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Real Way to Detox (Email swipe 1)



  • You won't reverse symptoms & feel your BEST until you do this
  • You won't get Real DETOX results until you do this
  • The REAL way to “Detox”


Let’s face it.

Everyone and their mother has tried a detox before.

And you might have experienced SOME results…

But what happened a few weeks or a few months later…?

The symptoms came back.

But WHY?

Here’s the deal.

Most cleanse programs only address things at the surface level.

You might lose a few pounds…

Your skin might clear up a little bit…

Maybe your hair is shinier…

Your digestion is a little better…

But why didn’t it relieve all of your issues?

And why didn’t the results LAST?

If you want lasting results here’s what you need to do:



Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as it sounds…

There’s tons of hidden deadly toxins in things like:

  • Cosmetics & Personal Care products
  • Prescriptions, OTC’s, medical devices (ALL of them, especially birth control, brain altering meds, Botox and breast implants)
  • Household cleaners & fragrances
  • ‘Filtered’ & bottled water
  • Food…yes even, organic food
  • Indoor air (~10-100 times MORE toxic than outdoor air)
  • Toxic Mold
  • ‘Smart’ Devices, Smart Meters & Smart Wired Cities
  • Furniture
  • Cookware
  • Your Mouth (said to be responsible for 75% of Chronic Disease)
  • …and unfortunately…most health & detox supplements on the market today…
  • Infections that destroy the gut, and hence your immune system, such as parasites, candida, bacteria, mold, etc…which release up to 80 toxins and gasses throughout your body, making you feel sick, swollen and symptomatic

Worse – the kinds of toxins here build up deep within your body and can’t easily be detoxed with things like green juices and common supplements like charcoal or chlorella…nor will ‘just going on a candida or parasite cleanse’ do the trick.



When your cells aren't working properly, it’s a double whammy.

‘Bad stuff’ like toxins can't get out of the cells…

…And ‘good stuff’ like hormones, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes (and hence water) can't get in (drink a lot of water and still feel dehydrated? This could be why)

What good is taking supplements and eating a ‘healthy diet’ when your body can’t receive it?  This is the #1 most common health block for most today, does this sound familiar?

“I eat reasonably healthy, take supplements, drink clean water and exercise, but I STILL don’t feel my best. I wonder if my supplements are even working”

In order to fix this, you must repair the cell, which will reduce body inflammation, increase energy and charge your brain to fire on all cylinders.



The third stage of Detoxing is about assisting the body to HEAL itself by creating the internal and external environment for it to do so, longterm. This is called ‘fixing the terrain’, in the brain, the body and the environment.

It's about supporting YOU to know exactly how to take control of your health and create the lifestyle that supports optimum health, for life.  

Are you starting to see why most mainstream “detoxes” and “Candida/Parasite Cleanses” don’t provide lasting results?

You need to go deeper, and restore ALL of the systems of your body, in the right order, at the right time and with the right doses…customized to YOU.

The good news is, my friend Diane Kazer put all of the stuff you need to go deeper, restore your energy, and get your life back in her “Warrior Cleanse” program, that she’s led for 8 years, having improved the lives of thousands of warriors around the world.

What’s great about the Warrior Cleanse is that it’s an “all-in-one”. Meaning you don’t have to go run around to 5 different stores and 5 different health practitioners, to get all of the stuff to do it.

And if you don’t know Diane… She’s one of the top detox experts and Holistic Health Practitioners in the entire WORLD! 

She’s a Certified Detox Specialist and has been leading them for over 12 years, in fact she traveled to over 27 countries to learn ‘ancient medicine’ techniques from the masters.

I’m so excited she created a protocol for this because everything she does is absolutely top notch. (as a former pro athlete, she does everything pro)

Which is how you can expect to feel when you follow her program.

