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OCTOBER 21st - 24th, 2021

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For those who don't focus on wellness now will be forced to deal with illness later! Welcome to the Future. The Warrior Cleanse IS the future of health-care. Only you don’t have to wait that long.


High quality supplements to simplify your life!

Diane designed this Total Body System, to Cleanse your Body, Heal your gut, Optimize your Hormones Ignite your Core Beauty, Energy and Immunity foundations. 


‘Killer Breasts’ Book!

Got Breast Implant Illness? Unexplained symptoms? Discover Diane's 3 Step formula that has healed thousands of women.

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15 Real life Stories of Women who Share their Journey from Killer Breasts to Explant & Beyond​

This 11 Part series is a MUST Watch for Anyone Wanting to Cure Their Body of Harmful Toxins​

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As seen in:

Diane was honored to have been selected as Top Nutritionist in California

You’re a passionate woman. Driven. A fierce leader. You have BIG dreams.

You’re not feeling yourself. You’re overwhelmed. You’ve tried what feels like EVERYTHING to get better, yet you’re still feeling just…ok…

Many years, many doctors, many disappointments…all you heard was ‘take this pill’, ‘your labs are normal’, ‘we don’t know what’s wrong with you’ and ‘it’s all in your head’. At best, you’ve tried Hormone Replacement Therapy, but it’s only helped a little.

For the amount of time, energy and money you’ve spent, you should feel WAY better by now.

We Can Help - Are you ready to be FREE?

But there’s only one problem…

Most health ‘experts’ and specialists today dish out solutions that won’t work. Prescriptions. Fad Diets. Supplements. Fasts. Excess Cardio. Not only that, they make us MORE sick.

They may work to feel better for a month or so, but not for good, because they’re missing the mark on what’s making you sick and tired in the first place. There is a HUGE difference between feeling better for a moment vs feeling better for a lifetime.

CHI Warrior Transformation is Different. AND it Works.

Because we teach you how to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your hormonal and metabolic chaos, and how to fix it FAST, you’ll feel unstoppable again.

We are a hybrid of naturopathic medicine, conscious entrepreneurship, nutrition, yoga wisdom, functional fitness, life coaching and mindset mastery. There is nothing out there like this.

If this sounds like music to your hormones, click below to see how we do this in our Free Masterclass, where I reveal the secret formula we have taught thousands of women around the world to unf*ck their fatigue and fix their hormones without wasting any more time at the doctor’s office or thousands of dollars on ‘quick fixes’ that don’t work!

These women like you, ran out of options, but they never ran out of hope.
That’s why you’re here. Your body may feel broken, but your soul is not.

Don’t waste another day, let’s fix this NOW so you can say:

And we believe, wholeheartedly, that this formula IS the way. 


… is to educate and empower fiercely passionate women leaders with safer beauty, body and breast solutions from products and procedures to diet and detox, so they can age ‘Hormoniously' and holistically, with the energy and vitality they need to courageously step into their power, speak their voice and spark their purpose!

Listen to My Latest Podcasts Here

“A pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Detox Specialist, Toxins Expert, Courage Coach and Holistic Beauty Expert, Diane has had many challenging health conditions and has built ‘recovery' protocols to successfully overcome them. With this experience, she has helped thousands of clients around the world as their ‘last resort' from failed attempts at ‘everything'.

Diane created the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Holistic Health Institute and Warrior Detox Program, certifying coaches and teaching clients to activate their intuition to self heal, empowering them with life-long tools to reverse auto-immune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma and perfectionism through functional medicine labs, custom detox and mastering mindset.

She is the Author of Killer Breasts, creator of the Explant Solution, producer of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit and Ickonics 10 part ‘Dying to be Beautiful’ Docuseries’. Her mission is to inspire you to embrace your natural beauty and God Given gifts, shedding the S.H.I.T. that releases you to Live your Best Life with love, laughter and liberation. Diane will NOT let you Fail!”

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Emily Shannon

Emily explains clearly why removing your breast implants won't necessarily resolve your symptoms and the crucial pieces you need to cover before starting a detox program.

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Genaye L

Overcame mental fog, extreme fatigue and lack of clarity and focus and unexplained weight gain despite her unwavering commitment to exercise.

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Dr Patricia Reber

Patricia bravely shares how CHI helped her look at her patterns of numbing, trauma and PTSD. She powerfully overcame them and then used them to strengthen and awaken to her higher self.

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Patricia Clancy

Before joining CHI, Patricia had been diagnosed with MS and tried many things to improve her health on her own. Her health improved so drastically she was able to ditch her wheelchair and take back her life.

Diane & The CHI Team Support Warrior Men

"Diane is THE BEST! I travel internationally a lot, and she was able to customize an on the go nutrition and detox protocol for me, based on my labs, that led to amazing results - in just the first month alone, I lost 15 pounds, and my energy went through the roof. I think clearer, sleep better and my junk food cravings diminished."
Mike Roberts
CEO of Sharper Image, FAO Schwartz, 360 Company
"Ever since I began working with Diane, I have become much more aware of my eating and exercise habits on a long term basis. No longer do I feel that it is a burden or a phase but more of permanent way of living. Eating healthy and staying fit on the go is a huge challenge, but Diane got me over that hump."
Marley D Williams
Bassist, Rebelution
"Diane is a part of my wellness team, as her philosophy is on point in seeking to find the underlying cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. I wish there were more health practitioners like Diane that would actually look within the body as a whole, rather than try and treat 1 part with a pill, potion or lotion!"
Dr. Brandon Haskins
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
"Few people I've met in this profession take health as seriously as this woman. I have worked with Diane over the past 3 years to accomplish things that others may take a lifetime to. If you’re looking for the answers most doctors aren’t able to provide, on your body as a whole, prepare for the transformation of your life!"
Evan Hesse
CEO Central Ave Pictures & Studio Charlotte
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Marisa Reyes

Restored sex drive and recovered from chronic colds, allergies and fatigue in a matter of weeks

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Lunden Souza

Cleared Up Cystic Acne, eliminated PMS and mood swings, phased off birth control with no side effects & lost 5lbs of toxic inflammation 

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Bailey McCabe

Detox'ed off Birth Control, Anti-Depressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds,Restored health & energy from major adrenal fatigue

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Gina Mariannachi

Restored sex drive and recovered from chronic colds, allergies and fatigue in a matter of weeks


Watch Our Free Training & Discover How To Decode Your Symptoms & Get to The Root Cause Of Hormone Imbalances, Auto-Immune Conditions, Breast Implant Illness and Fatigue, Fear and Fat Resistance, for good.