you’re RIGHT.

It get better!

You ARE destined for more energy.
Built for greater things.

Maybe you don’t feel it now, but you will.
You’re not broken, sister.

Your approach to healing might be, but don’t worry, that’s not your fault.
The average warrior woman today feels JUST like you do and is facing the same challenges.
“Why do I feel so fat, fatigued, and frustrated?”

But, the struggle ends now. It ends HERE. What awaits you is a tribe of kick ass, health hungry women who will be your best cheerleaders, teachers and unicorn warrior sisters for life!  We get it.  And get YOU. And are eager to support you with heart work, along your path toward HORMONAL FREEDOM.

If you hear yourself saying ‘it’s time…my body, my hormones, my LIFE, deserve better. I am destined for MORE’, my world renowned Warrior For Life CHI program, is your solution for a MAJOR upgrade!  Move over moo-moo, mama’s bringing out the sexy dress.

Your transformation begins with hormones!

Because, REAL TALK. Today we have all the knowledge we need at our fingertips, but it’s a maze to figure out alone. Holy overwhelming! Like you have time for that! It takes effort and energy, which is where most fail. But we won’t let you. We do all the work for you, so all you have to do is show up, do the things, and watch your life and body transform before your eyes!

Let’s take your #FMH to #LMH – Love my Hormones!

Here’s a preview of what AMAZINGness you can expect from being a bad ass Woman Warrior in our Warrior for Life Tribe:

  • Jumpstart your success with the Fast Track Warrior Cleanse 4 week program to address your entire endocrine system, supercharge your energy, cleanse your body, build a sexy belly and drop unwanted fat, while building desired muscle tone. #lovemybody
  • Operations & Organization - It’s hard to eat healthy without a system. We give you everything you need to succeed - shopping lists, online money saving options, meal plans, mouth watering, easy, fast recipes, supplement protocols to heal your hormones, and more! #butfirstadaptogens
  • A loving, motivated community of women who really get what you’re going through and are ready to support you along the way. Whether you struggle with Goddess Garden issues, PMS, thyroid disease, hormonal weight gain or low sex drive (Your partner is now thinking ‘OMG please do this!). Consider this the Sister Sorority you’ve always wanted. We’re here to celebrate you, your wins, ‘failures’ AND you unfold your MESSterpiece toward Hormonal Freedom! #SiSTARhood
  • Humorous, tough love, real talk, life-changing advice from Diane and fitness celebrity, Lunden Souza. We’re in the group as your guides AND participants and will be there with kale stems (and a lot of love) to whip yo’ bum when yer slackin OR obsessing and stifling your progress because perfectionism got your tongue. #realAF
  • Monthly interviews with experts from the beauty, medical, fitness, nutritional fields to bring in the latest and greatest information and tips, so you’re FIRST in the know before it becomes a thing. #trendsetter
  • Monthly group calls with me (and your Warrior sisters!) so you can get all of your questions answered, on-the-spot, by an expert, who’s been where you have. #couragetogrow

Being a Warrior for Life is more than a program – it’s sisterhood on a mission.
Where women like YOU go ‘all in’ to achieve their hormonal happiness, dream body and life without limits…together.

Are you ready for a major life upgrade?

We’re ditching the fat, fatigue and frustration … forever!

I just wanted someone to tell me the right way to take care of myself and that's what Diane does. I have followed all of her advice to the letter and let me tell you, this works. This is the real deal you've been searching so long for. If you are really ready for vitality and everything else you've imagined for yourself, do this right now. How much longer can you tolerate feeling like crap?

These women all share something in common with you.
They wanted to feel better.
Here are their stories…

Lunden Souza , Fitness Celebrity of Runtastic

Birth Control Detox & Hormone Revival

After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings…we were able to take care of it ALL in 8 months. I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years! Despite eating super healthy, training consistently and getting enough sleep – birth control was destroying my mind, body and HORMONES. My credentials, research and “being the healthiest person I know” wasn't helping. Diane completely changed my LIFE not only through practice but through education. She taught me everything as we went along and I REALLY UNDERSTOOD the root causes. If you've tried everything, have a burning desire to be who you were TRULY meant to be and are really SERIOUS about kicking ass – Diane is THE person to work with hands down! I also must say that I live in Austria and all of our appointments were done online. Super professional, easy to book appointments!

Jennifer Wright

Flip the bird to Fibroids. Standing “O” to your Improved OVARIES!

I’ve met with many professionals while trying to feel better (over the years I have struggled with things ranging from acid reflux, joint pain, fibroids and SIBO) and this is the FIRST time that I feel like I have someone who is looking at my whole health. I recommend Diane because 1) She's real, she's not going to give you a fairy tale answer but keep it real about what healing truly looks like while extending hope. 2) She is informed! This woman is so so so passionate about learning new things and sharing it with others in order to truly make a difference. 3) She's been there. One thing that stood out to me is she has dealt with many of the things that I had struggled with. When speaking with Diane she not only is full of knowledge but and empathy of someone who has walked in your shoes.