And learn how to live a ‘cleansed’ lifestyle that’s realistic, enjoyable and not super strict

Which is VITAL, because…The world is only getting more toxic every day…

If you haven’t heard, here’s what’s coming down the pipeline…

  • Bill Gate’s plans to block out the sun using brain-fogging sulfates. A double-whammy assault to your hormone health since the sun is crucial for hormone regulation
  • Annual + ‘shots’ filled with graphene oxide and other foreign substances that “load the gun” for autoimmunity, cancer, and inflammation storms
  • 5G roll out, which is proven to destroy the integrity of your cells and hence ATP and ability to ‘make energy’ … no wonder you have brain fog, fatigue and sleep issues
  • The normalization of injecting lethal toxins that were previously used in wars to kill or paralyze troops (HINT: It’s the most popular MedSpa ‘anti-aging’ procedure)

These toxins are in the air, in the water, in your makeup, at your office.

You’re getting exposed EVEN IF you’re:

  • Using clean cookware
  • Using natural makeup
  • Using an air filter in your house
  • Eating organic and grass-fed foods
  • Drinking celery juice every morning 😜

And if you think “a little bit won’t hurt me, right?”..


The sheer variety of toxins and infections were exposed to and how they interact are big root cause reasons why you’re sick, symptomatic and suffering.

It’s like being in a poison pressure cooker you can’t escape…

Do you see how all of this stuff adds up?

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

In my opinion, what Diane has to share with you is one of the most vital things that every human needs to learn to keep them healthy as we move into the most deadly time since Black Plague.

>>> Click here to learn more about the Warrior Cleanse program

I hope you decide to invest in YOU to ‘Detox with Di’ and finally get to the heart of your symptoms, sickness and suffering once and for all.


P.S. Diane is offering her First Module FREE ($47 value) + 25% off her entire Warrior Cleanse course, for a limited time, so be sure to check it out here today, before her gift offering is gone! Click here to check it out


“Bio Logical” (Email swipe 2)


  • Is your body trying to kill you?
  • “Why is my body trying to kill me!?”
  • “Why does it feel like my body is trying to kill me!?”



Has it ever felt like your body is TRYING to kill you?

When the symptoms get unbearable…

When you can’t lose the weight no matter what you try…

Weight gain, broken brain, energy drain, body pain…

Whatever it is – I invite you to look at it a new way…

All of those symptoms… They’re actually signs that your body needs help.

That’s all.

It’s not mad at you. 🙂

(Well maybe a little…)

When you have symptoms, it’s not your body trying to kill you.

It’s actually your body trying to protect you.

Sound crazy? Listen to this…

Did you know…

  • A high fever is actually your body heating up to rid yourself of toxins. Bad bugs are the body’s ‘response TO’ a toxic body
  • Alzheimer’s is actually an immune response to protect your brain – It actually keeps you alive longer sacrificing short term memory for long term memories that your brain thinks has helped keep you out of danger
  • Lack of minerals and liver health after childbirth is due to the child getting all of that nutrition helping bring new life into the world.

See? Your body isn’t trying to kill you.

It’s trying to help you.

The body is “Bio-Logical”…

Which means it’s simply trying to “make sense of”, cope and adapt to the stress and trauma it’s been receiving over your lifetime…

It’s your job to lovingly help it along. 🙂

And part of the reasons those symptoms come up and don’t go away is that your body is coping with a toxic burden.

Over 5, 10, or even 20 years… “Micro-exposures” from nasty chemicals in cookware, water, furniture, air and food have all built up in your system to put you where you are today.

For most people their symptoms get masked by their doctor’s recommendation of some kind of prescription.

…But that’s just like putting a piece of tape over the check engine light in your car…

It doesn’t change anything and your engine is still messed up!

(By the way – You can do the same thing with supplements.)

The good news is you can detox this stuff.

BUT you’ve got to do it the right way.

You’ve got to work at the cellular level.

My friend Diane Kazer put all of the stuff you need to unlock the toxins from your cells, restore your energy, and get your life back in her new “Warrior Detox” program.

What’s great about the Warrior Detox program is that it’s an “all-in-one”. Meaning you don’t have to go run around to 5 different stores to get all of the stuff to do it.

And if you don’t know Diane… She’s one of the top detox experts in the entire WORLD!

