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TWC Program


With all the contradictory info today, a crazy busy schedule and tired adrenals, it leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated we're not able to keep up and IN-joy our lives.  I was there once, which is exactly how TWC was born. After going from doctor to doctor, spending thousands of dollars on labs, multiple prescriptions, battling depression and not getting anywhere, I took health in my own hands. What I learned wasn't pretty, but what came out of it was. I created this system so you could learn everything you need to cleanse & learn about toxins, while maintaining your bad ass warrior woman life, saving time and money not having to make the same mistakes I did to solve the puzzle that true detox and self healing is best done in order:

I trust that I was led  here for a BIG reason!

Did you know that, in the last 50 some years, 100,000+ toxins have been approved for use on humans, of which less than 5% have been approved for safety. This is why: CLEANSING IS THE NEW FITNESS

Recent Studies Reveal:

Sheesh.  So you might be thinking…well, that can’t be me, because my doctor would have been able to see that on my blood tests.  In a perfect world, yes. But, today’s conventional doctor is not trained in toxicity, in fact, most prescription medications today are full of them, yet we aren’t informed of that before we take them.

Which is why this cleanse is SO important and can truly change the course of everything in your life.  The reality is this:


And we teach you how to do all of those things in this Cleanse.

“It can take up to 17 years for cutting edge research to reach a local doctor’s office”

Welcome to the Future. The Warrior Cleanse IS the future of health-care.  Only you don’t have to wait that long.

I trust that I was led  here for a BIG reason!

Why Should you Do This Cleanse?

Food Cravings and Exhaustion no MORE! This 4 week Hormonal and Digestive Detox walks you through cleansing of your organs of elimination, then nourishing your body with nutrient dense foods proven to balance your hormones, designed week by week in the perfect order to bring your body back to life. Diane used these foods to reverse symptoms and struggles of her auto-immune thyroid disease, digestive troubles, sad skin, depression and adrenal exhaustion (to name a few).

The Warrior Cleanse is not about complication or deprivation; we simplify the process, so you can succeed while maintaining your busy warrior woman life. True health begins with one step, so I’m stoked to present to you the MAGICAL order, in which to heal your body, fueled by amazing, award winning recipes created by Maya and me, created over decades and passed down through many generations.  Here they are, by week:



Step 3, Week 3: RESTORE HEALTHY GUT FUNCTION (sexy belly & beauty)

Step 4, Week 4: Collaborate, Customize, Continue, COMMIT! Then Celebrate!

This process is the ONLY one of it’s kind to take your body on a journey of healing through your ENTIRE body and provide you with recipes, rich in specific nutrients to address the root cause deficiencies implied in every organ, which lead to disease.  But no more.  It’s time to transform DIS-EASE to EASE.  You ready to make it simple again and do it inside of a community that’s cheering for you?  Included is an invitation to join our online Warrior Community, so you have constant support and motivation whenever needed. This is an empowering network of like-minded warriors who has your back every step of the way along your wellness journey.

"I managed to lose 22 lbs and with that take all of these amazing habits with me. This program really works. It's so simple, anybody can do it. I wish I had come across it a long time before. I'm thinner, happier and I'm having the best time of my life looking like this. I'm a warrior for life and I hope you can be too."

What Makes this Cleanse Different?

That’s what this guide is for. Let’s not just cleanse, let’s alter the terrain that brought on the REASON we needed to cleanse in the first place (ie habits, environment, lifestyle, and sometimes let’s admit it, laziness – which together spells HELL). Isn’t it cool we could turn our HELL into WELL? You may have heard it said, in reference to cancer, symptoms and disease: The cure is in the cause! So what IS the cause/causes?

Let’s go over the Top 5, that most contribute to becoming toxic and warrant needing a Cleanse.

Really powerful reasons to Cleanse yes?  NO shame either, sister we ALL do this, so you're not alone.  It's not about living in a bubble, it's about dancing in your own and owning what makes you different…which is…this Cleanse will teach you how to seriously LOVE on your body, and protect it, unapologetically.

But I've Cleansed before, do I need another?  YES. In fact, we live in such a toxic world today, I recommend doing a thorough cleanse like The Warrior Cleanse every quarter, as the seasons change, to help your body adjust to changing external plants, pollen, weather and planetary rhythms.

How is The Warrior Cleanse different?  Consider the cleanses you’ve done in the past. Did they teach you HOW to abstain from toxins from the outside? In all areas – Personal care products, environmental, cleaning products, make up, drinks, supplements, food? If the answer is NO or ‘sort of’, you’ve not done a PROPER detox.

HINT: If you’ve done boxed cleanses or have never worked in a program or with a coach to guide you, the answer is NO. 

I’m a bikini competitor, and for years have eaten the 6 meals a day, bodybuilding diet. I still suffered belly bloat. The Warrior Cleanse cut back 7 pounds from my mid section and for the first time, I have a flat belly! And I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it.

The bad news, maybe you ‘wasted’ some money (although I believe nothing really ever goes to waste, it’s more of a life ‘experience’ and lesson learned, right?)

