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Meet Your

C.H.I. Transformation Tribe Support Sisters

Diane Kazer

Founder, Creator C.H.I. Hormone Warrior Transformation Program

Hi, I’m Di. My spirit animal is Unicorn and my favorite color is rainbow!

I am an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training and financial planning.

And girl, let me tell you…I have struggled SO MUCH with hormone, skin, energy, addiction, mood and gut issues. Because of it, I have endless compassion and empathy for women suffering the same. While it was no walk in the park, these health struggles, later became my passion. Cystic acne, horrible PMS, urinary tract infections (UTIs), parasites, viruses, autoimmune disease, leaky gut…and more. I’ve been through it all and I am SO grateful. It motivated me to become a root-cause researcher, acquire 6 certifications in wellness and learn everything I could possibly learn from the very best experts and doctors in the world.  With that dedication and belief, I am proud to say I self treated and reversed all of them, naturally.

In my pursuit of knowledge to heal, I travelled, mainly solo, to over 20 countries, and immersed myself into yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, food, culture and…LOVE.  I worked alongside doctors in India, using Ayurveda, and others in Thailand, using Chinese Medicine. It was then I began to heal and I became HOOKED. Passionately curious and eager, I returned to America promising God to follow my path to restore the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.

Today I support women around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems, but to radically transform their entire life. And teach them to become health coaches, full time or casually, sharing this wisdom with others. My approach is a breath of fresh air and unique work of art, with play, self love, nourishing food and a low-toxin beauty routine.

We teach women to learn and lovingly listen to the wisdom of their bodies so they can be their own greatest healer.  Because after all, the Cure is YOU.

Christy Curtis

Meditation & Mindfulness Yoga Practitioner & C.H.I. Coach

As a former collegiate athlete, Christy discovered the calm and spacious feelings often associated with meditation or “flow” state of mind that eased anxiety associated with sport performance. This piqued her curiosity to seek other avenues to access focused attention and present-moment awareness. The quest for deeper personal inquiry guided Christy to teach yoga, while expanding into the world of mindfulness meditation. Additionally, as a public school educator suffering from the symptoms of burnout, Christy was re-inspired by the connectedness, stress-reduction, and resilience experienced through mindfulness based practices.

Like many other ‘busy-minded’ individuals, Christy has suffered from the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. Her personal experience of transformation and healing through meditation and mindfulness has created a life dedicated to the service of others. She holds a Masters degree in Education Administration, is a K-12 public school educator and a mindfulness facilitator, bringing yoga and mindfulness to retreats, high school students, fellow educators, professional athletes, adults, children and yoga classes since 2009.

STREET CRED & What Makes her Awesome:

Christy is a meditation guide and mindfulness coach, a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher through University of Massachusetts School of Mindfulness in Medicine and Health Care for Mindfulness.  She also holds a certificate of training in Mindfulness Based Eating (MB-EAT), and is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher through CA College of Ayurveda. Christy is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Reiki practitioner and a Lululemon Ambassador.

Our Mission

We empower irrationally passionate women warriors with customized natural health care alternatives, based on cutting-edge,  lab testing that truly work to heal the root cause of symptoms…and we give you the technical AND mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your body, energy AND life.

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!

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