I’m so excited she’s leading a group for this because everything she does is absolutely top notch.

But before I tell you any more about the program I want to tell you what can happen if you DON’T take care of this stuff.

  • Your symptoms get worse
  • Less labs and diagnostics are covered by insurance making it harder to get to the root of the problem…
  • Your symptoms could go from an inconvenience to something debilitating you are forced to see your doctor for…
  • You could be burdened with lifelong autoimmunity because your immune system is trying to protect you from all of these weird foreign toxins in your body that can’t be detoxed through green juices and common binders…

We’re not sure if there’s ANY point at which plastics and residues from silicone implants EVER leave the body.

We’re at a crossroads where you can hit a point where you get so toxic that you can’t turn back…

I don’t say this to scare you. I say this to aware you. 🙂

So you need to get on this and get on it NOW.

Before it’s too late…

>>> Click here to learn more about the Warrior Detox program


>>> (Click here if you have breast implants or recently explanted)


P.S. The Warrior Detox starts on Tuesday April 6. So act fast! Click here to check it out.

Core 4 Toxins / Low Energy  (Email swipe 3)


  • Want a strong immune system? Read this.
  • The “Core 4” that keep you energy poor
  • Low energy? Read this.



Did you know that since the 1930’s Chemical revolution, 100,000 + chemicals have been introduced into our lives?

Among them…

  • Less than 1% of them have been tested for safety
  • ​​There is very little regulation on them
  • ​The small handful of chemicals that have been tested were performed by the companies that profit from them
  • ​2000+ new chemicals are approved every year, but have never been tested for human safety.
  • ​Of that, only around 10 are tested for neurotoxic effects (how they impact the brain)
  • ​None of them have been tested for how they react with other chemicals (toxic symptoms in synergistic effects) 

But the “Core 4” are the most deadly. And you’re most likely being exposed to them every day EVEN IF you live a clean lifestyle.

What are they?

  1. Aluminum
  2. Fluoride
  3. Glyphosate
  4. EMF’s

And if you think, “Ahh what’s a little ______ going to hurt me?”

Let me hit you with the facts…

ALUMINUM is actually abundant in the air you breathe, medications, injections, antacids, aspirin, auto exhaust, beverages in aluminum cans cigarette smoke (even second hand), color additives, cosmetics, mercury amalgam fillings, ‘natural’ deodorants, tap water, pesticides, toothpaste, OTC’s and more….

This is stuff you are exposed to every. day…

EVEN IF you’re using an air filter, natural supplements, and filtering your water. There’s some stuff you just can’t avoid.

FLUORIDE is most found in toothpaste, tap water, and dental treatments. This toxin destroys GOOD gut bugs known as your immune system.

Fluoride in your toothpaste is also absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) where it can go directly to the brain causing symptoms like brain fog…

GLYPHOSATE, a commercial grade-weed killer also sold in big box stores like Wal Mart has contaminated nearly every aspect of our lives.

Oddly enough, glyphosate is found abundantly in highly processed gluten free foods and can STILL be found in organic foods…

It’s also in the water run off so is found in streams, soils, oceans which means we’re breathing it in, drinking it, soaking it up through our skin.

It’s the key hyper-toxic ingredient in RoundUp which we have been taught to use on our lawns.

This is also harmful to your pet that walks on grass, as well as your children that play on it.

It affects your body by causing an extreme loss of magnesium which plays a crucial role in things like sleep, recovery, circulation and performance!

EMF’s (Electro Magentic Fields) are the biology-disrupting radiation fields put out by wifi routers, smart watches, smart TV’s, connected fridges, washers, dryers, and your phone.

EMF’s amplify the harmful effects of the previously listed 3 toxins!!

(If you want to get technical about how this works, EMF’s dysregulate the voltage gated calcium channels in every single cell in your body meaning they lose control of what bad or good stuff gets in or out of the cell wall!)

In a recent interview with Dave Asprey, Dr. Mercola can be quoted saying, “I mean, this is going to be remembered in the future as similar to someone who’s chain-smoking. …The damage is probably worse from this than chain-smoking.”

