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Watch the video to learn about the upcoming Full Moon Challenge on September 27th at 4 PM PST.

Purchase any of the qualifying kits below and look for an email from us with details on the webinar and how to join us on September 27th. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Parasite Cleanse Full Moon Kit

We recommend you use this kit during the full moon cycle for optimal parasite cleansing.

With a drop in melatonin downregulating the immune system and a spike in serotonin enabling parasite mobility during a full moon, it’s the perfect time to provide your body with extra support to maximize detox results and evict unwanted guests!


Liver Cleanse & Support Kit

Support the liver and open drainage pathways, recommended to take for 7 days before doing the Parasite Cleanse Kit.

Ideal for anyone looking to optimize their digestion and immune health, as each supplement supports healthy kidney, liver, and bile duct function, as well as lymphatic movement.


Parasite & Liver Cleanse Bundle

Combined bundle includes the Parasite Cleanse Full Moon Kit and the Liver Cleanse 444 Kit.

Guarantees you have everything you need to properly cleanse, starting with opening the drainage pathways and then eliminating unwanted parasites.


Warrior Cleanse Foundational Five

Recommended supplements from the Warrior Cleanse.

Diane guides you through a deeper level of cleansing with directions on how and when to phase each of these supplements in throughout the 10 Week Course.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Warrior Cleanse.


Detox Support Kit

Designed to optimize and support the body’s natural detoxification processes and promote system balance.

Together, these supplements support optimal liver, thyroid, and kidney function and a healthy gut microbiome.*


ViRadChem Binder

Promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify while supporting cellular repair.* Acai, artichoke leaf, broccoli leaf, and wheatgrass are added to lend increased support to the body’s free radical scavenging systems.


BC-ATP Mitochondrial & Detox Support

BC-ATP is our most powerful supplement for supporting and optimizing mitochondrial function, which in turn means improved cognitive function, mental clarity and focus, and sustained physical ENERGY.


S-TRO Hormone Support

S-TRO contains a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs — including ashwagandha root, astragalus root extract, maca root, Masson pine pollen, and turmeric root — to support healthy estrogen and testosterone levels in both men and women.


Bowel Mover Digestive & Drainage Support

Bowel Mover is a natural digestive aid that gently promotes bowel movements, supports intestinal health, peristalsis, and proper digestive function. Twelve herbs and botanicals in this proprietary blend — including clove bud, fennel seed, garlic bulb, senna leaf, and wormwood — are formulated in specific ratios for maximum efficacy. 


CHI Supplement Line

The CHI Supplement line has everything you need for beauty, energy, hormone balance and gut health. Explore this amazing product line today!

TCD Prep Phase


TCD Body Phase


TCD Brain Phase


TCD Cellular Vitality


TCD Bind

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