesting them well?  NOR detoxing their metabolites and left over toxic waste products.

BOTTOM LINE = If these are off, you’re heading straight to the kitchen for foods, alcohol, coffee, drugs that will elevate your mood. The majority of our clients are doing a poor job of breaking down food, which is an insult to the amazing food you pay extra for, for higher quality. Let’s ensure it’s being used right, shall we?


Protecting you from viruses and bacteria, it’s closely linked to all other parts of the body. When it’s not functioning properly, it attacks healthy tissue (auto-immunity), spikes cortisol (fat storing hormone), and drains the adrenals (sex, sleep and sex hormones halt), resulting in inflammation, which makes fat loss nearly impossible. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is THE most common we see today, affecting nearly 3 out of 10 women, with estimates as high as 5 out of 10 going undiagnosed due to improper testing. Why? Unfortunately, insurance companies see no value in antibodies or have WIDE ranges in determining a ‘healthy’ TSH. Lab tests anywhere from .25-8 is considered ‘in range’, where we say, in Functional Medicine, that OPTIMAL is between 1-2, and anything outside of that is a cause for action, ie your body telling you it needs help. Even the top endocrinologists today will only test 3 thyroid hormones (TSH, T4, T3) when there are 6 critical markers to explore the health and functionality of the thyroid – TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and 2 thyroid antibodies.


At the time I had discovered my copper toxicity, the other labs I ran on myself revealed the Hashimoto's Hypothyroid results you see above, likely brought from my decreased immunity due to the copper IUD.  While I was not fat, as at this time I was competing in bikini competitions, I was extremely toxic and run down. This is where my working out excessively, cutting calories further decreased my thyroid hormone release (T3 drops when we do this, which is critical for fat burning) and added to the cascade of hormonal burn out.

This is exactly why you see so many post competitors gaining 10-15 pounds immediately after a competition

I'm telling you ladies.  The ‘bodybuilding' diet is a long term metabolic, hormonal recipe for disaster for most women.  It ‘may' work for 20% or so of women who are ‘fast metabolisers', but the other 80% that are slow, it will be a slow downfall to health demise.  How do I know if I'm fast or slow?  I run HTMA (Hair tissue mineral analysis) labs to get this answer for each woman, which will tell us exactly what kind of exercise, meal frequencies, macro types such as how much fat, protein, carbs – whether vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, etc diets will work for you.

The recommendations I got when I trained for competitions were to take T3, work out 2 hours a day and eat 6 meals per day, cutting back calories to 1200 per day.  I'll never forget the day I almost passed out when I stood up to go to the kitchen for my next meal, still full from the last one.  I was 11% body fat, depleted, dehydrated, lost and scared.  I NEVER want you to get there, yet unfortunately many women are, out of desperation for losing weight.

Fast forward 4 years, I was invited to compete in a local comp, which was the day after I was encouraged to attend.

ME:  “But I haven't done any contest prep, carb cutting, working out hard, etc”
MY FRIEND: “Just come, it will be fun”
ME:  after a few times of responding no from the perfectionist parts within me, I caved in “OK, as long as I can wear my rainbow socks”

So I did!  And wouldn't you know, I took first in not only both of my classes, but I won overall!!!

Because when I was training for my comps years ago, overworking myself, I was consuming a ton of supplements and meal replacement shakes, not to mention applying things to my skin that were artificial in nature – synthetic chemicals, flavors, fillers, etc to ‘pump up' my muscles and rev up my heart rate to be more metabolic.  This is one HUGE myth I'm busting for people today.  As long as you're consuming and your skin is consuming these toxic ingredients, your liver has to work harder to expel them.  So why, when we're trying to burn fat, are we adding junk to our body that ends up getting stored in fat, because the liver is too overworked to cleanse them out? Doesn't make sense!  In addition, these chemicals, prompt the immune system into high alert, and what happens is we accidentally attack self, resulting in an auto immune disease.

ONE Example:  In the bodybuilding, macro measuring, calorie/point counting world, you are not taught about food QUALITY, rather you're taught food QUANTITY (ie points/calories/etc).  So, you're taught to eat whole wheat bread over white bread, because of it's higher fiber, lower glycemic content. BUT what you're not taught is the high toxic, chemical content of wheat bread – such as Round Up.  Its main ingredient is Glyphosate, which leads to 2 main problems.

#1 – it creates immune system confusion, over activity, white blood cell flooding, an worst yet auto immune disease attack.  Gluten, is an amino acid in

#2 – it binds to our minerals, which are our spark plugs of life that turn the power on.  Without them, our energy is zapped. As such, Round up dims our energetic light by depleting our zinc, iron and sulfate, contributing to many forms of disease, auto immune disease and hormonal chaos… and this one is alarming!

As long as the body is balanced, happy and loved on, you'll always be ‘stage ready' and not only that, you'll have a ton of energy to do all of the things you want in life, leading with confidence and smiles, knowing how much HEART WORK you invested in yourself.

Your thyroid health is PARAMOUNT in Fat Loss, and it's one of the most UNDER evaluated, under treated glands in your beautiful Goddess body in the path toward your Dream Body!



I know girlfriend, I get it.
It feels super overwhelming.
Today, our pace and foods are just not set up to be our ideal weight.
But you've got to start somewhere, and the good news is, you've found your Trim down Tribe!

There are 11 systems in the body, and like a soccer game, if you’re 1 woman down, the rest of the players have to work harder. Fat loss is no different. When has there ever been a better time to get every player working their best to win your dream body?

If you're READY to break this cycle and get real about fat loss, you might consider joining me for our Hormones & Energy MasterClass webinar you won't want to miss.

If you're curious about if you would be a good fit for the program and if this article left you thinking ‘wow so many of these things sound like me', I'm overwhelmed and want 1 on 1 guidance.  If you want fix this once and for all and want a closer look into your hormonal, mineral, immune system pattern that influence your fat loss and other hormone imbalances, CLICK HERE to schedule a time for us to talk. We focus on 6 pillars of health and our DREAMS protocol has helped hundreds of women shed thousands of fat (and disease) pounds all over the world.

Article as seen in No Excuse Moms world website.  (I was the nutritionist to 40,000 + moms for 2 years)

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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