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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

In this episode we’re talking with Dr. Patricia Reber. She bravely shared her experiences of what she tried, what didn’t work, what she used to numb out emotional/physical pain, as well as opening up about toxic past relationships that led to her illness and finally when enough was enough. Her transformation and awakening going through CHI is awe-inspiring to not only showcase how she was able to help herself but also how that has now informed her to use what she’s learned to bring to her patients as a naturopathic doctor. 

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When Dr. Patricia Reber came to CHI she was exhausted. She had just ended an eight year relationship, she wasn’t sleeping well, she would wake up in the early hours of the morning with night sweats and had tons of digestive issues. Luckily she was directed to check out The Warrior Cleanse, which was only the beginning of her awakening journey.

The Warrior Cleanse impressed Patricia and helped her become confident that I was the person she wanted to go even deeper with to help her with her personal awakening. While she had lots of fear and hesitation concerning money, she also saw the value in what the CHI program could offer her since what she was already doing wasn’t working. She was already eating organically, taking supplements and occasionally cleansing but it never seemed to be complete in helping her.

This was all because she was blocked by fear, trauma and other energetic blocks that were holding her health hostage. Through releasing and healing the trauma she had, removing energetic blocks, working on her physical cleansing all as a balance together she finally started to see her health turn a corner. It was the key to find balance between her emotional and physical self that allowed her to finally have clarity to move forward with her life’s work. A lot of which had to do with her finally being able to move beyond the toxic eight year relationship she had ended.

By working with me and going through CHI, Patricia believes she has now been able to show up for her clients in a more clear way. It has allowed her to make preparations for a women’s group locally and has given at least 10 more hours per week to devote to studying, planning and being creative for all of her future work as well.

Before starting this journey Patricia would have said she was only able to use about 30-40% of her full potential because she was so stuck in trauma, PTSD, lack of sleep and digestive upset. Her daily routine would consist of not eating until noon, working only when she had to, collapsing several times a day from exhaustion and upset.

Now, though, she feels alive! She not only has the energy but also the tools to continue to grow, learn and create. She gets up every morning full of life with a robust morning regimen without any of the sluggishness. She loves herself physically, emotionally and spiritually more every day.

When asked what her immediate future holds Patricia responded saying, “My immediate future holds potential!! Potential to grow my practice in a new way, which involves women's groups and hopefully retreats.”

 In this episode

  • Dr. Patricia Reber’s personal story going from an eight year toxic relationship to finding her power to further her future of her life’s work as a naturopathic doctor.
  • How Patricia was able to go through CHI and look at her patterns of numbing, trauma and PTSD and then overcome them to use them as a strength to awaken herself
  • What Patricia’s daily routines looked like pre and post CHI
  • How Patricia has been able to use CHI to help herself and now her clients


“Six weeks before doing The Warrior Cleanse I had broken up with a long term relationship. It wasn’t healthy on both parts. It was hard for me to let go of. Even though it wasn’t right it was hard for me to let go.” [08:43]

“When you change your diet and you get rid of those comfort foods, the emotions are going to come up. They just come up. And so we’ll do all kinds of weird things to try to make ourselves feel better.” [18:49]

“What I really realized going through the CHI program was that it was these unresolved feelings that had to come out. Feelings of fear, lack of security, fear of being alone and of self-abandonment.” [19:33]

A Few Final Words From Patricia:

“The freedom I found within myself, to be myself, unapologetically!! That the insides match the outsides and everyone can see the changes. Again, that the insides match the outsides. I knew that candida was big for me, though it is only part of the equation. The emotions and the physical are mirrors of each other, changing just the physical is not enough for healing. 

I'm happy with my results, as they give me a more thorough perspective on my long-standing issues. I like the protocol and will continue to do some more work in this area. 

Before I was weighted down emotionally and physically, with a darkness covering me. Now I am lled with lightness, enthusiasm and hope. 

This is a transformation that is deep. Let yourself embrace what is offered, don't be afraid of looking into the shadows, and listen to yourself. You are worth it!!”

Wow! That was powerful and incredibly brave of Patricia to share with all of us. Her journey is one of so many that we have helped through The Warrior Cleanse and the CHI program. Many of the women who come to us for healing are themselves healers, mostly in the medical and fitness field, as doctors, nurses, fitness coaches, gym owners, personal trainers, yoga teachers and just leaders in general. 

Leaders lead others well…and the majority of the time…have never been empowered to learn to lead themselves.  That goes for most of us, am I right?

Does this resonate with you or maybe you feel this could be helpful to someone you know? If so leave a comment below and share this episode!  

Let’s open and be vulnerable together so we can help level up our collective consciousness to rise above trauma and instead use it to help us awaken our inner strength!

As always, if this hit home for you and you’d like a connection session with someone from our CHI team, set up a time HERE so you can have your own personal Breakthrough and together we’ll create a Roadmap toward the life you’d like to create and the goals you’d like to call in!

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