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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

Hear one woman’s journey from health hell to healthy and well in the matter of weeks, no matter your genetics, background, age or circumstances. Where there’s a warrior, there’s a way! Join Patricia Clancy and I so we can share her vulnerable story from breakdown to break-through in past trauma, relationships, physical symptoms and business struggles. This is a great listen, especially if you or someone you know is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or an autoimmune condition.

When  Patricia first came to work with us through the CHI Transformation program she was diagnosed with MS and had tried many many things to improve her health on her own (including reading lots, attending summits, and trying various programs all the while wasting time and money)

Hear it directly from her: “With the MS, I had many different symptoms, all unpleasant. The worst were extreme dizziness/vertigo About 25% of the time, I was using a wheelchair. That doesn’t sound like much, but when it's you, it's a lot.  I spent Some of the Spring and most of the summers in a wheelchair. It’s now July and I haven't been in the wheelchair in months!

**Attention, this episode discusses childhood sexual abuse.

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In this episode

  • 1. What supplements you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be taking
  • 2. Change your morning routine with a singular protein powder 
  • 3. What goes into Beauty, Immunity, Energy and Vitality?
  • 4. The facets that go into creating a supplement

Patricia's Recent Facebook Post:

TWICE in the past three days, I was able to walk through the grocery store for about 45 minutes each time, and I was STILL able to WALK out of the store! 15 minutes was my max before!

Here’s the whole background:

Diagnosed in Dec 2013 (after about 12 years of milder symptoms and several neurologists).

I’m okay inside houses. Natural light is best.

Otherwise, I have many triggers, all of which affect my mobility, many times to the point where I end up in the wheelchair:

Fluorescent lights, heat, cold, breeze, smells, fright (which happens often with depleted adrenals), many foods and/or products, change in body temperature of more than .25 degrees, barometric pressure, rain, moisture, and change in season.

Those are the trigger I have figured out so far!

Once I experience a trigger, I have seconds to 15 minutes to get myself to safety before the legs go. In the beginning, I found myself sitting on the grocery store floor just so I wouldn’t fall.

Once I lose my mobility, it takes hours (and a nap) to recover. It’s so exhausting- in a way it’s impossible to explain.

This increase in ability to tolerate the grocery store is HUGE, even if it’s just 1/2 hour!

Yay me! #NoWheelchair #iCANwalk!

Pre-CHI she had many blocks that were keeping her from her health goals…

❌ Being diagnosed with MS

❌ Unresolved Tramas

❌ Not fully knowing herself

❌ Physical symptoms including extreme fatigue, dizziness/vertigo & many more that would get triggered constantly

❌ Spent 25% of her time in a wheelchair

❌ AND Came to find out she was loaded with parasites too!!

In going through CHI, Patricia realized all of this and that she was really only living up to about 50% of her true potential in life!

This all changed through the program and in her own words she now says she’s up to living about 75% of her potential and that is continuing to improve. “The journey isn’t over, and neither is my improvement. I graduated with a plan going forward, and ongoing support.”

Post-CHI her accomplishments have well exceeded what she had originally imagined…

🙌 Waking up refreshed

🙌 Learning how to eat for her body and CHI helped her find the best foods for HER

🙌 No more working long hours

🙌 Truly understands her own self worth

🙌  Improvement in her mobility

🙌 Has been out of her wheelchair for months now!!! (So INSPIRING!!)

When we asked Patricia what she is doing now that she never imagined she could she told us she now takes time for herself! “I didn’t even think about my own self worth before, but now I COME FIRST!”

You always come first Warriors! It's time to get over your trauma and toxins so that you can unblock your own ability to heal yourself!! AND You don’t have to do it alone… Reach out to me and click the link in my bio to set up a free Breakthrough call so we can help you too learn to put yourself first and start living more of your own potential in life

If your doctor tells you there’s nothing you can do to heal from autoimmune disease, they’re ❌ WRONG ❌ !!

Patricia did just that 🦄🔥


Here are Patricia’s 12 Steps:

  1. The thought is that I'm not enough; I wasn't old enough to play/hang out with my older siblings, so I had no friends. I wasn't smart enough (like my brother, or our neighbor)…”97? What happened to the other 3 points?”.  I wasn't pretty enough or fun enough for kids my age (two older sisters were prettier/more fun). On and on…I also felt like I don't exist.
  2. HELL NO it's not true!!!
  3. My younger sister and brother in law have been coaching me for years; telling me about how great I am – even giving me examples.  It took two failed marriages, among other things, to get to the point where I finally realize my value.
  4. I hid from everyone. Literally. We had a weeping willow tree I used to hide under. If I wasn't there, I was in the woods, or even hiding under my bed.  I hung out with AND MARRIED the wrong people! I felt empty.
  5. The symptoms were in my head (with cluster migraines), my stomach (nausea), eventually my gallbladder died and actually started rotting in my body!
  6. I feel 4 years old!!!
  7. Being alone, hiding under the weeping willow tree. It was my safe place, while my older siblings played and did fun things.
  8. My brother (who actually IS a good person) was “the boy”, and therefore, most important. He also was (is) so incredibly bright…perfect SAT bright. The same was true for my neighbor and friend, Amy Herman (she's also pretty amazing).  While they are both amazing now, and I understand my parents wanting me to look up to them/try to strive to improve myself, it came across like I wasn't good enough.
  9. Acknowledgement that I'm a good person, and having others (anyone) be interested in me for who I really am.
  10. My ego knows that I get a LOT of attention when I talk about how I wasn't enough.
  11. I'm really am pushing myself to not accept what my ego says (I'm working through being the warrior challenging the judge).  I would be FREE to be the person I really am…imperfect and goofy!
  12. Others' perception of me is really a perception of the hidden person I was showing everyone – not the real me. When I allow myself to be the goofball that I am, I have the most fun, AND I notice that people ARE interested!  WHOA!


On a wellness scale, I'm a 6. My physical health needs help. I'm working through my past trauma and suppressed feelings. It's very scary, and thrilling to work through all of this!


My Brand-New Supplement Line

Supplement Pyramid

I wanted to try to make things easier for people embarking on a supplement journey. 

For the last 20 years, I've been doing all different sorts of things. I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, which means that I look for root cause issues in your tissues that are causing you to suffer with symptoms and sadness and a level of stuckness that maybe you're not even sure why maybe you're super sick. This was true for me, for a very long time. I took a lot of supplements. In fact, at one point, I had about 30 supplements on my shelves. 

I was like, “Okay, enough is enough. How did I even get here? Which supplements are for what? Who told me to take these? My one doctor told me this, and my coach told me to take this. I read somewhere online take this, and I watched something on Dr. Oz that…”

Maybe you're taking these because they were “buy one, get one free.” You're like, “Oh great, buy one, get one free. And it says that I should have more energy, or more fat loss.”

That hook gets us almost all the time, right?  The majority of the time, when I see them, they're very toxic products. They're filled with a lot of binders and fillers and artificial ingredients and artificial colors, and things that actually block your body's ability to absorb them. 

That’s why I created this supplement line. Take a look here for what I offer, and listen to the podcast for my recommendations. 

You can also schedule a FREE CALL with my team to assess your needs!


I had gotten a lot of unwanted sexual attention and that's not what I meant the kind of attention I was looking for. I then realized what I was actually getting is pity. I'm good with who I am and you and the other women in the group were able to show me or make me realize that I am for the way I am. The person I am is a good person. There's no reason why I need other people to see that, and you helped me turn that around because I definitely used to be a different person depending on what the other person wanted me to be. It’s really freeing.” [00:00]

“I am strong, I can get over this, but I have to prove it to myself” [19:41]


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