Chari Gilbert

No more ACNE. You Glow Girl!

I have worked with Diane for a little over a month now and what a change! There were times I was doubled over in pain and hated going out from adult cystic acne. While I thought I was being “healthy” it was not what my body needed. In working with Diane she was able to help diagnose what what causing some of the pain and issues and with lifestyle changes and giving my body what I needed, I am pain free and have clear skin!

Maricela Perez

Migraine free with ENERGY!

I cannot express how grateful I am to have met Diane. I suffered from daily chronic migraines, many doctors, 5 years, numerous drugs, I practically lived in the ER. I was in the most dark, confusing place in my life, debating suicide. 2 months later, I haven't had a migraine that send me to the hospital…A MIRACLE. I'm off all my medications; my menstrual cycle is normal, I feel alive, I’m back at the gym, my daughters and husband are happier to have a mom/wife that is present. Would I recommend Diane Kazer to you? Definitely, YES!

Sarah Garcia

Bye Bye Bipolar Bowels and Bloating. Hello Sexy Belly!

GERD, IBS, belly bloat and angry bowels left me struggling to get up for work. i had no energy to be a mom, wife, functional person. Many doctor visits with no solutions that worked, I was running out of options. I turned to Diane for help. Diane was extremely affordable compared to others who offer the same advice but for a heftier price tag. So I took the plunge. After just a week of following Diane's plan I began to feel relief. After just one month my symptoms reduced significantly. I am extremely excited to have my life back. Don't second guess your gut, take that plunge! I can't imagine where I would be had I not.

Nurse Cori

Axe the Anti Depressants. Happiness & Hot Pants Await you!

When I met Diane, I was so sick. But not sick with anything the doctors could ever diagnose. ZERO sex drive, stuck at size 12, Constantly Irritable, depressed, fat, unworthy. For decades. Tried every imaginable antidepressant, nothing worked. I'd tried so hard to lose weight on this plan or that. Weight watchers, ketogenic, starvation. I’d lose a little weight then gain it back. I lost hope; everything failed me. 2 months later, I have VITALITY, my clothes don’t fit, I crave sex…


Are you looking to get straight to the point with custom solutions?

We put together THE best healing packages, just waiting for you to pick which is right for you!

If you’re struggling with skin issues, low energy, stubborn fat loss, digestion challenges, depression, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease OR simply need some motivation and a coach who will deliver you real talk with some tough yet genuine love, I’m your girl!

My one-on-one consultations are designed for the woman who is on a mission to remodel her life and body (hey, that’s YOU!)…so she can alleviate what’s holding her back once and for all and chase her DREAMS with reckless abandon. We have a 6 pillar body shaping system which encompasses Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adaptogenic herbs, Mindset and Stress reduction. We’ll meet you where you’re at and start supporting you at your weakest link so you can become your strongest YOU.

The best news?

You’ve got 3 kick-ass options…which one sounds like YOU?


“I want Energy & Mental Clarity”
Minerals, Metals and Metabolism

The ENERGY package + Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Is Perfect For You If…

  • You wish to SIMPLIFY and learn the EXACT supplement protocol, meal plan, and recipes that are special made for YOU and your life AND that you enjoy. I hear you, unicorn siSTAR. Too many options, not enough ‘what’s right for ME’?
  • You prefer a functional LAB approach to help you uncover some possible ROOT causes for your hormonal, metabolic, mood, and energy issues, PLUS uncover toxin build up and mineral deficiencies, excess, as well as trends that contribute to or make you more susceptible to disease.
  • You’re already a Warrior For Life,”, but you want to go deeper and customize your approach, especially if what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working. Don’t worry if you’re not, I have a special deal for you with this package on how you CAN be!

What You'll Get

  • Basic Health Assessment, where you share your symptoms, medical history, health challenges, food cravings, energy levels, current supplement, sleep, detox, lifestyle and exercise habits so I can get a good look ‘under your hood’. ($97 value)
  • 90 minute Private Consultation Call, where we review your labs, assessment, medical history and goals in detail so I can create a custom plan for you, which addresses: How many carbs, fat and protein should I eat? How often? Snacks? Which specific foods are best for ME? Acid or alkaline water (no, alkaline is NOT good for everyone)? Which supplements and herbs should I take? ($195 value)
  • Complete Mineral and Heavy Metal Lab Report – a 20 + page analysis of your specific mineral imbalances, heavy metal toxicity levels and mineral ratios that reveal underlying root cause issues for even the most complicated conditions that doctors have a hard time revealing. ($97 value)
  • Jumpstart Detox and Supplement protocol to start, that even your 5 year old could follow. And you can travel with. And afford. And enjoy…without swallowing horse sized pills. Don’t worry, yours will be unicorn sized. And custom fit to your needs. These aren’t your average vitamins either. Be prepared to actually FEEL them working, so YOU can work better, smarter and HEARTER. ($195 value)