So if you think you’re living clean but you haven’t cleaned up your Core 4…

You’re on a dangerous path!

And yes, you can go out on Google and YouTube and look up how to clean this stuff up…

But we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to detoxing these chemicals from your body.

You can take the long route or the easy route.

Here’s the easy route.

My friend Diane Kazer put all of the stuff you need to clean up your Core 4, detox the toxins from your cells, restore your energy, and get your life back in her new “Warrior Detox” program.

And if you don’t know Diane… She’s one of the top detox experts in the entire WORLD!

Our world is only getting more toxic every day.

Autoimmunity is on the rise due to the presence of these toxins in your body.

And crazy world leaders want to block out the sun with toxic, brain-fogging, hormone-disrupting chemicals.

The human race is literally at an intersection. Will you stay toxic or be free?

>>> Click here to learn more about the Warrior Detox program


>>> (Click here if you have breast implants or recently explanted)



Free Module Email Swipe Copy



A: The Cleanse Doctors Recommend! (Get FREE ACCESS for a Limited Time)…

  1. Get ready for summer with this FREE gift!



It’s Spring Cleaning and you know what that means!

Allergies, AntiHistamines (which cause hormonal chaos, fatigue, weight gain and more), Hotter Weather (swimsuit time) and an overall desire to ‘Clean it all out’…

Most think of closets, drawers, etc.

Which is GREAT, but I want to propose you prioritize Cleansing Personal Care Products, Environment, Food, Water AND your Entire Body, from your Gut and Liver to your Brain and Fat Cells … because Toxins and Infections living in your body that release them are the #1 Key Reason you’re sick that Most miss or don’t address properly!

I want to GIVE you the System that does!

If you want to overcome the weight gain, broken brain, body pain and energy drain, the essential first step is to Cleanse the S.H.I.T. that causes it!

What is S.H.I.T.?

It stands for something so simple, yet SO fundamental to understand about what causes you to suffer with symptoms…and once you understand these 4 Key Root Causes that your doctor isn’t talking to you about (short of taking pills), you’ll be empowered to accomplish what thousands of patients referred by well known doctors, all around the world have in the last few months with the Warrior Cleanse!

And the BEST news?

I want to GIFT this to you!


MODULE 1 of the Warrior Cleanse is SO impactful, it’s worth hundreds alone for how much it will save you in time, money and energy on wasted cleanse pills, powders, potions, protocols and programs that have failed you.

The ‘Health’ game has changed radically in the last 2 years and the level of toxicity and parasite infections is higher than ever. There are more toxic heavy metals and poisons in our air, food, water and parasites spreading among us, that are more concerning than the V’s.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there’s a formula that I created after tens of thousands of hours of research, clinical experience, case studies, trial and error…that is not only changing lives, it’s SAVING them (not an understatement).

In order for you to overcome and reverse all disease, illness and symptoms (and the drugs that mask them), it’s vital for you to understand the damage toxins and parasites cause, the connection they have to amplifying EMF and 5G harm inside your body, and the full spectrum solutions on how to not only detox them but also to reduce your exposure to them.

Because if you’re not, and your health isn’t as ‘on point’ as possible, if you get sick…you’ll be forced to go to the hospital and we know what’s happening there today.

My mission is to help you overcome ALL chronic illness, symptoms and dependence on medical prescriptions and procedures, a vision we should all have for our future…

Because when you have your health, you can have everything – a healthy mind, body AND spirit!


Cleanse the Toxins that make you Sick, Self Heal Symptoms, and Transform your Life from the Inside Out – FREE Module, Colon Cleanse, Liver Detox & Guide on how to Detox Graphene Oxide, Heavy Metals and Disease causing Toxins the RIGHT way in the RIGHT order + Learn the 5G/EMF + Toxins connection & How to Protect yourself!


Module 1 of the Warrior Cleanse (a $47 value) + 25% off my entire Warrior Cleanse course, for a limited time, so be sure to check it out here today, before our gift offering is gone!

That’s it for now,

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