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travel tonics by Diane Kazer

This quick video sums up the ones I recommend and am STOKED to travel with, and the list below tells you how to use them and gives you a Cliff Notes version of WHY I recommend them!  🙂

  1. Melatonin – 3 mg tablets to help with sleep in uncomfortable or new places (airplane, new hotel, noisy area) and to reduce jet lag.  This is a natural hormone our adrenals produce to cue our body's to sleep, rest and repair.  When we're low on it, we wake easier in the middle of the night, don't repair while ‘sleeping' and wake up feeling ‘unrested'.  If you feel run down and struggle with sleep, there's a good chance you're low on Melatonin and this simple supplement could help!  SLEEP IS KING.  Get less than 7 hours a night and your body will tell you the next day, and over time.  THIS IS THE BRAND I USE – see ‘Supplements tab' 
  2. Essential Oils – I use Doterra.  To get a 20-25% discount on them through me, CLICK HERE! 🙂
    1. Lavender – rub a few drops on neck and bottom of feet to relax and calm the mind and body!  Also works to CALM INFLAMMATION and itching of the skin in bug bites.  Tropical places have no shortage of mosquitos and bowling ball size spiders so this is good to have handy.  I opted to bring my doterra blend, Serenity with me as lavender is one of the main ingredients, and it's my ‘perfume' when I travel!
    2. On Guard – to safeguard against airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses in the plane and new pathogens/irritants our body is not used to fending off. A great way to prevent getting taken down by travel bugs
    3. Slim N Sassy – stabilizes HUNGER HORMONES that tell our body to eat more (and gain weight), prevents constipation, encourages proper detox, aids digestion…to be vain…I used it to stay trim and keep my ravenous carbohydrate cravings down!GX Assist 10 Day cleanse doterra image
    4. Oregano Oil* – known anti just about everything:  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, anti-viral…what does everyone say about water when you travel? Don't open your mouth to the shower or drink tap.  Only buy bottled water.  WHY?  Water carries a TON of pathogens that can make us super sick when exposed to them, especially new ones! I LOVE this cleansing blend from doTerra (pictured)
  3. Probiotics – this is the ONLY ‘real' probiotic, by definition, and took me 10 years to learn and find! Take 1 Megaspore per day with a meal (I take mine at dinner).  If you're exposed to more toxicity or pathogens in dirtier areas, such as third world countries, consider taking 2 per day (take 1 during breakfast too).
  4. Activated Charcoal (THIS is the one I use) – for emergency use in case of diarrhea, food/water poisoning or if your stomach is upset.  I don't take it unless I need it but it's SAVED ME when I did!
  5. Digestive Enzymes – I didn't mention it in this video because I ended up buying some there, but these are pretty helpful especially in the case of new food, new schedule, new sleep rhythms.  If food isn't properly converted into smaller parts, we're left deplete of the vitamins and building blocks foods provide.  When I take mine, I feel less bloated, more energetic and sharp. You can find the ones I use for our patients, BioSpec Biozyme on our website, THE WARRIOR STORE.  This isn't one of those ‘whoa I feel a major difference' supplements, but they really are working magic, so the more you take them, the better your body functions.

This is the supplement protocol I followed when I travelled through the Middle East, then Bali (where I filmed this video) and WISH I had them when I traveled throughout India a couple years ago, as I got SUPER SICK for 10 days after I arrived from Thailand.  That was a solid week I spent in bed I'll never get back…that I could have prevented had I primed my immune system (colon) with these! And the others I'm listing!

*Other reported uses of oil of oregano include: Asthma, acne, yeast infections, herpes, bronchitis and other respiratory problems (my travel bugs have ALWAYS been respiratory congestion); mental disease; tuberculosis; rheumatism; digestive issues; colds and flus; metabolism; and increasing a sense of safety and security. But remember you will only see the most oregano oil health benefits when you're using high quality, high purity essential oils.

In the Warrior Cleanse FAVORITES, our Amazon store will help you stay organized with these travel tools, using pills containers and capsules as indicated in THE STORE

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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