Your Investment: $397

You SAVE 32% or $190

“I want Motivation, Happy Hormones and a Sexy Body”
Hormones, Happiness & Health Roadblocks

This package would be PERFECT for you if you feel like you’re MOSTLY whole, but are having some ‘nagging’ health issues, which may look like this:
  • Same as Package 1 But in addition, you want a deeper dive into your ACTUAL hormone levels, metabolites (predicts cancer odds), estrogen dominance patterns, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, migraines and other hormonal issues.
  • You’re a return client and wish to rerun labs and check the status of your health, get a quick reboot and desire some inspiration to get you back on track!
  • “I need a second opinion from someone who know’s their $hit”. Likely, you have worked or are working with other practitioners (such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths) and desire a second opinion (or third, or fourth…)

What You'll Get

  • In-depth Health Assessment, where you dish it all girlfriend. To get the dream life, energy and body you desire, I have to know what’s holding you back and where it began. Together we’ll observe patterns and how they affect you, from moods to sleeping habits to poops to exercise, I need to know it ALL. ($97 value)
  • Functional LAB results focused protocol creations, that we pace in the two included sessions. First, MINERALS and metals – cleansing, inflammation, rest, rebuilding, digestion, and more); second, HORMONES and metabolism – energy, fat loss, PMS, sex health, body shaping, and more. This two phase, integrated approach will allow us to explore and optimize hormone levels, estrogen metabolism, liver health, stress patterns, endocrine needs, mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity at a more comfortable pace. ($395 value)
  • Two 60-minute Private Consultation Calls, where we review your assessment, medical history and goals in detail so I can create a fully custom plan for you, outlining your specific food, supplement, exercise and lifestyle changes. ($300 value)
  • ‘Routine for you’ Perfect Day Unicorn Warrior Protocol which outlines your daily action plan from dusk to dawn so you have everything you need to start making changes, NOW. I’ll tell you what to eat, how to meal prep, which herbs to take and where to buy them to save you time and money ($150 value)
  • ‘Fit for you’ Fitness Plan where I outline the exercise that is best for you to your hormonal and detoxification status. YES, it’s super important. Did you know the wrong kind of exercise can cause more hormonal damage and mental fatigue? HINT: Most women are killing themselves here, because we’re taught more effort = more loss ($97 value)
  • Labs Fees = $360 hormone lab + $149 HTMA (value $509)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,548

Your Investment: $997

You SAVE 36% or $550

In 6 amazing, ground-breaking, life upgrading months, we’ll work closely together 1 on 1 on a weekly basis, to dive deep into every issue you came for and more. Mindset mastery, hormone harmony, energy ecstasy, productivity, operations, systems, deeper detox…even the MOST complicated cases, Diane can help! You WILL NOT recognize you, nor your body, nor your life in this intense life reform.

  • Extensive, lifelong medical history, assessment, results and recommendations comprehensive consultation to review your goals, current roadblocks, and results and interpretation of your previous lab tests in detail, to discover what you can do NOW to improve your health – no guessing here, we look inside you with real functional medicine tools to discover root causes of disease. This gives us our start point and order in which we work to remove, restore, repair and rebalance your body. THIS UNCOVERS THE KEY CLUES TO HELP ME, HELP YOU Restore & Reboot your SEXY BODY.
  • Includes WEEKLY 45 minute Nutrition Consultations for the first 3 weeks of each month and unlimited email support (Diane takes the last week of every month off – private FB group is available however)
  • Enjoy Diane on retainer for entire partnership. Unlimited value. The first 3-4 months working with her gets you feeling amazing, the last 3-4 helps you retain the lifestyle you need to maintain it! What’s the point of investing in transforming if it doesn’t stick?
  • Private 1 on 1 access to Diane between sessions to go deeper and learn more.
  • Full Detox lifestyle, systems, and products that will help you achieve better results faster, because I get it – immediate gratification (especially preferred if you have a ‘big event’ planned such as a wedding, planning for a baby, competition, sports event, etc)
  • ‘Dream team’ referrals and professional evaluation of specialized practitioners who might compliment your transformation (this is HUGE, save a ton of money and time wasted on procedures and unreputable places).
  • Personal care products, DIY beauty routines, recipes, therapeutic modalities such as cellulite, skin remodels, hair restoration, surgery, cancer recovery and more.
  • Full Access to the BEST CLEANSE PROGRAM in the world, The Warrior Cleanse ($147 VALUE)
  • Practitioner pricing for Labs (you only pay our cost).
  • 30 day HEALING PROTOCOL with monthly revisions customized to progress and goals. ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS WITH THIS PACKAGE

The most POPULAR package! 90% of our clients chose this because their friends who referred them did too, and realized that the best way to make lasting change is through habit forming, which is statistically proven to form after 30 days of dedicated practice. With 6 pillars of health we are working on transforming, we focus on one new habit forming per month in this partnership, to ensure long term and permanent change which = long term and permanent results and vitality.


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