The good news, you’re in the right place!

My Mission is to empower you to identify what constitutes a SOLID and effective cleanse, for now and forever, where attaining AND maintaining your dream body, energy and life is easier than it’s ever been!

If you want to dive deeper into it, download this guide to learn the Top FIVE biggest mistakes people make when detox’ing and how to avoid them.

I will touch on the misinformation that is so prevalent in the nutrition, cleansing and self hormone healing space, and give you the right information so you can make more informed decisions and be more aware of some of the most common pitfalls to detoxifying your life.

Behold, the TOP 5 CLEANSE Fails I have seen many do in the past that are what, thankfully, you'll avoid in The Warrior Cleanse, including:

When I have my health, I  have everything!

2 months after I started TWC, we're PREGNANT! A victory we did this on our own, without $14,000 for IVF synthetic hormones, we were told was the only answer, due to my (now gone) PCOS! Cystic acne is gone too. The tiny but significant changes in TWC made the difference. I 100% believe in this amazing process! I'm now in tune with my body, love it so, and know how to fix it when it's in pain"

Top 7 Foods We will Phase out 

This Is Designed To Help you:

Side Effects Include: 

This cleanse is different, it's not overwhelming and it's actually fun! There's so many chemicals today, it's hard to keep up with and Diane makes it really simple to make adjustments at your own pace. I once had bad stomach pain and thyroid issues no doctors were able to figure out. Within just a few weeks of getting to the root with Diane, I felt so much better and after two months, I got pregnant with a healthy, beautiful baby. I recommend her to everyone!

These Resources Await You:

Plus the BEST part…learn the FASTEST WAY to support your hormones, immune system, and digestion with Diane's MYTHbusting videos.  These alone are worth over $1,000!

MTHFR and Lyme Mom Pregnancy MIRACLE using this Diet & Cleanse Method

How to Join

Step 1 – Buy TWC. Don’t wait for the PERFECT time. Traveling or not, just START.  Once you add to cart, and check out, you will be emailed next steps and login access to TWC Program.

Step 2 – After you purchase, get set up with your Cleanse Kit.  Optional, yet HIGHLY recommended, we even have options for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Please email us or the coach who referred you so we can set you up with the right one! 

Step 3 – If you have not already, add yourself to our Free Women Warrior FB Group HERE.

If you struggle with self sabotage and feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING, yet still aren’t where you want to be, this is a great start for you to explore what you have not yet…and beyond.

Welcome to your new home Warrior, we are ecstatic to guide you toward the magic that you already know exists inside of you!

YES! I'm ready for more energy, confidence and PURPOSE!

Hello Warriors,

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for loving yourself enough to be here today. It has truly been an honor to have guided thousands around the world in the quest to unleash their inner warrior and discover a body they never dreamed possible. I believe that cleansing is fundamental to our health. We all need to flush out the toxins, heal the body and nourish the soul. I spent decades of my life going from cleanse to cleanse, learning and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t (and unfortunately there’s a lot out there that doesn’t). Without releasing toxins and supporting our organs, we are not addressing the underlying problems and consequently end up engaging in a vicious cycle of reabsorption and pollution. No more. The cycle ends here! I cannot wait to be a part of your journey. The Warrior Cleanse has allowed me to reverse my auto immune diseases, skin issues, and hormone imbalance. We all come here for different reasons, but the results are the same: you will not believe how amazing hormonal freedom can feel. Let’s do this, Warriors!

Meet your Other Warrior Cleanse Coaches

Lunden Souza

Co-Leader – C.H.I. Transformation Program

My name is Lunden Souza and I am 29 years old. Despite being in the industry as a Fitness & Wellness Coach for 10 years and living the healthiest lifestyle of anyone I knew, there was still a serious problem wreaking havoc on my hormones leaving me with severe cystic acne all over my face, mood swings and low energy. I stopped relying on doctors telling me that birth control was the only answer to my problems and started asking WHY? A lot of really angry, frustrating and sad moments. OnceI realized I was ready to go the “non-conventional” way and dig for the root cause of my hormonal imbalance, I knew Diane was the person I had to call.

When I shared my story I was so overwhelmed by the outpour of love and “omg that's me TOO!” coming from women all over the world. I knew that I had to make it my life's mission to help educate and empower women to take control of their bodies and their lives. I didn't get to choose that I had horrible estrogen dominance, I didn't get to choose that birth control had destroyed my gut after 11 years, I didn't get to choose that some days my mood swings were absolutely out of control – but I did get to CHOOSE to ask WHY and use my STORY as my PURPOSE.

I am the healthiest, happiest and most energized I have ever been in my life and it’s my mission to share this wisdom with women around the world because we deserve better than what I and the common female suffers from today.

HER ADVICE TO YOU: Conditions will never be perfect and all your ducks will never be in a row. When you feel it deep down in your gut that it’s time to get after it…jump and have faith that you’ll grow your wings and learn to F.L.Y. on the way down.

Life’s way too damn short!

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