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Dr Oz… Is he still following the ‘yellow brick road’ to health?  Or is he the ‘man behind the red curtain’ he encourages us to pay no attention to, that the food industry has exposed? You be the judge…CLICK HERE to read the article I’m commenting on below.  An ensuing newsletter was published days later, with commentary by Dr. Gary Null, including a letter he addressed to Dr Oz, asking that he consider rescinding his declaration.  To read the letter, CLICK HERE.

A week ago, my heart sunk when I read this article from one of the public organizations I follow, called Natural News. Dr Oz officially came out of the closet as a GMO supporter, contradicting his claim to eat organic because of the associated health risks of pesticides, less than 2 months ago.  It almost smells like he was threatened with an ultimatum of sorts (Monsanto? Politics?) with how quickly he changed his advice. What saddens me is that I really like what Dr Oz is doing by educating us as to how to eat more sensibly, lead a better quality of life and to challenge us to think.  While I don't always agree with him, he's doing some good out there.

I do believe the flag is now at full mast to mark the start of food war.  My heart goes out to you all, my friends, at this point in our existence with the barrage of conflicting research and claims over health matters.  It’s as if someone dropped a gas bomb over us to cloud our judgment on how to fulfill the one instinct that largely determines our quality and duration of life.  The same week that Oz’s Time magazine article debuted, Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the US, published a newsletter, advising members to avoid GMOs and warning against their harmful effects.  The choice is ultimately yours, but I personally prefer not to be the lab rat for the white coats who lack long term studies proving GMO’s safety for our bodies.  Particularly, I dislike Dr. Oz referring to those who prefer organics as such, as food snobs, and that organics are something that only 1% of the population can afford. It really boils down to priorities, and seemingly, his is being subsidized by GMO backed corporations. I guess I’m ‘Proud to be a FOOD SNOB'.  Hey, sounds like a suitable impetus for some cool Signature Tees ay?

Herein lies the confusion…This causes cancer, this doesn’t, eat this, not that, this makes you fat, no it doesn’t, yes it does, ok but at least it doesn’t cause cancer…ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH!  This topic is no exception to the rule with politics and religion carrying the same conflicting undertones, but optimally, if we lack health, we lack life force, prana, as we refer to it in yoga.  We are witnessing a significant shift on our planet; with the overwhelming variety of information we’re exposed to instigating paralysis…WHO DO WE LISTEN TO?

I feel a new purpose brewing inside me…In India, I received an abundance of blessings, I was veiled with hope and a fresh injection of strength to contribute more. Until Jesus, Moses, Allah, Buddah, purported aliens or a meteor ‘rescues us’ from this mess and hits the reset button, we still must all do our part. NOW, more than EVER, is the time where we need to start thinking for OURSELVES.  Shave off your sheep wool and emerge your own doctor, since as the research shows…The average medical student receives ”23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction during medical school” concluding: “The amount of nutrition education in medical schools remains inadequate” and that, ”practicing physicians continually rate their nutrition knowledge and skills as inadequate”.  If food is purported to be medicine, why is this so?

Question your doctor, the media, me…try things on yourself, take a genetic test to see what your genes thrive on, foods and exercises to avoid, so as not to turn on the genes you possess that promote disease.  To read more about the Genetic test I offer, CLICK HERE.

Of the diseases we’re plagued with today, many of them were simply unheard of at the turn of the century. For example, In 1900, heart disease and cancer accounted for only 13 percent of the deaths. The rate of death from cancer has nearly tripled and the rate for heart disease has nearly doubled from 1900 to today.  In 10 years, nearly half of us are estimated to have had or will contract cancer.  Why is this so?  The answer is likely to be multi faceted, however consider this analogy…Of the cars in the junkyard, likely 5% of them were lemons, while the other 95% were due to operator error.  The same can be applied to our genes…small cases of disease can be attributed to rare mutations in our genes, while the majority of us make poor lifestyle choices…poor eating habits, high stress jobs/lives, not exercising, etc.  Even the most PERFECT eating and exercise protocols can fail our bodies and promote disease if we maintain stressful lives, as high stress and unresolved emotions trump what otherwise would be considered ‘healthy’ choices. What does our body perceive as STRESS? We fail to seek to understand our bodies to the point of nourishing ourselves based on our genetic make up.  We now have the ability to discover which genes we possess that predispose us to certain diseases, yet we continue to point the finger at our parents, for passing down ‘bad genes’ to us, like they were some sort of crappy Christmas gift we were forced to use.  This is why I’m proud to offer 3 pieces of advice…

a)    TAKE YOUR GENETIC TEST TODAY to learn more about YOUR engine, to empower your health and quality of life.

b)   Pay attention to your thoughts.  Avoid rejecting them, just be aware of their content.  Explore where they might be coming from and INVEST time into their resolve.  Question YOUR true highest self vs the programming you’ve received.  Who are YOU deep down?  Once you’ve closed the chapters of your past, and practiced responding to perceived STRESS with calm, you’ll be able to maintain not a stress free, but a REDUCED stress life, also encompassing the 80-20 rule.  It’s perfectly normal to have negative thoughts, but it’s not to believe we’ll ever be normally perfect!

c)    Visit this website and watch this documentary on how our emotions play a bigger role in our health than we have ever imagined.  CLICK HERE to view ‘The Cure Is', for a limited time.

Along the way, take note of what works for YOU.  And most importantly, do it with LOVE.  I don’t care what it is that you’re taking in, be it GMO food, pills, water, injections, information, ANYTHING, if your simultaneous mindset is anything less than accepting, positive and loving it will be poison to your body.  Whatever you ‘take in’ to your body, you become.  There are many known cases and first hand stories I’ve heard, where people eat or drink things that were prepared by a chef that was in a negative mindset.  Those eating the food report poor tasting food and illness thereafter. If you're living a life paranoid of being contaminated by GMO's which is unavoidable to not ingest completely, you become that emotion.  Some organic die hards freak out when they eat out, due to their lack of control in knowing if the foods they order are GMO or organic.  As long as you're not eating out all the time, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, and when you DO eat out, bless your food and ingest it with love! There’s a great experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto about the effects thought has on water molecules, and how their shapes change given the negative or positive words presented to them. The same can be applied to our bodies.  It’s quite fascinating!  Watch this short clip!

The Hidden Messages in Water Youtube Clip

So the moral of the story is…do your best. That’s all you CAN do.

  • Stick with the 80-20 Rule as much as you can…80% ‘healthy’ as best YOU know how, 20% let your hair down, preferably not all in 1 weekend LOL.
  • Eat MINDFULLY, chew each bite 20-25 times, breathe consciously and as much as possible, avoid multi tasking while doing so.  You’re likely to eat 25% less since your body is expending most of it’s energy on digestion rather than distributing it over multiple functions (ie watching TV, driving, talking).
  • And if you chose to eat ice cream, pizza or anything that you perceive as a ‘cheat meal’ do so with a BIG smile on your face, and gratitude in your heart.  Those lil HAPPY cheese molecules will likely replicate your attitude.
You know I'm always honored and willing to help you out with any health advice you seek.  This January, I'm kicking off the BIGGEST Eat Healthy For Life, Never Diet again, Lose the Stress, Lose the Pounds, group I've ever lead.  CLICK HERE for more info to learn about plans I offer as well as how to enroll. The NEW YOU kicks off Jan 14th!  😉

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” ~Socrates

Thanks for allowing me to inspire you!  NAMASTE,


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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”